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Behind them, many people spat at them.

Seeing that the security guards had chased them away, He Ziheng said, “Alright, theres no need to chase everyone away.

Let the rest stay.”

He Ziheng did not even bother to deal with such people personally.

“Uncle and Auntie Lan have always been wise.

Why would they be friends with such people” He Ziheng shook his head.

“Its inevitable that people make mistakes.

Its a good thing that Uncle Lan lost such a friend, but the Meng family might not be willing to abandon a friend like the Lan family,” Pei Junyi said from the side.

“I think theyre quite carefree.”

Pei Junyi shook his head and said, “Thats because many consequences have yet to appear.

The Meng family has relied on the Lan family to do many businesses in the past.

They will suffer in the future.”

As Shi Jin came out of the ward, Lan Jun rushed forward.

“Hows it going, Shi Jin”

“We need to continue observing,” Shi Jin said softly, fatigue flashing across her face.

“You should rest first.

Its been hard on you.” Seeing that Shi Jin was exhausted, Madam Lan said embarrassedly, “Sit down and drink some water.”

Shi Jin sat down and He Ziheng hurriedly brought the water over, but Fu Xiuyuan had already handed his own over.

Embarrassed, he drew his hand back, feeling he was quite extra.

“Lets go see Lan Tian too,” Pei Junyi said.

Together they went to see Lan Tian.

“Dont let too many people enter,” Shi Jin advised.

Hence, He Ziheng sent away all the visitors before going in to take a look.

Lan Tian was very weak and was drinking soup beside Madam Lan.

The butterfly-shaped marks on her face spread even more.

In the past, there had only been a little where her neck and cheek joined.

Now her face was covered in them.

He Ziheng was shocked.

“This… is even worse than before”

“Can I see the mirror” Lan Tian whispered.

“Dont look.

Wait until youre better,” Madam Lan said immediately.

He Ziheng realized that he had said something wrong and quickly covered his mouth.

When they came out, Madam Lan and Lan Jun were also worried.

“Why dont we let another doctor take a look at it Why do I feel that the situation has become worse There are spots on her face, arms, and palms that werent there before.

What if shes disfigured” Madam Lan grabbed her husbands arm.


Have an expert in the field look at it immediately.”

When the expert came over, he glanced at Lan Tian and couldnt help but say, “Nonsense, what are you doing Have you taken the imported medicine Whats the situation now If this continues, it will affect all the organs in your body and cause organ failure.

At that time, it will really be hopeless.

How can your family members easily try an unproven treatment”

Madam Lan was anxious.

“Then what should we do now”

“Stop the previous treatment immediately and resume our session.

The medication must also be replaced!” the expert said firmly.

“Huh” Madam Lan went to see the look on Lan Juns face.

He Ziheng and the others did not dare to speak.

They looked at each other.

They did not dare to say that experts were more trustworthy, or that Shi Jin was more trustworthy.

“Im not changing!” Lan Tian was more determined.

“Im not changing any therapy.

I want this.”

The expert looked at her bitterly.

“What do you know You have to listen to the advice of professionals.

Dont think that such a disease can be cured immediately! This kind of illness requires long-term medicine to ensure chances of survival!”

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