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Lan Tian closed her eyes and stopped talking.

Gradually she fell asleep.

Shi Jin finished applying the needles and gave her some medication.

The three-hour session was officially over.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead and released a breath.

When Shi Jin came out, Lan Jun and Madam Lan quickly ran forward and surrounded her.

“Shi Jin, how is Tiantian”

“Right now shes still asleep and needs to be observed for a few days.

I cant promise at the moment exactly what will happen to her.

Ill come over every day for the next few days to help her with her acupuncture.”

“Cant there be a definite answer” Lan Jun was irritable.

“Uncle Lan, the risk of using acupuncture was made clear to you earlier,” said Shi Jin.

“I hope youll be calm.”

Madam Lan took her husbands arm.

“Okay, okay.

Lets trust Shi Jin first.”

Lan Jun was about to speak again when Fu Xiuyuan took a step forward and pulled Shi Jin into his arms.

He raised an eyebrow at Lan Jun.

He didnt say a word, but Lan Jun already felt the pressure.

Madam Lan tried to smooth things over.

“Xiuyuan, Shi Jin, your Uncle Lan is just worried.

He doesnt mean that.”

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin knew he didnt mean it.

Otherwise, Fu Xiuyuan wouldnt just have this attitude now.

“Lets go.” Fu Xiuyuan led Shi Jin away.

When they got into the car, Fu Xiuyuan handed her hot water.

“Have a sip or two first.”

Shi Jin took two sips, caught her breath, and said, “Its true that I cant guarantee anything in Lan Tians situation, but I did my best to achieve no mistakes in theory.”

If it had been someone she didnt know, she could have analyzed a hundred different scenarios.

However, this was all she could say for Lan Tian.

She did not dare to think about other situations where there were mistakes.

“You did what you could.

Thats enough.

You dont owe any of them.

Dont feel burdened by it.”

A smile appeared on Shi Jins lips.

It flashed quickly before she regained her composure.

“However, when it comes to friends, I always feel that I should do something.”

Just like with Fu Xiuyuan, all she could do was cherish everything about him.

She had the same mentality about friends who gave her their hearts.

In this life, she understood a lot of things and had many emotional attachments.

Bonding was difficult.

However, being able to find a bond was also a very happy thing.

The next day, Shi Jin came to the hospital as usual and continued to give Lan Tian acupuncture.

This time, Qiao Zhuoli, He Ziheng, and Pei Junyi all came over.

When they heard that Shi Jin was treating Lan Tian in the most traditional way, everyone was in the same mood as Madam Lan, half skeptical and half hopeful.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan sat at the side with serious expressions, making the atmosphere a little oppressive.

Even He Ziheng, who was usually the most talkative, did not dare to speak nonsense.

He twisted Pei Junyis arm.

“Do you think this will really work”

His voice was very low.

Pei Jun was about to speak when he saw Fu Xiuyuans cold gaze sweep over.

He Ziheng hurriedly said to himself, “With Sister-in-law around, there will definitely be no problem!”

Shi Jin did not come out.

Instead, more people came to visit Lan Tian.

Apart from family and friends, there were also some people in the business world.

When they heard that Lan Tian was undergoing surgery, they hurriedly came to visit.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan were not in the mood to greet them, so He Ziheng acted as the host and helped to greet these guests and accept the gifts they brought.

Four people appeared in the crowd.

He Ziheng looked and saw that it was the Meng family of three and Ding Ruhui.

He Ziheng had long heard about the Meng family.

Seeing that the four of them actually had the cheek to come over, He Ziheng pursed his lips.

“You guys are here Sit anywhere you want.”

“Hows Tiantians health now” Mother Meng asked.

“Fine.” He Ziheng didnt want to talk to them anymore.

“Thats good.

This fruit is for Tiantian.

I hope she can recover soon.” Mother Meng handed the fruit over.

He Ziheng accepted it and could not be bothered with her anymore.

He turned around and left.

There were many people who came to visit Lan Tian today.

The four people from the Meng family could not enter further.

They could only stand outside with some unimportant people.

Mother Meng asked, “Hows Lan Tian”

The people around them also didnt know much.

“I dont know.

I can only say that theyre really too risky.

They actually dared to let someone with little experience treat Lan Tian and even said that this illness can be cured.

To be honest, who doesnt know what this illness is like She said that it can be cured Thats too boastful.”

“Then I have to hope for Lan Tian to get better.” Mother Meng calculated in her heart.

It was fortunate that her son was not engaged to Lan Tian.

Wasnt this Ding Ruhui that her son was dating better everywhere

The key was that this Ding Ruhui was very loyal to Meng Yizhou.

She was much better than a little princess like Lan Tian who needed someone to take care of her.

Although she said that she was here to see Lan Tian today, she was actually here to watch the fun.

“Were looking forward to Lan Tian getting better, but she has to actually have the means to get better.

In this situation, tsk tsk tsk.”

The people saw Meng Yizhou and Ding Ruhui standing together and said, “Oh, is Yizhou dating”

“Thats right.

There have always been many people pursuing Yizhou.

Coincidentally, Yizhou likes Ruhui, so wont they get together Ruhui is virtuous and generous.

Now that shes about to graduate with a doctorate, shes a perfect match for our Yizhou.

Moreover, the two of them are about to get married.

Ruhui has also thought about moving into our Meng family as soon as they get married.

Not only that, she has plans to get pregnant.

Soon, the two of them might have children.”

When Mother Meng announced these words loudly, the people beside her heard it.

On the surface, they congratulated her, but in fact, they looked down on her.

This was the time where everyone came to visit Lan Tian.

What did she think this place was Showing off her little family here!

“Excuse me.

Everyone standing here, get out.

Dont stay here.” The nurse had brought security with her and came to chase them away.

“There are too many people.

It affects the doctors normal work and the patients rest.

Everyone here, get out.”

The nurse accurately divided the Meng family into the group of those who needed to go out.

“Cant we stand over there” Mother Meng said.

“Get out, all of you.

You have to get out.

If you have to wait, wait outside.” The security men began to shoo them away.

Mother Meng had no choice but to leave.

There wasnt a place to wait outside, either.

The four of them stood for a moment, forced to leave.

Mother Meng was a little unhappy that she did not succeed in showing off.

However, at least many people knew about this matter, so she could only leave with a winning mentality.

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