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Mother Meng pointed at her and said anxiously, “By the way, last time, she even arranged for someone to hurt Lan Tian in the alley beside the school.

It was very bad.

She should be in jail!”

Lan Jun asked slowly, “Yes, although Tian Jinyuan didnt succeed in hurting my daughter last time, she was very evil.

She shouldnt have been released so early.

Why Why is she able to come out and continue to hurt people”

When Meng Yizhou heard this, his expression changed.

He wanted to explain, but he didnt know how.

“Well…” the cop said.

“Let me check the information.”

“Okay, Ill wait for an accurate account,” Lan Jun said dryly.

“If such a serious matter can be handled so lightly, what security can there be for us taxpayers”

Meng Yizhou had no choice but to say, “Uncle, I bailed Tian Jinyuan out.

She was sick and feeling terrible.

After I bailed her out, I told her to leave as soon as possible and never appear in my life again.


“Youre quite the amorous one.” Lan Juns smile was amused, but he wasnt angry like he used to be.

He wasnt even disappointed.

He wasnt happy or angry at all.

It was hard to read him.

Meng Yizhou knew that Lan Jun was getting serious.

He apologized sincerely.

“Uncle, I really cut ties with her.

This is the only time.”

“You can bail out someone who hurt Lan Tian.

How can I trust you with Lan Tian Huh”

“Uncle, the prodigal son can turn over a new leaf.

Please give me a chance.”

“Alright, lets talk about this when we get back,” said Lan Jun.

“By the way, what other clues are there What impact will these people have on my daughter in the future”

The police officer said, “We have to be strict on this Tian Jinyuan.

As for the others, were currently arresting them.

By the way, we also found some information at the scene.

This is a tape of the scene.

It must have been left behind by that group…”

On the tape, Meng Yizhous conversation with the “kidnapper” was clearly heard by everyone.

Meng Yizhous cowardly image also appeared…

His face was pale… and he did not dare to look up at Lan Jun.

Father and Mother Meng were also shocked.


Lan Jun held the tape and tapped it on the table.

“Oh, so at that time, the kidnappers said that Lan Tian was also tied up.

You wanted to come out first because you didnt want Lan Tian to have to do so much running around.

After you came out, the first thing you did was not call the police or think of saving Lan Tian.

Instead, you immediately fought with Tian Jinyuan… Let me see the record.

It seemed that you argued with your previous lover for more than half an hour, right Thats good, thats good.

You knew that Lan Tian was in danger, but you tore with your old flame for so long.

If you didnt finish arguing, you wouldnt even think of Lan Tian, right”

Mother Meng looked embarrassed.

“Well, the kidnappers are just spouting nonsense.

Lan Tian wasnt on their side at all…”

“What if theyre werent spouting nonsense” Lan Juns tone became stern.

“The few times something happened to Lan Tian, it was all because of your family! Now that something might have happened to Lan Tian, you guys dont care either! Why would my daughter get engaged to a family like yours!”

Father and Mother Meng were in the wrong and did not dare to speak.

Lan Jun had never lost his temper like this before and always treated their entire family with respect.

Suddenly seeing him like this, it was really scary.

Meng Yizhou was indeed guilty.

“Im sorry.”

“Would it help to be sorry” Lan Jun asked.

Meng Yizhou looked up, searching for Lan Tian with his eyes.

“Lan Tian!”

His last hope rested on Lan Tian.

As long as Lan Tian hesitated, everything could be salvaged.

Lan Tians bright eyes looked at him, completely emotionless, as if she were looking at a stranger.

It was the kind of look that not only did she not have any romantic feelings for him, but she did not even have any friendship with him.

Meng Yizhou knew that nothing could be undone.

Everything was lost in that moment.

With Meng Yizhou in the wrong, Father and Mother Meng took the initiative to propose that they would not continue with the engagement.

Although they were very reluctant, if this matter blew up, Meng Yizhous reputation would be ruined.

Although it would be very ugly if word got out now, before they could leave the police station, there were already rumors that the Meng family despised Lan Tian for being sick, so they insisted on canceling the engagement.

Although this was one of the facts in itself, Mother Meng still fainted when she heard it.

The reputation of the Meng family that she was proud of would definitely not be preserved.

This was even when the outside world did not know about Tian Jinyuan and Meng Yizhous cowardice.

Mother Meng was so angry that she just wanted to hit Tian Jinyuan to vent her anger.

After going out, Lan Tian was in a good mood and said, “Its really great.

As expected, evil people will be punished by evil people.

Sis, no wonder you said that if someone wants to bail Tian Jinyuan out, let him bail.

So thats why.”

Madam Lan smiled and said, “Shi Jin is really smart.

She knows that since Tian Jinyuan has a criminal record, she will definitely attack again to achieve her goal after she comes out.

It was also right for me to arrange for bodyguards to be by Lan Tians side during this period of time.

Tian Jinyuan only dares to attack Meng Yizhou.”

Lan Tian said, “Thats right.

Anyway, ever since he went to bail Tian out, Ive completely stopped being friends with him.

I encountered such a big incident, and he still casually bailed Tian Jinyuan out.”

“Thats good.

You learn from your mistakes.

In the future, youll have to recognize what true friends are like.” Madam Lan sighed.

Lan Tian asked, “Sis, what about thosekidnappers who tricked Meng Yizhou into saying something cowardly”

Those “kidnappers” had nothing to do with Tian Jinyuan at all.

They were completely arranged by Shi Jin.

Shi Jin smiled and said, “Theyre all my bodyguards.

They just messed with Meng Yizhous mind.

Dont worry, nothing will happen.”

Madam Lan said, “This Meng Yizhou, I really misjudged him.

I thought that the child I had watched grow up would be different from others.

I didnt expect him to be so different.”

“Mom, didnt you teach me To see what a person is truly like, dont listen to what he says, look at what he does.”

“Yes, well, Ive been screwed over by a dozen years of filters from a supposed friendship.”

“Anyway, its a good thing that theyve taken the initiative to say that they dont want to get engaged.

If they still want to cause trouble, then well publicize the matter of Tian Jinyuan and Meng Yizhou,” said Lan Jun.

The four of them chatted and laughed.

They had finally resolved this matter and taught the Meng family a deep lesson.

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