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Meng Yizhou was not completely indifferent to Lan Tian.

He was still very worried about her.

“Shes gagged and wont respond to you,” the gruff voice said.

“All right, both your families will have to spend money.

Lets do this.

Ill give you a chance.

One of you, go get the money.

The other stays as a hostage.”

“Where do we get the money” Meng Yizhou asked.

“Get it at the foot of the mountain.

Are you going or is Lan Tian” The mans voice was sinister and terrifying.

Meng Yizhou quickly weighed the pros and cons in his mind.

The more likely it was that those who stayed behind would be killed when they encountered such kidnappers.

Those who got out had a better chance of survival.

If one had to go out, then he would definitely go out himself.

He said, “Ill go out and get it.”

“Are you sure” the man asked.

“I think it would be better if Lan Tian picked it up.”

“Shes small and weak.

She cant carry it all.

Besides, think about it.

If you really encounter an accident, will it be easier for you to leave with a big man like me, or with Lan Tian”

“You have a point, but a man as cowardly as you is rare.”

Meng Yizhou blushed when that man exposed his little tricks.

He said defensively, “I just dont want her running around.”

However, anyone could tell that he was anxious.

Someone released the rope around his feet and led him out.

He was blindfolded and had no idea how long he had been walking before he finally reached the place.

On the other side, Father and Mother Meng were still reprimanding Tian Jinyuan.

Father Meng said, “Alright, lets call the police immediately! If we delay any longer, well really be in trouble!”

“No, dont call the police!” Tian Jinyuan said immediately.

Now that she hadnt found Meng Yizhou and didnt know where her cousin was, she was afraid that if she called the police, her cousin would be involved and completely unable to escape.

“Whats your situation Dont listen to her.

Call the police, call the police immediately!” Mother Meng said angrily.

“Dont call the police.

Youll harm Meng Yizhou! You cant call the police!” Tian Jinyuan tried her best to stop them.

Meng Yizhou had already heard her.

Sensing that there were no more kidnappers around, he shouted, “Mom, Dad!”

When Father and Mother Meng saw him, they quickly ran over and untied him.

“Yizhou, whats going on”

Meng Yizhou could see now.

He stared at Tian Jinyuan and asked, “Why didnt you call the police”

“I… I was afraid that they would hurt you…” Tian Jinyuans original scenario was not like this at all.

Logically speaking, she should have saved Meng Yizhou.

He would be grateful.

The Meng family was also very grateful and no one would be in the mood to ask this question righteously.

However, Meng Yizhou was already suspicious at this moment.

Her explanation did not make sense at all.

“Tian Jinyuan, let me ask you, why didnt you call the police”

“I—I really want whats best for you…”

Meng Yizhou grabbed her wrist.

“Really Not calling the police for my own good”

Just then, Tian Jinyuans phone rang.

She sensed it was her cousin and was afraid to answer.

“Why, arent you answering your phone” Meng Yizhou recalled that Tian Jinyuan had asked him out yesterday.

The two of them had originally agreed to meet in the hotel, but he was suddenly attacked.

Things were really very fishy.

The more he thought about it, the more suspicious it became.

He reached into Tian Jinyuans bag for her phone.

“N-no!” Tian Jinyuan wouldnt let him touch her phone.

Father and Mother Meng naturally sided with their son.

They immediately went forward and grabbed Tian Jinyuans arms.

Meng Yizhou quickly took the phone out of her purse.

A mans voice came from inside.

“Jinyuan, Meng Yizhou is missing.

What should we do now We gave him sleeping pills.

We dont know why he suddenly disappeared.

Why dont you come back later Ill look around first.”

Tian Jinyuan looked at Meng Yizhou in horror.

His face turned ashen, as if he wanted to eat her alive.

“No, it wasnt me…” Tian Jinyuan wanted to argue, but there was nothing she could do.

Although the person on the other end only said two simple sentences, he had already explained everything clearly.

Meng Yizhou threw the phone to the ground.

Mother Meng slapped Tian Jinyuan a few times.

“You asked someone to kidnap Meng Yizhou Then you deliberately brought us here to find him What exactly do you want”

“I—I just dont want to leave Yizhou.

Ive been with him for so long.

Hes going to get engaged to Lan Tian so soon and send me away.

I dont want to leave, Yizhou.

Believe me, I dont want to hurt you.

I just—I just love you too much…”

Tian Jinyuan kept sobbing.

If Meng Yizhou had some lingering feelings for her in the past, they were now completely hardened.

Such a woman was terrifying.

He said to Mother Meng, “Call the police!”

Mother Meng couldnt wait to punish this woman and hurriedly called the police.

“Yizhou, Yizhou, please.

I dont want to go to jail.

Dont be so heartless…”

However, Meng Yizhou was already completely ignoring her.

A moment later, he suddenly remembered that they were still holding Lan Tian.

He grabbed Tian Jinyuan by the collar and asked, “What about Lan Tian Where did they take her”

“I dont know.

We didnt grab Lan Tian… we really didnt do anything else to Lan Tian…”

As Meng Yizhou called the police, he turned and ran back.

When hed arrived, hed been led here.

Blindfolded, hed had no way of knowing where to run if he turned around.

“Lan Tian Lan Tian” Now he was truly anxious.

The police arrived quickly and took Tian Jinyuan away.

“And Lan Tian has also been kidnapped.

Hurry up and save her,” Meng Yizhou said.

“Hey, you guys are really here” Lan Tians voice appeared, clear and sweet.

She walked over with Shi Jin.

“Lan Tian, are you okay” Meng Yizhou rushed over.

“Why wouldnt I be” Lan Tian looked at him with amusement.

“Im glad youre okay.

Im glad youre okay.”

He reached out to hug Lan Tian, but Lan Tian grabbed Shi Jins arm first and pulled away from him.

They reached the police station.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan also rushed over.

The police had already investigated the matter and said to everyone, “So the truth is that Tian Jinyuan wanted to claim credit and arranged for her cousin to maliciously kidnap Meng Yizhou.

Now that weve caught Tian Jinyuan, were about to arrest her cousin and the others for causing trouble.”

“Officer, this Tian Jinyuan is not a good person.

You must punish her severely!” Mother Meng could not wait for her son to cut ties with this woman.

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