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Her impression of Shi Jin was that of a young girl, perhaps not even as old as her.

As for her acting skills, she had never studied Shi Jins acting carefully and did not know much about it.

Shi Jin walked over and said, “How about this Ill give it a try.

If theres really a problem with this scene, then contact the screenwriter to change it.

If theres no problem, then youll act according to the script.”

“Sure,” Liang Xinran immediately replied.

Shed thought it was a problem with the script.

It wouldnt have been so difficult otherwise.

“Would Shi Jin like a change of clothes” Nan Li asked.

“No, lets just keep it this way.” Shi had changed into her casual clothes, a light-colored shirt and a slim skirt of the same color.

It was a far cry from the ethereal clothes of fantasy dramas.

She walked to a chair at the side and sat down diagonally.

Her action stunned Liang Xinran.

This action was very eastern fantasy-like.

Although the clothes were completely different, it did not hinder Shi Jins performance at all.

She raised her hand slightly.

It was the action of drinking tea in the script.

Every move made people completely ignore her overly modern clothes.

“At the end of a thousand nights, who will become a lamp for me Who will lean against the door and look at a thousand-year-old firework alone Who will hold a candle to a single flame for me Who will lean against the door and wait alone for a thousand years”


The moment Shi Jin spoke, Liang Xinran was completely stunned.

Her voice was gentle and sweet, and her tone carried a sense of loneliness.

She was reciting the lines that Liang Xinran found awkward.

Shi Jin sat there.

She clearly did not have anything to do with fantasy, but she made people feel that she was not from this era.

“Then how can I be pure, innocent, cruel, powerful, and fragile…” Liang Xinran asked in a low voice.

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However, at this moment, her tone was no longer as matter-of-fact as before.

In one movement, Shi Jin stood up.

There was a seductive smile on her face, and the innocence in her eyes spread again.

After a moment, she stopped smiling and a hint of mockery appeared at the corner of her eyes.

Her gaze suddenly turned ruthless as she made a chopping motion in a direction.

Liang Xinran knew that this scene had a killing scene.

It was time to kill.

She had to be naive yet cruel.

She had not understood this before, but when she saw the change in Shi Jins eyes and movements, she suddenly understood that the screenwriter was not writing nonsense.

It was true that someone could do it.

It was just like Shi Jin at this moment.

After she killed someone, the innocent smile returned to her eyes and the corners of her lips were a little impatient.

It was as if killing someone was not something that made her feel uncomfortable, and the blood on her hands after killing someone made her feel a little annoyed.

She pouted, glanced at her hands, and mimed looking for water to wash them.

Finding no water, Shi Jin shook her head.

“How annoying.”

After Shi Jin was done acting, she walked towards Liang Xinran.

She was gaping at Shi Jin in surprise, unable to speak for a long time.

“What do you think, Xinran” Nan Li asked her.

“I, I…” Liang Xinran suddenly grabbed Shi Jins hand.

“Shi Jin, how did you do it Youre amazing! Boohoo, I finally understand why the screenwriter wrote it like this! I understand, I understand everything! ”

Shi Jin couldnt escape her grip.

“Can you let go of me first, then”

“Yes, yes!” Liang Xinran immediately let go of her.

“Its because my ability hasnt reached the point where I can understand the intentions of the director and screenwriter.

Ill learn it well now.

No, I cant completely imitate you.

No matter how well you do, its something that carries your own characteristics.

I want to do it myself.

I should comprehend it myself and perform!”

She apologized sincerely to Nan Li.

“Director Nan, I was wrong before.

Dont tell the screenwriter about this, okay”

The thought of what she had just said made her feel utterly humiliated.

“Alright, then go back and think about it.”

“Got it.

Ill go now.

Bye, Director Nan.

Bye, Shi Jin.”

Liang Xinran ran away, and her manager hurriedly followed.

Nan Li spread his hands.

“Look, thats Liang Xinrans personality.”

“Its fine.

Its good that the matter has been resolved.” Shi Jin could also tell that Liang Xinrans personality was not bad.

She just lacked experience and had the temper of a young miss.

However, she accepted opinions quite quickly.

She should not be someone who liked to cause trouble.

“But Shi Jin, the part you played just now was really good,” Nan Li couldnt help but praise.

“I had the thought of letting you play this role just now.”

“Alright, Director Nan, Liang Xinran has worked hard enough.

Dont make such meaningless plans.”

Nan Li smiled.

“It was just a thought.”

After this incident, Liang Xinran became very obedient.

Every day, when she came to the production team, she would look for Shi Jin to discuss it.

“Shi Jin, can you read this line like this” She blinked at Shi Jin.

Seeing that she was willing to learn, Shi Jin would give her some pointers as long as she had time.

If Liang Xinran improved quickly, the entire production teams progress would also speed up.

After work at noon, Liang Xinran ran over with a box of fruits.

“Shi Jin, this is for you.”

Liang Xinran opened the Tupperware box and ate a piece herself.

“Look, theres no problem.

I watched the nanny and asked her to cut it into pieces.”

“Thats not what I meant.” Shi Jin smiled and shook her head.

“If thats not what you meant, then eat more.”

Shi Jin took it and ate a piece as she played games.

Liang Xinran sat beside her with interest and watched her play.

“Can I team up with you” Her hands itched, and she wanted to learn with her.

“Sure.” Shi Jin waved her phone.

Liang Xinran was already prepared.

“Coming, coming.”

After two rounds, Liang Xinran lost until she had no temper and looked at Shi Jin steadily.

“Whats wrong” Shi Jin asked.

“Why… are you so good at everything” Liang Xinran sighed and asked.

Shi Jin smiled.

Liang Xinran took her hand and said, “Forget it.

I have to go back and memorize the script.

I wont stay to be beaten up by you.”

Shi Jin was playing games on the sofa.

She was barefoot and dressed in a light-colored housedress.

She wasnt very focused on the game.

Occasionally, she had the energy to pick up her lemonade and take a small sip.

When Fu Xiuyuan entered, he saw her lounging on the sofa like a kitten.

He moved from behind the sofa and bent close to her.

Shi Jin did not turn around, but she could already feel his presence.

She pursed her lips and smiled.

“Youre back”


Is the game fun” Fu Xiuyuan asked.

“This place, you see, isnt attractive enough.

The controls dont feel very good when its running.”


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