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This incident could be considered as making up for the damage Lan Tian had suffered previously.

The injustice in her heart had also subsided.

Shi Jin returned to Orchid Pavilion and told Fu Xiuyuan everything.

“So now, the engagement is completely ruined,” Shi Jin said with a shrug.

“Ive already heard people scolding the Meng family for being ungrateful.” Fu Xiuyuan smiled.

“So you were involved.”

Shi Jin smiled.

“Yes, I helped Lan Tian vent her anger.

If I had let the Meng family off so easily like before, Lan Tian would have been furious.”

“Good work.” He pulled her into his arms and rubbed her waist to help her relax.

“Speaking of hard work, what do you think of the herbs I used to help you take a bath last time Did they work”

“Speaking of herbs…” Fu Xiuyuans smile became meaningful.

The last time she had put herbs in the bathtub, he remembered only other things completely.

He did not remember the effects of herbs at all.

Shi Jin saw his smile and suddenly realized what he was thinking.

She punched him heavily.

“Fu Xiuyuan!”

“Im here,” he whispered back, his crisp male voice slightly husky and pleasant.

“Hurry up and answer me seriously.”

Fu Xiuyuan said frankly, “Im sorry, I forgot the effect.

So can you try again”

Looking at his innocent expression as if he didnt have any bad intentions, Shi Jin couldnt help but laugh.

Alright, she would believe him for once!

“Then Ill run the water and try again.”

Fu Xiuyuan nodded and said seriously, “Okay.”

He wouldnt mind trying a few more times with her.

Seeing how serious she was with the various herb formulas, Fu Xiuyuans heart was filled with her.

Just standing here and looking at her was the most satisfying thing in the world.

As soon as Shi Jin stopped, Liang Xinran would come over.

Nan Li could not stand it anymore.

“Xinran, give Shi Jin some privacy.

Dont keep pestering her so that she wont have time to prepare for her scenes.”

“Shi Jin loves talking to me.

She doesnt find it intrusive.

Do you, Shi Jin”

What else could Shi Jin say

Liang Xinran took out her membership card and said, “Why dont we go and wash our faces together later The masseuse at this place is very comfortable.”

“Some other time,” Shi Jin said.

Liang Xinran was not angry.

“Okay, another day then.”

The manager asked her in a low voice, “Why bother Shi Jin doesnt like to talk to you either.

Stop pestering her.”

“I think theres nothing wrong with making friends, right” Liang Xinran asked.

So many people wanted to befriend her, but she refused and insisted on befriending Shi Jin.

There was always a bigger fish!

After Liang Xinran left, Lan Tian came over.

“What are you doing here Dont you have school”

“Theres no class today.

My mom got some good food and asked me to bring it over to you.

Tada, look, black salmon caviar flown in from Russia, my moms favorite.

She said this caviar is good for your skin and insisted I bring you a serving.

What do you say, try it while its fresh”

Shi Jin picked up the spoon and tasted it.

“Its really good.

Try it.”

“Ill pass.” Lan Tian waved her hand.

With her condition, she could actually eat seafood, but she was afraid of allergies and had always been very abstinent.

“Why, have you always been allergic”

“Not all the time.

I used to eat some in the past, but these days, my condition has been recurring, so I didnt dare to eat it…”

Shi Jin took her hand and took her pulse.

Only then did she realize that Lan Tians condition seemed to have suddenly worsened.

“Are you taking the medicine I gave you”

“I… I used to take them at school, but when I was home on the weekends, my mother hid them and made me take imported drugs anyway.”

Shi Jin also understood Madam Lans concerns.

For this kind of illness, of course she would want the best medicine.

“Was this a reoccurence before”

“Yes, my condition is often repeated.

Im fine when Im fine, but Im really uncomfortable when Im not…” Lan Tian sighed, but she still had a sweet smile on her face.

She didnt look the least bit defeated by the disease.

Lan Tian said, “If things dont get better in the next few days, I might have to stay in the hospital for a while.

I wont be able to visit you then.”

Shi Jin saw that she was indeed in a bad state.

The red spots on her neck were beginning to cover her face in places.

If this continued for a long time, it would indeed be a huge test for people.

She said, “I do have a cure for that.”

“It can be cured But the other doctors all said that it cant be cured.

They all said that it can only be treated.”

“In your situation, if you continue like this, it will affect the various internal organs of your body.

At that time, the consequences will be very serious.

Even if you control it all the time, it will affect your marriage and ability to have children.”

Lan Tians eyes widened.

“Then help me heal.

Even without that, its actually hard for me to look at all these mottled red spots on my body.”

When everyone else was wearing a dress, she always wore long clothes and trousers.

She didnt show anything because of this illness.

This was really too uncomfortable for girls her age.

“It can indeed be treated, but the process is very dangerous.

Although Im confident, there might be serious consequences.”

“Worse than before, and extremely uncontrollable.

Itll also make it completely impossible to have children in the future.”

Shi Jin did not want to persuade her further.

She was just making a suggestion and would not persuade the patient to accept it.

Lan Tian was in a bad mood when she left.

Shi Jin watched her leave.

Lan Tian returned to school.

Along the way, girls in flowery dresses and super-short pants walked around the campus, playing.

There was a beautiful view everywhere.

She was the only one who had covered herself up.

Watching the sun come out, she fled to the trees and followed the shadows.

In this condition, she did not dare to sunbathe.

It would worsen her condition.

She had left her umbrella in the drivers car and forgotten to take it.

She had no choice but to continue walking under the only shade.

Lan Tian looked back as Luo Jingxuan ran toward her with an umbrella.

“Here, hold the umbrella.”

He held out the umbrella.

Lan Tian didnt take it.

He might as well hold it for her.

“Let me know the next time you come out when the sun is this high up.

Ill pick you up.”

“I dont often come out at this hour, either,” Lan Tian said, biting her lip as she stared at Luos face, so close.

He was looking at her with a worried expression.

A little closer and she could see the hairs on his face.

Lan Tian bit her lip.

“Why are you so close No one else dares to get so close for fear of infection.”


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