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Lan Jun wanted to settle scores with Meng Yizhou on the spot.

After the shock, Lan Tian quickly pulled her parents back.

“Mom, Dad, calm down first.

Dont be too impulsive.

What will happen to me if something happens to you”

Hearing Lan Tians words, the couple calmed down.

Madam Lan blamed herself even more.

“The two of us thought that we were doing this for our daughters sake, but we didnt realize that Meng Yizhou was such a person! We almost sent her to the tigers den by mistake!”

The couple also thought that if their daughter was sick, she would need someone to take care of her for the rest of her life.

However, they did not expect this situation.

Lan Tian didnt put much effort into this relationship.

She just let her parents make arrangements and didnt want them to worry about her illness.

She was more worried about her parents than angry at Meng Yizhou.

“Mom, Dad, its okay.

Fortunately, he and I arent engaged yet, right Its not too late.

How about this Ill just go to him and cancel the engagement.”

“Alright, lets do that.

But even if we cancel the engagement, we cant let this matter pass easily.” Madam Lan was still furious.

“Auntie Lan, if it werent for what happened in the alley, I only planned to tell Lan Tian first and let her find a reason to break off the engagement.

But with this matter, we have to at least figure out what the Meng familys plans are and how to break off the engagement in the future,” Shi Jin said.

“Yes, yes, youre so thoughtful,” Madam Lan said immediately.

“We were the first to bring up the engagement.

Now that we want to break off the engagement, well inevitably be criticized by them.

Its fine if the two of us are criticized, but it wont be good if Lan Tian is constantly discussed by them.

In the end, its still our fault…”

“If Auntie Lan trusts me, leave this matter to me and Lan Tian.”

Lan Tian immediately said, “Mom, Dad, let me settle it with Sis.

Im already an adult.

I can settle my own matters!”

Lan Jun and Madam Lan were very worried about their daughter, but when they thought of Shi Jins presence, they relaxed a lot and said, “Alright, go deal with it.”

If it didnt work, it would be the same if they helped afterwards.

They would never let off those who hurt their daughter!

After sending off Lan Jun and Madam Lan, Lan Tian sat in the private room.

Actually, she was still a little unhappy.

She propped her cheeks up and whispered, “Although I dont really like Meng Yizhou, Ive known him for so many years.

I always thought that he would be a responsible man.

Mom and Dad would be relieved that I chose him.

I didnt expect him to…”

Shi Jin comforted her softly.

“There are men like him in this world, but there are also men who are truly responsible.

Without him, youll meet better in the future.”

“Sis, thank you so much.” Lan Tian bit her lip.

“Fortunately, when he came to me previously and said that he wanted to go to that level of the relationship in advance I didnt agree… Although I didnt agree to anything, just the thought of marrying such a person still hurts.”

Shi Jin patted her gently on the shoulder.

Although Lan Tians feelings for Meng Yizhou were not deep, she could still understand the feeling of Lan Tians beliefs collapsing.

A moment later, Father and Mother Meng arrived.

“Lan Tian, why did you ask us out” Mother Meng said enthusiastically.

Lan Tians family background was much better than Meng Yizhous.

Mother Meng was very satisfied with Lan Tian, her future daughter-in-law.

Back then, if not for the fact that the two families had always been on good terms and that Lan Jun and his wife were loyal people, they would not have always supported the Meng family.

This time, Lan Tian was sick, and it was such an illness.

According to the doctor, it was very likely to affect future fertility.

Mother Meng was actually a little unhappy with Lan Tian, but on account of the Lan familys background, she did not say much.

She already felt that the Meng family was actually making concessions and suffering losses.

Lan Tian said, “Just to have tea together and meet my friend, Sister Shi Jin.”

Mother Meng took a closer look.

“Hey, isnt this that big celebrity, Shi Jin She looks really good.”

“Hello, Auntie,” Shi Jin greeted her calmly.

Father and Mother Meng did not have a good impression of celebrities, but since Lan Tian had introduced them, they still maintained their politeness.

The four of them entered the hotel that Meng Yizhou had entered earlier.

Coincidentally, Meng Yizhou came out with the woman in his arms.

The two of them were talking to each other, not expecting to meet so many people.

Meng Yizhou kissed the woman on the cheek and looked up to see four people standing in front of him.

His expression changed drastically, as if the woman beside him was a hot potato.

He quickly shook her off.

“Mom, Dad, Tiantian… Listen to me.”

Before, Lan Tian had thought that he was an elder brother and a mature man who was steady and responsible.

Now, seeing him explain in a panic, she suddenly felt that what she had imagined was very funny.

The person in front of her was also quite funny.

What little sadness she had left was completely gone.

Her face was relaxed.

Mother Meng slapped the face of the woman beside him.

“Stupid vixen, who asked you to seduce my son Shameless vixen!”

The woman winced, but dared not make a sound.

Meng Yizhou supported her.

“Are you all right, Jinyuan”

Mother Meng said angrily, “What do you mean by that Hurry up and explain to Tiantian.”

Meng Yizhou realized that dealing with Lan Tian was the most important thing.

He immediately said, “Tiantian, let me explain!”

“Theres no need to explain, Yizhou.

Lets break up and cancel the engagement.” Lan Tian was calm from beginning to end and didnt even frown.

“Tiantian, listen to me…”

Lan Tian shook off his hand.

Mother Meng hurriedly said, “Tiantian, you saw it too.

It was this woman who seduced Yizhou with her demonic aura.

Yizhou only made a mistake that all men in the world make, but theres nothing wrong with him in essence.

Hes also very sincere to you.

Forgive him this time.

Ill teach that vixen a lesson later.”

Lan Tian was amused.

She had always liked the Meng family and felt that they were good to her.

When they got married in the future, she would have more parents who would treat her like their own daughter.

Only now did she realize that they were quite shameless.

It was obvious that Meng Yizhou and that woman had hit it off immediately.

Yet according to Mother Meng, her son was still innocent and had no problem.

Was it all that girls fault

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