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Chapter 82: How Did You Know About This

Yao Jiahong felt apprehensive.

Why was Shi Jin such a troublemaker

Moments later, he finally composed himself and read her post.

Little Stone said in response: [I applaud you for doing research, but it is equally important to do it more thoroughly.

The yao orchid needs to be cut off while it is blooming.

Otherwise, it will affect its lifespan.

After cutting it off during its flowering season, I expected it to bloom three to five more times.

I will post updates about the yao orchid in the future.]

She tagged Natural History Magazine at the end of her post.

Natural History Magazine was the most important official group specializing in botany, so it was particularly reputable in the industry.

It went to show how confident she was about her findings when she tagged Natural History Magazine to her post.

Yao Jiahong was stunned.

He attempted to do some research about the yao orchid.

However, there was too little information about it.

It was simply too rare and barely anyone had experience cultivating it.

It was impossible to come up with a decent amount of information about them.

Yao Jiahong could only secretly pray Shi Jin was right.

He certainly hoped she would not end up eating her words.

Otherwise, it would be a marketing nightmare.

Sure enough, Chu Lings fans were unable to verify the authenticity of Little Stones claims.

They started saying she was just trying to pull a fast one on them.


I have only heard of trimming orchid leaves, but nothing about cutting their flowers off.]

[Some people might be terrible at everything, but they always come in first at lying!]

[Is talking big a part of Little Stones image]

[Oh god! Look at all these lies!]

After some time, Natural History Magazine finally responded: [My apologies for taking so long.

I needed some time to do research.

Little Stone is spot on.

The yao orchid has slightly different characteristics, so it is advised to trim its flowers off during the blooming season.

Also, if the yao orchid is cultivated in the perfect environment, it can live for over 10 years.

If the blooms are not cut off in time, the entire plant will rot from the flower to the leaves down to its stem.

In that case, it wont survive for more than a year.

This is the main reason contributing to its rarity.]

Chu Lings fans went speechless the moment they saw Natural History Magazines response.

Only some die-hard fanatics continued to insist Chu Ling was framed.

Anyone with some brains would know that Natural History Magazine was a completely neutral party, was highly revered in the industry, and a trusted source.

The fan who started it quietly removed the post.

She logged off her social media account and did not dare to go on reading the comments.

It took Hu Lai a lot of effort to get the fans under control and convince them to stop arguing with Little Stones fans.

Yao Jiahong went into a brief daze before he texted Shi Jin and asked: [How did you know about this]

She had failed to graduate from high school after several tries and always had bad grades.

Were her grades poor because she had been wasting her time learning all these strange things

However, he did not hear back from Shi Jin.

She had already gone to bed.

This level of gossip was just a light drizzle to her.

She had suffered more online abuse than this.

Since she was a seasoned celebrity, she was undaunted by these little squabbles.

Fu Xiuyuan was working when he raised his head and noticed Shi Jin was asleep.

Fu Xiuyuan strode over to lower his head and looked at her soft flawless skin.

Her skin was so fair that he could almost see the blood vessels under it.

Fu Xiuyuan reached his hand out and placed it on her face before he rubbed it gently.

Countless images flooded his mind.

His previous self-restraint collapsed and his cool eyes started to look red.

He pulled his tie and swallowed some saliva as he watched her.

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