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She was Meng Yizhous first woman.

He still had some feelings for her.

“Are you going to make me leave”

“Tiantian and I are about to get engaged.

Theres no need for you to stay.”

“Why Why must you be engaged to her Didnt you say youd stay with me”

“How can you believe what a man says in bed” said Meng Yizhou.

“Its never going to work out between us.

Just go.”

“Yizhou, do you really not want me anymore Are all those feelings from before fake”

Meng Yizhou left without looking back.

If Tian Jinyuan was really a well-behaved person, he did not mind having such a sensible woman by his side when he got married in the future.

However, since her matter had already come to light, he really did not dare to let her stay.

The best way was to separate quickly.

Tian Jinyuan did not think so.

She had been with Meng Yizhou for so long because she wanted a future.

Now Meng Yizhou was refusing her without looking back.

How could she allow that to happen

“Tian Jinyuan has been bailed out by Meng Yizhou.” Shi Jin told Lan Tian the news over the phone.

Lan Tian was furious.

“Tian Jinyuan did such a big thing and Meng Yizhou bailed her out.

Hes really devoted to her.”

“Relax,” Shi Jin said.

“Isnt that what was expected”

“Although I expected it, I still think…” Lan Tian wasnt angry at him for his feelings, but she felt that even if they were just friends, she and Meng Yizhou had been friends since they were young.

Tian Jinyuan had done such a big thing, but it wasnt a big deal to Meng Yizhou.

She put the phone down.

She still couldnt help being angry.

Luo Jingxuan handed her the pizza.

“No matter how angry you are, you have to eat first, right”

“Im so angry that I cant eat.”

“You still have… feelings for him” he asked quietly, holding the pizza in midair.

“No, who still has feelings for him But even if I dont, if someone wants to kill him and harm him, I have to be fair, right Yet he let go of the person who did this to me so easily.

Do you think he has a conscience Im just indignant.

How did my parents treat their family all these years Yet how did they treat me”

Luo Jingxuans expression softened into a smile.

“So youre not angry that he had feelings for another woman”

“Of course not.” Lan Tian took the pizza, grabbed it, and took a big bite.

Luo Jingxuan also took a piece.

The pizza seemed to be extra good today.

He ate a big piece in one go.

When Lan Tian reached for more, she saw a stain on his lips and reached to remove it for him.

“Your condition isnt beyond cure.

Ive done a lot of research.

If you take good care of yourself, youll live like a normal person.”

“Yeah, thats what the doctor said.”

“So theres no real hurry to get engaged, is there” Luo Jingxuan said.

“So are you really going to get engaged to Meng Yizhou in three days” His voice sank again.

Lan Tians hand was still in his.

She didnt mind too much.

Instead, she said, “Sis and I just want to see what else the Meng family is going to do.

Dont worry, the engagement wasnt our intention.

We were just playing with them.”

“Really” Luo Jingxuans eyes suddenly shone.

The Meng family was preparing for this engagement with mixed feelings.

After Tian Jinyuan came out, she did not leave immediately like Meng Yizhou had said.

She still felt indignant.

She knew that if she did not seize this opportunity, she would not have a chance in the future.

So she called Meng Yizhou.

“Didnt I tell you to leave”

“Yizhou, before I leave, can we see each other one last time If were never going to see each other again, you should leave me something to think about.”

He drove quickly to meet Tian Jinyuan.

Meng Yizhou remained out all night.

Mother Meng was already used to it.

Her son had grown up and always stayed out all night.

There was nothing to worry about.

However, during the day, when the company called the Meng family to ask for instructions, Mother Meng realized that he did not go to the company during the day either.

She called immediately and realized her sons phone was switched off.

She tentatively called Lan Tian.

“Tiantian, did Yizhou come to you”


What did he want with me” Lan Tian asked.

“Oh, oh, I was going to ask him to discuss the details of the engagement with you.

Perhaps hes still busy and has something to do.

Ill get him to look for you later.” Mother Meng guessed that her son might have gone to meet a woman in private, so she didnt dare let Lan Tian know.

After she hung up, she immediately informed Father Meng to look for him together.

He was tied to a construction site that was under construction in the city.

There was no surveillance and no one knew about it.

Tian Jinyuan had done it.

Her original intention was to pretend to rescue Meng Yizhou and gain an opportunity.

In that case, Meng Yizhou and the Meng family would definitely be grateful to her.

Even if it might not change the fact that Meng Yizhou and Lan Tian were engaged, it was very possible that they would remember her kindness.

She still had a chance to stay with Meng Yizhou.

Otherwise, she really wouldnt have much of a chance.

After she was done, she informed Father and Mother Meng.

“Uncle, Auntie, Yizhou was taken away by a few hooligans, but I know where they are.

Come over quickly.”

“Then well call the police immediately!”

“Uncle, Auntie, I think they want money.

If we call the police, Im afraid theyll harm Yizhou!”

Father and Mother Meng listened to this opinion.

They could not do anything to harm their son, so they chose not to call the police yet.

Instead, they rushed to the place Tian Jinyuan had mentioned.

“Where exactly is Yizhou” Father and Mother Meng asked.

“Right over there.

I just knocked the punks out.

Im coming out to get you guys.

Yizhou fainted.

Im bringing him over.”

Tian Jinyuan was covered in stains and blood.

She looked very pitiful.

When Father and Mother Meng saw her like this, respect rose in their hearts.

Compared to Lan Tian, her feelings for Meng Yizhou were so deep and heavy that it was touching.

“Lets go over there,” Tian Jinyuan said immediately.

Shed had someone prepare everything earlier.

Actually, it was a cousin of hers who often hung out at the bar.

He came over with a couple of so-called underlings and locked up Meng Yizhou for the night.

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