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Madam Lan knew that while it was unintentional for others, those words were said intentionally for some.

Her daughter must have heard more unpleasant words than her.

Over the past year, Lan Tian had fewer friends and didnt go out with her classmates anymore.

She had obviously reduced her activities.

She felt terrible.

Her heart ached.

The thought of it only made it worse.

She took Lan Tians hand and said, “Why dont we try the cure Shi Jin mentioned”

She didnt want her daughter to have to live like this for the rest of her life, under other peoples judging eyes.

Since Shi Jin had a method, she didnt want to miss it.

She didnt care about anything else except her daughters suffering.

“Are you sure” Shi Jin asked seriously when she received the call.

“Yes, my parents agreed.

Sis, please help me prepare.”

“Well, okay.

You considered the risks too”

Lan Tian paused and said heavily, “No problem!”

After Shi Jin finished the call, she went to prepare the herbs and sorted them.

After a while, she sat there in a daze.

When Fu Xiuyuan returned, he saw her sitting in the courtyard, lost in thought.

The evening breeze was cool and comfortable on her body, blowing Shi Jins long hair.

He stepped over and looked down at her.

“Shi Jin”

Shi Jin came back to her senses and looked at him with the corners of her eyes slightly curved, but her expression was calm.

“I heard Lan Tian asked you to treat her condition” he asked.

He heard the butler say so when he just returned.

“Yeah,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

“She agreed.”

Since Lan Tian agreed, Shi Jin felt that there was no problem.

However, every time they dealt with issues related to people close to them, doctors would inevitably have some concerns.

It was always inevitable with people close to you.

“If she asked for your help, she must have discussed it with her family.

They probably all know the risks and can handle them.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Yes, but in my case, I always feel that all risks should be removed.”

“Dont put so much pressure on yourself.”

Fu Xiuyuans heart ached.

He held Shi Jins hand and realized that it was a little cold.

“Dont worry and do it.

If anything really happens, Ill take care of Uncle and Auntie Lan.”

Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan would always give her an incomparable sense of security at critical moments and catch all her bad emotions.

Lan Tian took a week off from school.

When she came out with her books, Luo Jingxuan followed her.

“Are you also going to the hospital for treatment this time” Luo Jingxuan asked.

“No, its Sis who will treat me this time.

Her medical skills have always been quite good.

I believe in her.”

Luo Jingxuan frowned.

“So what are the chances of success”

“Considering her medical skills, it should be high.

Although there are definitely risks, I dont think anything will happen.

If Im really cured, Ill accompany you to eat seafood, sunbathe, and surf on the beach.

What do you say”

She was smiling and did not look nervous or worried at all.

After a moment of silence, he said, “With what identity”

“Are you going to go surfing and sunbathe with me like this You have to have an identity, right”

Lan Tian smiled.

“And with what identity would you like me to go”

“Girlfriend, is that okay” He kept his eyes on Lan Tian as he spoke.

Lan Tian lowered her eyes and looked at her toes.

There was a smile on her lips.

Luo Jingxuan thought she was unhappy, so he whispered, “If you dont want to, we can talk about it later.

Im happy to accompany you as a classmate.”

“Then well talk then!” Lan Tian shoved a book into his arms.

“Ill call you later.”

Once both Shi Jin and Lan Tian were ready, the treatment began.

Shi Jin chose a hospital for the treatment.

When she walked over with the equipment for acupuncture, Lan Juns heart was in a mess.

“Just acupuncture”

“And maybe Chinese medicine,” Madam Lan said.

“This…” Lan Jun felt even worse.

In front of Fu Xiuyuan, the two of them couldnt show their lack of confidence in Shi Jins medical skills, but their worries were visible to the naked eye.

“Shi Jin, are you starting now” Madam Lan asked.

“Yes, we can start right away.”

“You need other doctors to go in with you, right Im worried that when youre too tired, someone will be able to help you or something…” Madam Lans tone was tactful.

“A nurse will be there to help.

I wont need other doctors for now.”

Madam Lan looked worried.

Fu Xiuyuan walked over to Shi Jin.

She had changed into a special medical uniform.

Everything was ready.

He considered lifting a hand to her hair and decided against it.

“Then Ill go in.” Shi Jin smiled.

“Okay.” Fu Xiuyuan nodded and watched her walk in.

For a moment, Lan Jun and Madam Lan did not know whether to believe Shi Jin or pray for something good to happen.

They sat together, giving each other something to lean on.

When Shi Jin walked in, Lan Tian was still sending messages.

“Didnt I get someone to put your phone away Why are you still playing with it”

“Im sending a message to my classmate so that he wont worry.” Lan Tian hurriedly sent the last sentence and handed the phone to the nurse to put it away.

Shi Jin smiled.

“Luo Jingxuan”

“Yes,” Lan Tian admitted openly.

“In any case, other than him, there arent many people in school who hang out with me now.

My illness isnt contagious, but many people still avoid me.

It makes me look like a source of infection.”

“Lie down,” Shi Jin said.

“This time, my treatment will be a little painful.

You must prepare yourself.”

“Okay.” Lan Tian made a fist.

“When youre better, go on a date with Luo Jingxuan openly.”

Lan Tian blushed.

“I havent said yes to him yet.”

“Well…” Lan Tian said, recalling the moments shed spent with Luo Jingxuan.

Shed been happy each time.

Even the sky was a deeper blue.

“When I see him, Im happy.

Does that count”

“Of course it counts.” Shi Jin began to apply the needles.

With her talking with Lan Tian, Lan Tian was relaxed.

The acupuncture was painful, but she actually didnt cry out in pain.

She was still lost in her thoughts about Luo Jingxuan.

Shi Jin chatted with her while performing acupuncture.

After a while, Lan Tian was in so much pain that she couldnt take it anymore, but she still gritted her teeth and persevered, her hands gripping the bedsheets.

“Do you want to sleep now If you can sleep, sleep,” Shi Jin whispered.

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