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Then, Tian Jinyuan made herself look roughed up and brought Father and Mother Meng to find Meng Yizhou.

This matter was settled.

In the future, the Meng family would never be able to get rid of her.

Meng Yizhou was not completely heartless.

With this matter, he could only continue to be good to Tian Jinyuan.

Even if he could no

His eyes were blindfolded.

His hands and feet were bound.

He woke to darkness and panic.

“Who Who are you Who brought me here”

“Dont you worry about that.

Weve taken you and Lan Tian with us,” came a gruff voice, not one to be trifled with.

“What on earth do you want”


I just want to get some money.

The Meng family and the Lan family can afford this, right”

“Lan Tian is here.

Dont hurt her!”

“Of course we wont hurt you guys.

After all, we still have to save it for money.”

“Tiantian Tiantian” Meng Yizhou yelled.

“Are you all right”

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