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“Should we call Meng Yizhou” Shi Jin asked.


Might as well ask him to come out and meet you.

Ive been meaning to introduce you.”

Lan Tian went to call Meng Yizhou.

When she returned, she said, “He said he had something to do out of the city today.

Hell meet us next time.”

“Its okay.” In fact, Shi Jin already understood that this Meng Yizhou matter was confirmed, and it was not the first time.

Her heart ached for Lan Tian, but for a moment she could not form the words.

Should she tell her about this How should she begin

“Lets go.” Lan Tian linked arms with Shi Jin as they headed out.

They walked into the alley together.

It was getting dark.

The streetlights werent on yet.

The alleyways were dim and the road was long.

Shi Jin asked, “Do you usually walk this far alone”

“Usually, its fine.

I go to the library to look up information, but the library doesnt have the information I needed today.

Theres no choice.

Everyone has to come to this bookstore.” Lan Tians tone was relaxed.

“Is there anyone in a place like the Imperial Capital who—”

Before she could finish, two rakish young men suddenly appeared and laughed unrestrainedly.

“Little sister, what are you doing Are you afraid of the dark Do you want us to—”

Before he could finish, the two of them reached out their hands towards Shi Jin and Lan Tian together.

They even said disgustingly, “Didnt you say it was a little girl Why are there two of them Both of them are quite good-looking.

What good luck tonight!”

Shi Jin hid the stunned Lan Tian behind her and kicked the person in front of her.

The other person obviously did not expect her to resist, but he mistakenly thought that this was just a coincidence.

He said, “Yo, shes quite strong! Then shell be satisfying!”

Before he could get close, Shi Jin punched him in the face.

Blood immediately burst from his nose.

The two of them continued forward, Shi Jin finishing them off in a few moves.


She was about to look down and ask a question when Lan Tian suddenly rushed over with a wooden stick that she had gotten from somewhere.

“Sis, Im here!”

She was protected by Shi Jin, and she was extremely worried.

However, she did not retreat at all.

She randomly found a handy tool and rushed over.

Shi Jin was amused and admired her courage.

She pointed at the man on the ground and said, “Beat him up and calm your anger.”

Lan Tian took the stick and beat the two men until they were screaming.

Shi Jin waited until Lan Tian had vented her anger before calling the police.

The two of them were not injured and came out after making a simple statement.

When they came out, a refined middle-aged couple, who looked very young, rushed in.

“Tiantian, are you alright You scared me to death! How could such a thing happen!”

“Mom, Im fine.

Fortunately, Sister Shi Jin was there,” Lan Tian said with a smile.

“That… Master Fus wife you always mention” Madam Lan immediately turned to Shi Jin.

She had long heard of Shi Jins name and knew about her relationship with Fu Xiuyuan.

Coupled with the fact that she had saved Lan Tian, Madam Lan could not hide her smile.

She said gratefully, “Shi Jin, its all thanks to you.

If not for you, Tiantian would have suffered a huge loss this time.”

“Its okay, I was also just trying to save myself,” Shi Jin said.

“Besides, Lan Tian and I are friends.”

Madam Lan insisted on treating Shi Jin to a meal.

Shi Jin happened to have something to say and agreed immediately.

During the meal, Lan Tians father, Lan Jun, poured a glass of wine and said, “Shi Jin, let me toast you.

Drink whatever you want.

Im really grateful for what happened today.”

He had not spoken earlier, but as soon as he did, Shi Jin could tell that he had deep feelings for his daughter.

Shi picked up the juice.

“Uncle Lan, since Im driving, Ill have the juice.

You should drink less too.”

Lan Jun still finished the white wine in his glass in one gulp.

He only had one daughter, and she was like a pearl in his palm.

After Lan Tian fell sick, he and his wife doted on her even more.

“I must punish those two people today.

I must punish them severely!” Lan Jun was very angry.

“Uncle Lan, did these two people appear by chance or for some other reason I hope you can investigate carefully.”

“Thats right!” Madam Lan said.

“Although that path is a little dark, the security in our Imperial Capital has always been good.

Moreover, that bookstore has always been a place where many students have to go.

Why did such a thing happen I think there must be something fishy.

Hubby, lets investigate carefully.”

“Alright, Ill get someone to investigate.” Lan Jun was too concerned about his daughter just now.

If not, he would have thought of investigating immediately.

It was not too late to investigate after Shi Jins reminder.

The person he had arranged for was indeed fast and quickly returned with the news.

Madam Lan saw his frown and asked, “What exactly is the situation”

“Those two said someone paid them to come and confront Tiantian on purpose.

The most important thing was to take pictures, not to actually do anything to her.”

“Take photos Isnt this deliberately trying to ruin Tiantians reputation Who exactly has such a huge hatred!” Madam Lan immediately asked her daughter, “Tiantian, have you offended someone Who exactly wants this”

Lan Tian looked confused.


Dont I usually take classes at school I dont know who Ive made an enemy of.”

“Could we have made our own enemies” Madam Lan asked her husband.

“They ratted it out, said it was some woman that told them to do it.

I followed the trail back to the woman, and could only see her back.

Thats one image from the earlier surveillance footage.”

Lan Jun showed the phone to Madam Lan.

Madam Lan did not recognize this back view and could not tell anything.

“May I see it” Shi Jin asked.

Madam Lan quickly handed her the phone.

Shi Jin had just seen the back of the woman with Meng Yizhou.

Now, she recognized her at a glance.

It was that woman.

She immediately had an idea.

Seeing her expression, Madam Lan asked, “Shi Jin, do you know the person in the photo”

“I dont exactly know her, but…” Shi Jin pondered for a moment.

“… I think I have to tell you guys about this.”

She told him what she had seen that afternoon and took out what Fu Xiuyuan had found out.

It was evidence that Meng Yizhou and the woman had been to the hotel a few times.

Fu Xiuyuan had just sent it, but it was enough.

When Madam Lan heard Shi Jins words and saw these things, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning.

“Meng Yizhou, how can he treat Tiantian like this!” Madam Lan was so angry that she slammed her palm on the table, and the drinks splashed everywhere.

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