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Any normal person would be as angry as you are about something like this.”

“Ive clearly agreed to cancel the engagement, but Im still very upset.

Dont tell me I really have feelings for Meng Yizhou”

Lan Tian thought for a long time before saying, “Thats not right.

I really dont have any feelings for him.

What I felt seeing him hugging and kissing other women was just anger at being deceived.

Im still so unhappy because…”

“Its because… its because…” Lan Tian said after a long moment.

“Its because Im very unhappy with what their family did and we didnt let them, the bad guys, be punished! So Im very unhappy!”

“In that case, there are ways to make you feel good.

We can try,” Shi Jin said.

Shi Jin whispered a few words.

“Does this work for you”

“Lets try it! Its quite satisfying if you let them fight each other.”

Lan Tian had that thought now.

Shi Jin brought Lan Tian back to Orchid Pavilion.

When Lan Jun and Madam Lan found out what happened, they had no objections at all.

When Fu Xiuyuan saw Shi Jin enter, he grabbed her hand and asked, “Are you okay”

“Im fine.

Not even a scratch.”

After what happened in the alley, Shi Jin did not immediately tell Fu Xiuyuan.

When Fu Xiuyuan found out, Shi Jin was already having a meal with Madam Lan, so she told him not to go over.

That was why he didnt rush over immediately.

He held Shi Jins hand and touched it to his lips, his expression doting and cherishing.

Lan Tian saw the look on his face and thought, this is probably how you really love someone.

“Sis, then Ill find a guest room to sleep in”

“No, no.

Ill just ask the butler to take me there.” Lan Tian felt that she should be invisible.

It was more convenient that way.

It could also make Fu Xiuyuan feel that her wattage was not as bright, increasing her chances of coming to Orchid Pavilion in the future.

As it turned out, shed made the right decision.

Fu Xiuyuan had nothing against her.

“Lan Tian is breaking off the engagement” he asked.

“Maybe not for the time being.

She still hasnt vented her anger.

So, by the way, if Meng Yizhou goes to bail out Tian Jinyuan, let her come out for the time being.”

Seeing that she was getting excited and was probably going to do something with Lan Tian, Fu Xiuyuan agreed.

“Dont overdo it.

Safety first.”

“I wont.” Shi Jin hooked her arms around his neck and snuggled into his embrace.

“It will be resolved soon.

The young girl has suffered.

Let her cause trouble.”

Fu Xiuyuan hugged her, his long arms around her waist, his chin resting on her hair.

Whether she wanted to fuss or play, he would always support her.

With him there, she just needed to be happy.

The next day, Shi Jin drove Lan Tian to school.

At the school gate, a boy was looking around.

When he saw the car stop, he ran over and eagerly opened the door.

“Lan Tian! Are you okay”

“Its fine.

Im fine.” Lan Tian got out of the car and introduced them to him.

“Sister Shi Jin, Sis, this is my senior, Luo Jingxuan.”

Shi Jin recognized the boy who had come to fetch Lan Tian the last time and greeted him with a smile.

“And did you take any medication How did you resolve what happened yesterday”

“I did.

I brought it with me.

Sis helped me settle everything.”

It seemed that Lan Tian and this Luo Jingxuan talked about everything.

Speaking of medicine, Shi Jin remembered that she had not given Lan Tian the medicine she had concocted.

She took it out of the car and said, “Lan Tian, this medicine is for you.

You can brew it or just soak it in water.

I wrote the instructions on it.”

“Is it better brewed or soaked” asked Luo Jingxuan.

“Its best brewed, but they dont have those conditions at school.

Its easier to soak in water.”

Luo Jingxuan already knew who Shi Jin was.

Of course, he also knew that she had shown her medical skills before.

She was very impressive.

Although many people in the outside world still questioned whether she really had medical skills, Luo Jingxuan still trusted her implicitly.

After all, she was one of Lan Tians most trusted people.

“Alright, then I understand.

Thank you, Miss Shi.”

Shi Jin recognized his unusual attitude toward Lan Tian.

How he was nervous for her and treasured her.

She smiled.

So Lan Tian has someone who silently protects her.

Judging from the boys speech and upbringing, he was much better than Meng Yizhou.

As he and Lan Tian headed into the school, he was still asking if she was okay.

Lan Tian raised her hand and said, “In the words of Sis, not even a scratch.”

He grabbed her fingers and held them close to his eyes.

Lan Tian saw the same love and affection Fu Xiuyuan had for Shi Jin last night.

She was a little dazed.

She quickly pulled her hand away and ran forward.

At night, Lan Tian drove to the set to look for Shi Jin.

Liang Xinran was talking to Shi Jin.

“When are we leaving, sis” Lan Tian asked.

Liang Xinran glanced at her.

“I still have something to tell Shi Jin.

Wait a moment, little girl.”

“Xinran, well talk later.

I have to go.” Shi Jin picked up her bag and walked out.

Liang Xinran watched as Shi Jin and Lan Tian walked out.

She blinked once and stamped her foot.

The agent handed her a bottle of milk.

“Why are you pestering Shi Jin Its not like she wont come tomorrow.”

“I want to talk to her.” Liang Xinran regretted not chatting with her when Shi Jin was free during the filming previously.

Otherwise, Shi Jin wouldnt have no time to talk to her now.

“Sis, Meng Yizhou and his parents are at my house.

Im a little worried.

I wonder what theyre going to do.”

“Dont worry.

Well deal with whatever comes our way.”

Lan Tian nodded heavily.

“I dont know what theyll say.

Speaking of which, theyre too embarrassed to make any more trouble, arent they But if he does suggest canceling the engagement, hell have to apologize to us properly.”

The two of them walked into the Lan residence.

Knowing that Shi Jin was an important guest, the butler had already come to welcome her.

“Miss Shi, please come in.”

On the sofa in the living room, Father and Mother Meng sat and Meng Yizhou stood.

Lan Jun and Madam Lan had not come down.

Mother Meng couldnt sit still anymore.

“Why arent they down yet”

Father Meng said, “Be quiet.

Yizhou has made such a huge mistake.

Do you expect them to treat us kindly Wait.”

“Why not Didnt Yizhou apologize” Mother Meng said unhappily.

Moments later, Lan Jun and Madam Lan came down the stairs.

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