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Fu Heyan also realized that Fu Xiuyuan had yet to recover from that mouthful of milk.

“Xiuyuan, go downstairs and rest for a while.”

Fu Xiuyuan spoke to Shi Jin before turning to go downstairs.

“This is for the little darling.” Shi Jin held out a sachet.

“It calms the nerves and eases the restlessness.

Its harmless to both babies and pregnant women.”

Fu Heyan was as happy as if she had received a treasure.

She was even happier than when she received priceless jewels.

“I just knew that you definitely wont treat your nephew badly.

I like this thing the most.

Last time, according to the method you taught me and the sachet you gave me, my son isnt fussy at night and is quite easy to take care of.”

“Its that amazing” Lan Tian was curious.

“Does it work on adults Or only babies If I have children in the future, can I come and ask for one”

“Theres more than enough,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Fu Heyan tapped her forehead.

“Arent you embarrassed Youre thinking of having a child so soon You havent been dating for more than a few days, right No, you seem to be getting engaged”

“Lan Tian is getting engaged” Shi Jin was also surprised.

When she first met her, she seemed to be underage.

Time sure flew by.

Lan Tian nodded gently.

“I am getting engaged.”

However, there was a lot of melancholy in her eyes.

There was not much joy in her engagement.

Instead, there was some helplessness.

Shi Jin could tell that something was bothering her.

Fu Heyan did not notice.

Her mind was on the child and she could not care about anything else.

Shi Jin looked at Lan Tian seriously for a while and said, “Come downstairs with me for a drink”

“Sure,” Lan Tian agreed immediately.

They went downstairs and sat down in a corner of the living room.

A maid came immediately and asked what they would like to drink.

“Ill settle for plain water,” said Lan Tian.

Shi Jin asked for a glass of sparkling water before asking her, “Are you not well”

“Well, the color of your neck is a little different.

Its a butterfly rash.

I dont think your mental state is as good as it used to be.

Is it lupus erythematosus [1.

An autoimmune inflammatory disease causing scaly red patches on the skin, especially on the face, and sometimes affecting connective tissue in the internal organs]”

Lan Tian nodded.


It was discovered more than six months ago.

It was quite serious at the time.

Fortunately, it has been treated all this time.

Its quite stable now, but the doctor still says there are a lot of taboos.

You have to take your medicine every day.

It feels like your life has suddenly lost its luster.”

“I think youre controlling it pretty well.

You just have to pay attention.

Its not a big problem.

Dont worry too much.”

“Yes, yes.” Lan Tian nodded and looked up with a smile.

“Then you have to come to my engagement.”

“Are you really getting engaged so soon”

Lan Tians tone was wistful for a moment.

“Weve known each other since we were children.

When they suggested it before, I agreed.

I didnt want to get engaged so early.

Mom and Dad wanted us to talk and interact first, but after I got sick, Mom and Dad got a little anxious, as if they were really afraid I wouldnt be able to get married.

They agreed, so they said we were engaged.”

“Congratulations.” Shi Jins sparkling water arrived.

She took the water from the maid and handed it to Lan Tian.

She picked it up and clinked it against hers.

“Thank you,” Lan Tian replied without much joy.

“Give me your hand.” Shi Jin arched a brow.

Lan Tian offered her hand.

Shi Jin touched her wrist, probing for a pulse.

Lan Tian waited quietly for her to take her pulse.

After a long time, Shi Jin said, “Ill prescribe you some medicine later.”

“Sure, sure.

Thank you, Sis.” Lan Tian trusted Shi Jin unconditionally and agreed without hesitation.

Compared to the engagement, she was more concerned about whether Shi Jin could treat her.

Shi Jin noticed it too.

“Is he good to you” she asked softly.

“Which him Oh, you mean Meng Yizhou Anyway, we grew up together.

Weve been together for a long time.

Thats about it.”

Shi Jin could tell that she really did not have much concept of engagement.

It was probably just that her parents had arranged it and she had agreed.

Coupled with her illness, she felt that it did not matter in her current situation.

Being sick really wore down ones willpower.

Fu Heyan hurried over.

“Shi Jin.”

“You should come see this.

Lets go.” Fu Heyan took Shi Jins hand and left.

Lan Tian ran after them.

“Can I take a look, too”

In a very secluded place, Fu Xiuyuan was holding the child and pacing slowly.

The child was still unfamiliar with this uncle, but he did not cry.

He stared at him curiously.

Fu Xiuyuan stared back at him as he unconsciously paced and paced.

The two of them stared at each other.

The atmosphere was a little awkward and strange, but there was also an inexplicable sense of harmony.

So this is… whats the situation

Shi Jin immediately understood what was going on.

Lan Tian had been praising Qin Sinian for being a good husband and father, while Fu Xiuyuan was someone who couldnt even accept a mouthful of milk from a child.

He must have thought that Shi Jin would mind his performance, so he specially came to adapt in advance.

At this thought, Shi Jins heart melted like ice cream under the sun.

It was sweet, sticky, and soft.

Hed never been a man with strong empathy.

He wasnt a man who was good at being gentle with people, but for her, hed softened little by little.

In his own way, he was learning to love her more, to love her better.

Fu Heyan and Lan Tian hurriedly followed her.

Lan Tian finally understood and was extremely envious.

“So, is Boss learning to take care of children in advance”

Shi Jin laughed and shook her head.

“Dont talk nonsense.

We have no intention of having children yet.”

“You dont have intentions yet, but the boss is willing to change.

Im so envious!”

After today, Old Mother Fu could tell that Fu Xiuyuan probably didnt like children and wouldnt take care of them.

Forget it, forget it.

She wasnt going to persuade him otherwise.

Shed just let nature take its course.

Fu Xiuyuan went out to get his car.

Shi Jin and Lan Tian walked out together.

“Are you going back to school or home Well drive you.”

Lan Tian shook her head.

“No, Im going back to school for a project.

My classmate from the same project is picking me up.

Hes taking a taxi.”

As he spoke, a taxi arrived.

A tall, thin boy got out.

He looked delicate.

Lan Tian ran towards him, waving goodbye to Shi Jin over his shoulder.

Shi Jin waved and watched them go.

Fu Xiuyuans car arrived and she got in.

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