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Mother Mengs thoughts were really… difficult to evaluate.

“Tiantian, my mother is right.

I was wrong.

Ill break up with her immediately.

This is also my first offense.

Please forgive me this once.”

The woman stamped her foot angrily.


“Tian Jinyuan, you can leave first.

Theres nothing for you to do here.

Dont come looking for me again!” Meng Yizhou was determined.

The woman called Tian Jinyuan saw that this was not the place to speak and immediately walked away.

“Wait!” Shi Jin stopped her.

Meng Yizhou also recognized Shi Jin.

He had often heard Lan Tian mention her.

He said, “Shi Jin, what are you going to do”

“Tian Jinyuan cant leave.”

“Shi Jin, dont cause trouble at the critical moment, okay” Mother Meng said quickly.

“Didnt you hear Yizhou tell her not to look for him anymore If you keep her around, are you trying to make Lan Tian sad”

What a strange thing to say.

Meng Yizhou was the one who made the mistake.

Why was Shi Jin involved

Lan Tian immediately said, “Sis will not harm me.

She wants Tian Jinyuan to stay because she has something to ask her.

Uncle, Auntie, I hope you can listen carefully.”

Shi Jin said calmly, “Tian Jinyuan, how long have you been with Meng Yizhou”

Meng Yizhou glared at Shi Jin.

“This is the first time.

I drank too much and Tian Jinyuan sent me here.

Usually, were just ordinary friends.”

“Oh” Shi said meaningfully.

“So youve checked into hotels several times before to promote friendship among ordinary friends”

“Shi Jin, you investigated me!” After Meng Yizhou finished speaking, he realized that something was wrong and immediately said to Lan Tian, “Tiantian, I really didnt.

Dont listen to Shi Jins nonsense.”

“Shes not talking nonsense.

The evidence is conclusive.

How can she talk nonsense On the other hand, I want to ask you.

If you had another woman, you could have just broken up with me.

Why did you have to hide it from me Its fine if you hid it from me, but did you have to ruin my reputation to force me to break off the engagement”

At this, Lan Tians voice trembled.

If not for Shi Jin, she did not know how she would have faced that situation today.

And this was all done by this family who claimed to treat her as their daughter!

“What are you talking about, Tiantian” Meng Yizhou asked.

“You guys hired someone to bully me and even try to take photos.

The police have already found out that it was this Tian Jinyuan in front of you who did it.

Do you dare say you didnt have a part” Lan Tian threw the photos on the ground.

“Your family is too much, alright”

“Tiantian, this really isnt me.

Its impossible for Jinyuan to do such a thing.

This must be a misunderstanding!”

“Misunderstanding or not, talk to the police!” Lan Tian said.

“Wed better have nothing to do with each other in the future, let alone get engaged!”

Lan Tian!” Meng Yizhou said, stepping forward to grab her shoulders.

“Wait, wait, I really didnt do this.

Trust me!”

“Let her go!” Shi Jin said coldly.

Hearing her tone, Meng Yizhou had to let go.

He shook his head.

“I really didnt do anything like that.

Lan Tian, I would never hurt you like this!”

Lan Tian was no longer listening.

She took Shi Jins hand and sped away.

“Ah, Lan Tian, Lan Tian!” Mother Meng was also very anxious.

Meng Yizhou sent Tian Jinyuan away.

Tian Jinyuan was afraid of Mother Meng and hurriedly left.

However, as soon as she left, she was taken away by the police.

“Yizhou, help me!” Tian Jinyuan cried in horror.

“Yizhou, come back,” Mother Meng called after him.

“Youre crazy to get involved with a woman like that.”

In the end, Meng Yizhou did not go over.

Tian Jinyuan was taken away by the police.

“Yizhou, how did this happen” Mother Meng was very indignant.

Father Meng was also very angry.

“Whats wrong with the Lan family that you have to do this”

Meng Yizhou said nothing.

Lan Tian was good in every way, but she had no love for him.

It was purely familial.

His love would not be reciprocated with her.

He said, “Im also a normal man.

I just want to live my life.”

Mother Meng hurriedly stood on her sons side and said, “Thats right, Hubby.

Youre not allowed to scold our son anymore.

Whats wrong with our son Dont you see that Lan Tian Shes sickly.

She goes to the hospital every other day and takes medicine every day.

Not only is she delicate, but she also has a princess illness.

Even if she gets married, Im afraid it will be difficult for her to live a married life with our son.

Let alone getting pregnant and having children in the future.

Its normal for my son to have a woman outside.

Arent all men like this Why cant she tolerate others If she cant have children in the future, wont she have to rely on other women outside”

When she said that, Father Meng felt that it made sense.

In the past, they would be extremely satisfied with this marriage with the Lan family.

However, after Lan Tian fell sick, they felt very uncomfortable.

This matter was brought up by the Lan family, so they were even more uncomfortable.

In the past, when Lan Tian was fine, why didnt they mention the engagement

And now that Lan Tian is sick, theyre sending her over

Meng Yizhou actually felt the same way.

Father Meng said, “If you really cant, just break off the engagement.

Theres no need to say so much.”

“How can we cancel the marriage just like that” Mother Meng immediately objected.

“Perhaps that little girl, Lan Tian, is deliberately putting on airs and wants to punish our son before the marriage.

We cant cancel this marriage.

If we cancel it, how will the Meng family business continue”

Meng Yizhou didnt want to cancel the engagement either.

He had feelings for Lan Tian too.

It was his ideal life with a red flag at home and colorful flags outside.

And the Lan family was the Meng familys best support.

“Lan Tian is sickly.

Isnt that just right When she…” Mother Meng made a gesture of closing her eyes.

“Then wont everything belong to our son”

She said to Meng Yizhou, “We cant cancel it.

Lets go and make this matter clear and show our sincerity.

Apologize properly and strive to get engaged as soon as possible.

We cant let others benefit.

Son, you have to hide the women outside in the future!”

“Tomorrow I will personally go and apologize and show my sincerity!”

Mother Mengs attitude really made Lan Tian angry.

She was so angry that she pounded the seat in Shi Jins car.

“How can there be such a person In the past, she looked so normal to me.

How did she become like this Isnt it Meng Yizhous fault What do you mean her son has no intrinsic problem”

When shed vented enough, she handed her a bottle of water.

“Here, have some water.”

“Am I, like, a shrew now, too” Lan Tian rubbed her face.

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