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“As long as you follow the doctors instructions strictly, there wont be too much of a problem.

Instead, if you mess around, youll cause irreparable damage!”

“Ive made up my mind.

Im trusting the doctor I choose.

You dont have to say more!” Lan Tian was decisive.

From the moment shed chosen Shi Jin, shed made up her mind that this was the path to follow.

She wasnt listening to anyone else.

“But daughter, we—” Madam Lan tried to persuade her.

“Mom, stop trying to talk me out of this.

I really know what Im doing.”

The expert turned to leave.

Seeing their daughters attitude, Madam Lan knew that persuasion was useless, so they could only give up for the time being.

When He Ziheng came out and saw that Shi Jin had not left, he said, “Sister-in-law, you guys havent left yet”

“Yes, I still have to watch Lan Tian.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Oh.” He wanted to ask if Shi Jin was confident, but when he saw Fu Xiuyuan, he didnt dare to ask.

However, he kept wondering if Shi Jin was using Lan Tian as a guinea pig.

If something really happened to Lan Tian, who knew what Shi Jin would have to face

“Im going to the bathroom,” Shi Jin said as she stood up.

As she came out of the bathroom, she saw a familiar figure.

Perhaps it should be said that this figure had been lingering here since Lan Tian began her treatment.

He just didnt hang around in front of everyone.

“Luo Jingxuan,” Shi Jin said his name easily.

“Hello, Miss Shi.” Luo Jingxuan was a little worried.

There were dark circles under his eyes, and it was obvious that he had not rested well.

“Im waiting to hear from her,” he said quietly.

“I wonder how shes doing”

“She still needs medical attention.

Its still unclear.”

Luo Jingxuan ran a hand through his hair and clenched his fingers.

“How long until we have a clear result”

“I cant make any arbitrary assertions either.”

Luo Jingxuan frowned but said nothing.

Shi Jin said, “Dont you want to go over and wait”

“Ill just stay here.” What rose in him was something like the fear of approaching home.

He was afraid that if he was close, he would easily hear worse news.

Without another word, Shi Jin moved forward.

Shi Jin stopped in her tracks and heard a voice behind him say, “Thank you.

Please help Lan Tian.”

“You trust me that much”

Along the way, other than Fu Xiuyuan and Lan Tian, the others had always had doubts about her ability.

Even Lan Jun and Madam Lan still had doubts.

Yet Luo Jingxuan strangely trusted her.

“Lan Tian said you will succeed.

I believe her.”

Shi Jin smiled tightly.

Love blinds people, but it does give people faith.

When Shi Jin went back, Madam Lan ran out.

“Oh no, Lan Tian fainted! It looks so serious! Shes covered in red spots all over her body.

Even her eyes look like they are.

Shes not well, not well… Someone save her!”

Shi Jin looked calm.

“Ill take a look.”

“Should we call an expert for first aid” Madam Lan lost her grip.

“Shi Jin, are you able to succeed or not Give me an answer!” Lan Jun looked pained.

“Thats my daughter.

I dont want anything to happen to her! If youre not sure, Ill get an expert over immediately!”

Fu Xiuyuan stood beside Shi Jin, who met Lan Jun and Madam Lans eyes levelly.

“Trust me.”

“Go in quickly.” Fu Xiuyuan pushed Shi Jin gently.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan had to choose to believe her again.

He Ziheng was also anxious as he paced around.

“If you want to run, run outside,” Fu Xiuyuan said coldly.

He Ziheng was so frightened that he did not dare to pace anymore.

He went to sit beside Pei Junyi.

The expert on the other end shook his head and said, “What nonsense.

What a joke!”

“Teacher, I dont know what theyre going to get from doing that over there.

Should we prepare something”

“Get the operating room and instruments ready.

You and I should be ready for surgery.” The expert really didnt believe Shi Jin, but doctors didnt want to see any patients suffer.

So he would prepare everything he had to, just in case.

After Shi Jin entered Lan Tians ward, she stayed there for two hours.

From time to time, nurses came out to bring things in.

Madam Lan kept pulling the nurses to ask about Lan Tian.

The nurses all shook their heads, indicating that Lan Tian wasnt awake yet.

Madam Lan recalled her daughters appearance before she fainted.

Her entire body was covered in red spots and she looked terrifying.

It was obvious that she had reached a very serious state.

She believed that Shi Jin had said before that the worst-case scenario was that she might not wake up.

Her legs immediately went weak and she fell into a chair.

A young man came in, looking worried but not hiding his handsomeness and warmness.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan were in no mood to greet him.

He introduced himself and said, “My name is Luo Jingxuan.

Im Lan Tians senior in university and Im currently in graduate school.

Ive made an agreement with Lan Tian to accompany her on a trip when she recovers.

If she has any problems, Ill always wait for her and accompany her.

Dont worry, Ill always take good care of her.”

He had also mustered his courage to come over.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan were moved by his sincerity, but when they thought of Lan Tians current situation, they were in no mood to respond to him.

After that, Luo Jingxuan sat quietly and waited.

Time passed.

Everyone waited for Shi Jin.

The experts in the hospital kept looking at their watches.

They were just waiting for the call for assistance.

Luo Jingxuan was sitting upright in his seat, but his fingers were pinched and clasped in his palms.

His teeth were biting the tip of his tongue.

Madam Lan suddenly stood up.

“Ill get an expert!”

She couldnt wait any longer.

She couldnt let her daughter continue like this!

The door to Lan Tians room jerked open.

Luo Jingxuan stood up immediately and was the first to rush over.

Fu Xiuyuan was even faster and went to support the too-tired Shi Jin.

“Miss Shi!” Luo Jingxuan said.

His voice was rougher and darker than usual, as if he was the one who had just undergone a treatment.

“If Lan Tian needs care, Ill take care of her.

Ive already taken leave from school.

I can do anything.

I can stay with her for as long as I want.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Then go in and accompany her.”

Luo Jingxuan immediately rushed past Shi Jin into Lan Tians ward.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan reacted and immediately followed him in.

When the couple went in, they were shocked to see their daughter.

She was covered in sweat and her hair was wet.

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