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Zhou Dawei stared at her in shock.

“What did you say”

“You see, its because of this child that my recent career has been hampered.

Things have been terrible in every way.

“I cant walk the catwalk.

Ive lost a lot of business, and I cant get resources for the TV series.

Look, isnt the Master right

“Its just a child, isnt it If we lose this one, we can always have others, cant we

“When my career is stable, Ill get the master to calculate for me, we can still have a baby that will boost our fortunes, cant we

Anyway, it doesnt really matter if we dont take this one, does it!”

Wen Qian defended herself eagerly.

To be honest, she hadnt really trusted these masters before, but the recent series of events had forced her to believe it.

So many things had happened that she had never encountered before and never expected.

If it was really because this child would bring all kinds of bad luck, then when she had a child in the future, she was afraid that there would be more problems.

Wen Qian would rather be safe than sorry.


That was why she had made up her mind.

In any case, the child was not carried in her own womb.

She was not the one who would suffer if she induced labor.

She did not care.

However, she could not tell Zhou Dawei directly about this, so she hid it from him.

Everyone around her was shocked by her statement.

“This is so… I dont know what to make of it!”

“Just because of what some ethereal master said, she didnt want the child”

“Youre blaming the child Be it the matter with Wei Qing or the fact that you couldnt compete with Shi Jin for the role, isnt this all your fault Youre really vicious to attribute your failure to the existence of the child!”

“Shes such a failure as a human being, isnt she Instead of looking for the reason in herself, shes blaming the heavens and complaining about children.

Ive never seen such a person!”

“The child isnt carried by her.

Of course she doesnt care! But does she know that if a child of this age is to be induced into labor, it will be killing the child! And it will be extremely harmful to the pregnant womans body.

Its very easy for both lives to be lost!”

Wen Qian was no longer listening to the chatter around her.

She grabbed Zhou Daweis hand.

“Hubby, Im doing this for our future.

I cant take the slightest risk.

Believe me, Im really doing this for us…”

Zhou Dawei stared at her with an unfamiliar gaze.

He was extremely disappointed and found it hard to imagine that this was the person he loved.

“Wen Qian, lets get a divorce.

The child will stay with me.” With that, Zhou Dawei turned and left.

Her legs gave way beneath her and she sank to the floor.

Boss Ma threw up his hands and said helplessly, “I told you it had nothing to do with me.

I was just doing what my client wanted.”

“Do you really think it has nothing to do with you What about defaming Shi Jin What about starting such an illegal business” The person beside him reminded him.

Boss Mas face was also deathly pale.

Shi Jin said calmly, “Everyone, the matter has been settled.

Thank you for coming.

Please leave.”

With that, she turned and left, leaving everyone with a carefree back.

Everyone watched her leave with mixed feelings.

Hospital obstetrics department.

The pregnant woman hugged the child and kissed his forehead.

Shi Jin said, “His father is here to pick him up.”

The pregnant woman had tears in her eyes, but she knew that this child did not belong to her.

She shook her head.

“Anyway, I have a clear conscience.”

“Well, yes.” She took the baby and studied his small face.

He knew nothing yet.

He understood nothing.

He slept quietly, untroubled by the turmoil of the world.

Although he had a mother like that, fortunately, he still had a father who looked forward to him and truly loved him.


Zhou.” Shi Jin handed the child to Zhou Dawei.

Zhou Dawei hugged the child and sighed.

He looked down at the child seriously.

After a moment, he said to Shi Jin, “Thank you.”

Shi Jin nodded gently but said nothing.

Zhou Dawei carried the child and turned to leave.

Only then did Shi Jin sit down in the long corridor of the hospital.

There were many feelings in her heart, but at this moment, she only wanted to empty her mind.

A coat was draped gently around her shoulders.

Shi Jin snapped out of her thoughts and saw Fu Xiuyuan sitting beside her.

She suddenly felt something settle in her heart and a genuine smile appeared on her face.

“Good work, husband,” said Shi Jin, taking his hand.

Today, Shi Jin had appeared at the front to control the process of the press conference.

However, Fu Xiuyuan had been controlling everything behind the scenes.

It was precisely because of his help and cooperation that everything could be handled so quickly today.

The rest of the matters were handled by the relevant departments, so it had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

As for Wen Qian, her current bad behavior was completely out of the industry.

There were many people who spontaneously helped her publicize it.

The career she wanted naturally could no longer exist.

Previously, even though she had deliberately pushed the blame to Wei Qing, there were still some sponsorships that did not ruthlessly break away from her.

Now, they had completely realized that it was impossible for them to have any follow-up with her.

The remaining brands directly terminated their cooperation with her.

In view of the terrible impact of this matter, Wen Qian was also directly banned by the relevant departments.

Yue Xiu, who had been watching the live broadcast, was dumbfounded.

At the moment, she was the one who had specially spent money to invest in “I Love You That Day” with Zhou Dawei.

She had spent a lot of money to support Wen Qian.

In other aspects of business cooperation, she also pulled strings and introduced Wen Qian to a lot of resources.

She had placed a major bet on Wen Qian.

And now, it was obvious that these early-stage resources were completely useless.

Although the main lead of “I Love You That Day” could be changed, in order to support Wen Qian, the character image and personality in it were all tailored to Wen Qian.

It would really take a lot of effort to change it.

For the sake of multiple publicity and the negative impact of surrogate pregnancy, the relevant authorities made a documentary about it and posted it online as an educational film.

Shi Jin was part of it and she took up a lot of screentime.

This meant that they endorsed and supported Shi Jin, making her an even more popular female artiste.

Madam Yue had also heard about this matter and invited her and Fu Xiuyuan to her house for dinner.

This time, Fu Xiuyuan was free and accompanied Shi Jin.

“Auntie, is Lanchen not here” Shi Jin asked when she saw that the house was quiet.

“Hes too busy training to come back,” Madam Yue said with a smile.

“Forget him.”


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