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Chapter 83: Perfect for Fu Xiuyuan

Fu Xiuyuan did not do anything to her and simply quietly admired her.


Shi Jin only saw Yao Jiahongs text message when she woke up the next day and replied: [I randomly saw it.]

Yao Jiahong found this unbelievable.

He had searched everywhere online and there was no such information.

Also, Natural History Magazine was not a one-man show.

It consisted of a team of several professional botanists.

Hence, it was deemed a reputable source.

This was not something that could be found randomly online.

How did Shi Jin know about this

However, Yao Jiahongs lips curved into a smile.

His job was finally starting to get interesting.

Shi Jin put on her short-haired wig and put on her disguise for Si Jin.

She had to visit the hospital and check on Fu Heyans recovery.

Before long, she left the villa and headed straight for the hospital.

Fu Heyan was smiling as she chatted with the nurse.

She kept looking at the hospital ward door every now and then.

“Why isnt Dr Si here yet”

“I dont know either.

She doesnt work for this hospital.” The nurse shook her head.

Fu Heyan also knew Si Jin did not work here.

However, it did not change the fact that she had complete faith in Si Jin.

For two days, Dr Liao and Richard had been checking on her repeatedly.

They kept examining Si Jins work to figure out how she accomplished such a feat and kept trying to find out where she was.

Fu Heyan simply sent them on their way.

She did not mind telling them more.

The problem was, she had no idea who Si Jin was!

Moments later, she heard gentle footsteps at the door.

Fu Heyan instantly felt invigorated.

“Is it Dr Si”

Shi Jin could hear Fu Heyans voice inside, so she did not bother knocking and went right in, “I am here to examine your injury.”

“Sure.” Fu Heyans voice sounded bright and powerful like it used to be.

It was clear she was recovering well.

However, Shi Jin took her hands and examined her carefully just to be safe.

Fu Heyan was observing Shi Jin as well.

Although she was wearing a surgical mask, she had exquisite brows and her almond-shaped eyes were bright and beautiful.

She gave off a cool vibe and seemed particularly poised.

Her complexion was flawless and healthy.

Also, she gave off an elegant aura.

“Dr Si, how did you know about my injuries if you dont work in this hospital” asked Fu Heyan.

“My… my senior used to work here.

I happened to be around collecting some data for him when I heard about your situation.

Since I am a doctor, I had to help.”

Fu Heyan nodded.

She often heard doctors talking about professionalism, so she did not doubt Shi Jin.

Moments later, Shi Jin was done examining her.

She said softly, “You are recovering well.

If you keep it up and stay calm, you can probably recover fully in about a month.”

“Brilliant!” Fu Heyans eyes glinted in joy and turned a little red from the excitement.

It felt more believable to hear it from her than any other doctor here.

Fu Heyan told the nurse to get Shi Jin some coffee.

Shi Jin took the coffee and took off her mask.

Since she had covered her scar with some makeup, her face looked flawless.

Her features were exquisite and her eyes were bright.

Also, she had a dainty face.

She was such a beauty! She was perfect for Fu Xiuyuan!

After Shi Jin was almost done with her coffee, Fu Heyan pulled her hand and asked in an unusually gentle tone, “Dr Si, how old are you”

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