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Lan Jun was imposing, and Madam Lan also had a straight face.

The atmosphere was very solemn.

Mother Meng hurriedly stood up and said, “Jingxian, youre finally down.”

Jingxian was Madam Lans name.

After being on good terms with her for so many years, Mother Meng had always called her by her name intimately.

“Thats right.

Madam Meng, youve waited a long time,” Madam Lan said calmly.

Mother Meng hurriedly said, “Jingxian, were fine.

Why are you calling me that Youre putting me too highly.”

“Whats there to be afraid of Weve been friends for more than ten to twenty years, yet Young Master Meng still dares to send people to deal with Tiantian.

Its obvious that he doesnt take our decades of friendship seriously.

Shouldnt I address you as Madam Meng”

Madam Lan sat down on the sofa, her manner graceful.

Father and Mother Meng finally had a clear and deep understanding of the distance between the Lan family and the Meng family.

In the past, be it Lan Jun or Madam Lan, they had never put on airs with the two of them.

They were always smiling and chatting happily, just like other friends.

There was no difference at all.

After so many years, Father and Mother Meng were already used to coming and going freely in the Lan family, and they were also used to the close relationship between the Lan family and their own family.

As a result, they had forgotten that the Lan family was one of the four major families in the capital.

Their status was far inferior to theirs.

The Lan family did not use their status to pressure others, but it did not mean that the two families were truly equals.

Mother Meng was shocked at the thought, but at the same time, she felt a little indignant.

However, on the surface, Mother Meng was already very amiable.

“Jingxian, this matter was indeed done badly by Yizhou.

He and that Tian Jinyuan are just ordinary friends.

How would he know that that woman would take advantage of Yizhou being drunk and bring him to a hotel room Then, she even got someone to do such a thing to Tiantian.

After knowing this, I was also very angry and hit and scolded that woman.

Yizhou was wrong too.

He was really wrong.

Look, his father taught him a good lesson.

I brought Yizhou here today to apologize.”

She said this sincerely, but Lan Jun and Madam Lan were still unmoved.

After what had happened that day, the couple realized that it was not a wise decision to be so anxious to entrust their daughter to someone else just because she was sick.

It was better to leave their daughter free to do what she wanted than to entrust her to the wrong person.

After they figured it out, their mentality changed.

They would not allow anyone to hurt their daughter.

Faced with Mother Mengs words, Madam Lan was unmoved.

She picked up her teacup and drank her tea leisurely.

“Unfilial son, quickly kneel down and apologize to your Auntie Lan.” Father Meng stood up and kicked his sons leg.

Meng Yizhou knelt down with a thud.

“Uncle, Auntie, I was wrong.

I shouldnt have drunk outside and given others a chance to take advantage of me.

In the future, I will definitely stop drinking and will never interact with any other woman again.

I wont hurt Tiantian.

I hope you can give me a chance to change.

I really like Tiantian.

I will definitely take good care of her for the rest of my life.”

Mother Meng felt sorry for her son and immediately chimed in, “Thats right.

Not only Yizhou, but well also treat Tiantian well for the rest of our lives.

Ive always wanted a daughter.

When Tiantian comes to our house, Ill definitely treat her like my own daughter.”

If this was in the past, Lan Jun and Madam Lan would definitely be very touched, but after what happened last night, the two of them already knew that it was impossible.

In particular, Meng Yizhous parents kept apologizing, but they pushed all the blame to others.

There was no apology at all.

The two of them had also been blinded by their past friendship.

They felt that friends who were good friends in their youth were rare true friends.

Even if they had to swallow their pride and give up such true friends, it was still better than socializing with friends with benefits on business occasions.

Now that the veil had been removed, they felt that they had been idiots not to have been able to see through this.

Seeing that neither Lan Jun nor Madam Lan spoke, Mother Meng added, “Jingxian, look, you watched Yizhou grow up.

Just give our child another chance.”

Only then did Madam Lan slowly say, “Then how should we deal with that woman outside”

“Shes already been taken away by the police.

Shes bound to be severely punished,” Mother Meng said immediately.

“Nothing like this will ever happen again.”

“Tiantian is seriously ill and needs to take medicine for a long time to recuperate.

She cant suffer any grievances and cant be agitated emotionally…” Every time Madam Lan spoke, she couldnt help but feel sorry for her daughter.

“We will definitely treat Tiantian well in the future! We will definitely not let her suffer!” Mother Meng immediately said.

Meng Yizhou also swore to the heavens that he would treat Lan Tian well.

Seeing that Lan Jun and Madam Lan were silent again, Mother Meng used her usual method and whispered, “Jingxian, this isnt the first day youve known me.

Dont you know what kind of character our family has”

“I know all too well,” Madam Lan said dryly.

It was all too clear that they had really treated them as friends in the past, so they were generous with their benefits.

They would help the Meng familys business as much as they could.

Now that they thought about it, what did the Lan family need from them

They didnt need anything.

It was just that Lan Jun and Madam Lan wanted to satisfy their mentality of wanting a sincere old friend.

They were the ones who beautified Father and Mother Meng and made them look like the friends they wanted.

They removed the filter and realized that what the Meng family needed was only the Lan familys connections.

“Its good that you know.

Tiantian is sick, shell definitely need someone to take care of her for a long time in the future.

The best person who can take care of her and stay by her side forever has to be the person who knows her the best.

He has to be someone who can care for her, love her, and take care of her without regrets.

He has to be loyal and know everything, right” Mother Meng said.

These words were directed at Madam Lan.

It was as if she was certain that Madam Lan would no longer be able to find a suitable partner for Lan Tian.

Madam Lan laughed in amusement.

Mother Meng immediately said, “Of course, Yizhou also loves Tiantian the most.

Tiantian also has feelings for Yizhou.

This is the most rare thing.

The two of them grew up together.

Its rare that theyre always so loving…”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough.” Lan Tian coughed.

Shi Jin stepped out, supporting Lan Tian.

The two of them had already heard all the conversation just now and were very disapproving of Mother Mengs words.

There was no sincerity in their apology, but they still felt that Meng Yizhou had sacrificed so much.

Moreover, they felt that victory was in their hands regarding the upcoming engagement.

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