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Shi Jin shook her head and said, “There are still huge problems with this game.

We need special designers to solve them.”

This game was called Dream Glory.

It was jointly created by Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuans company.

Unlike previous games, it was mainly based on real-life role-playing.

There were many problems to be solved.

The developers were progressing to a small part, and Shi Jin would personally play with each part to test the finished product.

The previous sections were fine, but Shi Jin was not satisfied with this one.

Of course, the design and development staff were not satisfied either.

They were all stuck here.

Because it was a new game and a brand-new genre, there wasnt much to refer to.

Now everyone was feeling their way across the river.

Fu Xiuyuan glanced at it and pulled the phone out of her hand.

“When were at home, lets put work on hold, hm”

“Isnt this because youre not home If you were, Id have put it down.”

Fu Xiuyuan kissed her on the forehead.

“Well, dinner first, then”

While eating, Shi Jin suddenly said, “I heard that theres a game designer called LL.

Hes very impressive.

He has designed a few small games before and is very talented and spiritual.

If we can find LL, we can probably solve the problem of our game.”


Fu Xiuyuan put some food on her plate.

“Okay, lets go find LL.

Hes very secretive.

Itll probably take some time.”

“Then its settled.” Shi Jin smiled.

Fu Xiuyuan quickly found LLs contact information and arranged for someone to contact him.

The result was not ideal.

“Thats not LLs personal ambition.

He says he has more important things to do.

And even if hes making a game, he has to make the game he designed.

Hes not willing to work with people,” Song Fan said quietly.

“Did he consider the offers we gave” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“He said that he wouldnt consider any offer, no matter how good.”

Fu Xiuyuan said calmly, “Then forget it.”

When Shi Jin received Fu Xiuyuans message, she was a little disappointed.

However, she immediately comforted Fu Xiuyuan.

“Its fine.

Its not like hes the only one who can solve this technical problem.

Well always encounter more suitable ones.

A large-scale game always needs time to succeed.”

“Well see about the others later.”

Shi Jin was not in a hurry.

At present, Fu Xiuyuans gaming industry was in full swing.

Several games had already become evergreens that couldnt be toppled.

The daily flow was abnormally considerable.

If they took their time with this one, they would not delay their other work.

Soon, Fu Heyans 100 day celebration for her child came up.

Shi Jin focused on preparing gifts for her nephew.

Although this was a good day and the Qin family valued it very much, for the sake of the child, Fu Heyan did not hold a grand banquet.

She only invited close relatives and friends to celebrate.

The baby who had lived for 100 days already knew how to laugh and play.

In Qin Sinians arms, he smiled at everyone he saw.

When he smiled, his mouth opened and saliva flowed out, wetting his bib.

“Come, come, change the bib.” Fu Heyan quickly reached out to change the bib around her neck.

The child twisted his head and refused to change.

His head rubbed against Qin Sinians body, and his saliva quickly covered his white shirt.

Everyone couldnt help but laugh.

Fu Xiuyuan frowned slightly, clearly unable to stand the image.

However, Qin Sinian was not bothered at all.

He gently turned his head and coaxed him.

Fu Heyan finally changed his bib.

Old Madam Fu smiled and said, “Xiuyuan, go and hug your nephew too.”

Fu Xiuyuan hesitated.

Fu Heyan knew that he was a clean freak and could not stand this, so she said, “Forget it, Grandma.

Let Xiuyuan accompany Shi Jin over there for a while.”

Old Madam Fu rebuked, “Which child doesnt drool Didnt Xiuyuan drool all over me when he was young Xiuyuan, when you have children in the future, wont you carry them”

These words were directed at Fu Xiuyuan, but Old Madam Fu looked at Shi Jin and smiled.

Shi Jin felt that she was about to be dragged into something.

When Fu Xiuyuan heard Old Madam Fus last sentence, he hesitated for a moment before reaching out to take the little treasure from Qin Sinians arms.

The little darling spat a mouthful of milk at Fu Xiuyuan, who turned green.

“Aiyo!” Old Madam Fu followed.

She knew that this would kill a clean freak like Fu Xiuyuan.

The people beside him took tissues and handed towels, but when they reached Fu Xiuyuan, they didnt dare to touch him.

They all knew that he was a clean freak and didnt like people touching him, so none of them dared to get especially close.

Fu Heyan quickly took it.

“Forget it, forget it.

Ill carry him myself.

Shi Jin, accompany Xiuyuan to wash up.”

Shi Jin accompanied Fu Xiuyuan in the bathroom to deal with the milk stains on his clothes.

She suppressed a smile and helped him clean up.

“Its normal for children to drool and vomit milk.

Do you still feel uncomfortable” Shi Jin finished cleaning up and felt that there was no longer any smell on his clothes.

She asked, “Why dont you wear Brother-in-laws clothes”

“Its okay.

Ill just wear this.”

Shi Jin washed the towel and hung it up.


Lets go out.”

Fu Xiuyuan followed her out.

Several elders were sitting on the sofa.

When Shi Jin saw Old Madam Fus gaze, she was afraid that she would say something again.

She quickly pulled Fu Xiuyuan upstairs to look for Fu Heyan.

Fu Heyan was cleaning up the babys clothes.

He had already changed twice.

Lan Tian was also at the side.

When she saw Shi Jin, she smiled and said, “Sis! Boss!”

“Lan Tian.

Long time no see.” Shi Jin indicated the position of her head.

“Youve grown taller.”

“Not only did you grow taller, but you also went to university,” Fu Heyan said with a smile.

“You feel completely grown up.”

“Sis, I see you all the time.

On the news, in TV shows, in movies.” Lan Tian smiled.

“Wheres the baby” Shi Jin asked.

Fu Heyan said, “His father carried him downstairs.”

“Brother-in-law is so nice,” Lan Tian said.

“Its rare to see anyone raise a child as well as he does.

There are so many nannies in the house, and yet hes doing everything himself.”

“Thats his own son.

Of course he has to put in more effort,” Fu Heyan said with a smile.

“Does Brother-in-law usually take care of him a lot” Lan Tian asked curiously.

“Yes, hes pretty much the one who takes care of him whenever hes free.

Hes also the one who serves the little ancestor at night.”

Lan Tian was immediately envious.

“Sigh, thats really good.

Brother-in-law is really the model of a good father and husband.

Ive seen too many hands-off fathers.

Its really rare to see someone like Brother-in-law.”

After saying that, she remembered that Fu Xiuyuan was a clean freak and would probably not personally take care of his children in the future.

She stuck out her tongue and stopped talking.

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