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There was actually someone who wanted to induce labor in a pregnant woman and almost harmed the child he had been looking forward to for a long time.

Naturally, he would not let the matter rest.

“Honey, I really want to take the baby back first,” Wen Qian said eagerly.

“Darling, theres no hurry.

We have to figure this out first!” Zhou Dawei insisted on staying.

There was nothing Wen Qian could do.

Shi Jin saw them pulling at each other and sneered at Wen Qian.

Everyone also felt that something was strange about Wen Qians current attitude.

Was she running away again What was the reason

Everyones curiosity was piqued.

Shi Jins phone rang.

She answered, then said, “Bring him in.”

As she spoke, the door opened again and someone was brought in.

He was a middle-aged man in his early forties with a dispirited air.

He was being brought in.

“Boss Ma, nice to meet you,” Shi Jin said calmly.


As soon as she said that, many people guessed that this was the boss of the surrogate agency.

He had previously said that Shi Jin had signed a contract with him for surrogacy, while Shi Jin claimed to have only met him for the first time right now.

It was obvious that one of them was lying.

He and Shi Jin stood together.

It was obvious who was lying.

Boss Ma was trembling a little.

He forced himself to speak calmly.

“Why did you bring me here”

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“Didnt Boss Ma say that I signed a surrogacy contract with you Whether I did or not, I definitely had to come to Boss Ma to find out.

When did I sign with you, how, and what happened after I did I didnt provide you with eggs and my husbands sperm.

Doesnt that need to be made clear”

Faced with Shi Jins question, Boss Ma could not produce any evidence.

If he could take it out, he wouldnt have to quickly escape after taking Wen Qians money.

“What Boss Ma accused me confidently before, but now theres no evidence Since theres no evidence, can I conclude that youre slandering me”

Shi Jin, who had been smiling, suddenly stopped.

Her face darkened.

Boss Ma stammered.

Shi Jin said, “Ive already called the police.

You can tell them what happened next.

By the way, a babys life was involved when you asked the pregnant woman to abort Zhou Dawei and Wen Qians child.

You should explain this to the police.”

“No, I didnt.

I didnt ask a pregnant woman to abort the baby,” Boss Ma argued immediately.

“Oh, not you.

Then why did you suddenly buy a plane ticket and leave the country What was Boss Ma hiding from If we hadnt noticed you leaving in time and got someone to stop you, you would have gone overseas by now, right”

Zhou Dawei came forward and grabbed his collar.

“Boss Ma, my child is fine.

Why did you want to abort it Why did you do this”

He was so angry that he wanted to punch Boss Ma in the face.


Zhou, youre joking!” Boss Ma was also anxious.

“It was clearly you and your wife who said that you wanted to abort the child.

What has it got to do with me This is not my responsibility at all, okay! Why do you two have to blame me for your own matters”

Boss Ma and Zhou Dawei started a war of words.

Everyone already understood that this matter had nothing to do with Shi Jin at all.

It was completely Boss Mas slander.

Whether it was before or now, everything Shi Jin said was true.

However, why was Boss Ma and Zhou Dawei fighting again What was going on

Zhou Dawei was very angry.

“Thats my child.

How can we not want it for no reason! Tell me clearly, what exactly is going on”

“Hubby, lets talk about this when we get back!” Wen Qian pulled Zhou Dawei along.

“Impossible!” Zhou Dawei shook off her hand.

“I want him to give me an explanation now!”

Boss Ma was also angry.

He said, “Wen Qian called me a few times and asked me to find a way to get rid of the child.

What could I do Im in this business! Dont I want to make money You husband and wife might as well discuss it yourself before coming after me!”

There was an uproar at his words.

“Did Wen Qian not want the baby”

“Isnt the child all right Why”

“However, this matches up with what Shi Jin said before.

Shi Jin also said that the pregnant woman asked her for help.”

Wen Qian was deathly pale.

“There are some things you should save for later, Boss Ma.”

Boss Ma was also furious.

He had originally planned to quit after taking Wen Qians money, but now everyone was blaming him.

He couldnt leave or stay.

What was he supposed to do

He said, “Wen Qian, listen to the phone recording yourself! Of all the times, you were the one who asked for me.”

He played the recording directly.

On the phone, Wen Qians voice was hard.

“I dont care what condition the baby is in.

Just tell the pregnant woman that theres something wrong with the baby and she has to induce labor!”

“Its dangerous to induce labor, Miss Wen.

And it wasnt easy for this child to come.

How can you do this”

“I dont care.

Just think of something.”

When the recording was played, there was another uproar.

Wen Qians face was already ashen.

She was flustered under everyones prickly gaze.

Zhou Dawei turned around and stared at her.

He could not believe that his lover would do such a thing.

He stared at her.

“Did you say that, Wen Qian”

“No, I… Honey, let me explain…”

Zhou Dawei was furious.

He grabbed her shoulders angrily.

“Why Why You said that you didnt want to have it yourself.

Its not good for your figure.

I agreed.

You know that this child is very important to me.

I want a complete family.

Why did you try to abort the child when theres nothing wrong with it”

He spoke in his native tongue when he was anxious, but a lot of people at the scene still understood his anger.

His anger was huge.

Wen Qian felt dizzy from his shaking.

Everyone was curious, too.

Why on earth was Wen Qian doing this

“Wen Qian, why, tell us.

Were curious too.”

“Could it be that you cheated on him and got together with another man Do you not want to have a child with Zhou Dawei anymore”

“There doesnt seem to be any other explanation, does there”

The words of the people around him added fuel to the fire, making Zhou Dawei even angrier.

Wen Qian quickly said, “No, hubby, listen to me.

Let me explain.

Its not what they say.

I went to a master and he propheted that this child is at odds with my destiny.

The master said that his existence would bring me bad luck.

Its best not to have this child.”

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