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In other words, the child belonged to Zhou Dawei and Wen Qian.

They were the ones who had a surrogate pregnancy.

It had nothing to do with Shi Jin!

The previous rumors collapsed!

In the comments, Shi Jins fans heaved a sigh of relief.

They could finally cheer for Shi Jin.

Shi Jin said, “If I wanted children, I would definitely have them myself.

I wouldnt do such a thing.

Dont worry, everyone.”

“Then can we leave with the child” Zhou Dawei was quite happy as a father.

Shi Jin said, “Isnt there something that hasnt been resolved Theres no explanation for why you didnt want this child back then!”

“Like I said, my wife and I would love to have children.

Our relationship is good, we wouldnt not want the child.”

Wen Qian also seized the opportunity to say, “Yes, how could we not have children I was wrong about the surrogate pregnancy, but it was also because I was not physically well that I chose this method.

However, I really didnt do anything else.

Whether it was slandering you or aborting the child, it was all done by the boss of that agency.

It had nothing to do with me or my husband! I can also explain the matter of throwing that doll tonight.

I threw it because I knew it was a doll.

I didnt do anything to hurt my own child!”

She spoke righteously, indignantly, unable to hide her grief.

Some people were really won over by her.

After all, the one she threw just now was really just a doll.

It was hard to assume that Wen Qian was really going to attack her own child.


Besides, there was really no reason!

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that she had a good relationship with her husband.

Whether it was Zhou Daweis entire family or himself, they were both very good candidates and had very high social status.

In such a state, it was true that there was no suitable reason for Wen Qian to lay hands on the child to convince everyone.

Zhou Dawei also completely stood on his wifes side.

“I hope everyone will stop attacking my wife.

She really didnt do anything wrong.

Even if she did, Im the one in the wrong.

If its wrong and surrogate pregnancy is illegal, I can take full responsibility.

It has nothing to do with my wife.”

The couples touching attitude touched the people around them.

“Shi Jin, can I take my wife away now” Zhou Dawei asked.


Zhou, the boss of the surrogate pregnancy agency will be here soon.

Why dont you listen to what he has to say” Shi Jin said calmly.

Wen Qian was stunned.

They found the boss

Hasnt the boss already bought a plane ticket overseas overnight

She stared at Shi Jin in disbelief and panic.

“If the boss comes over, theyll be able to confront each other.

Thats pretty good,” said the audience in the bullet screen.

“Thats right.

Although the matter has now cleared both sides of suspicion, it still has to be investigated.

After all, it was a headless case before.”

Wen Qian grabbed Zhou Daweis hand.

“I miss the baby.

I want to take the baby and go back first.”

“Lets wait.

Since the boss is coming over, I really want to ask him why he wants to harm our child!” Zhou Dawei was very angry about this.

He took this child very seriously.

He himself was someone who valued family very much.

Although this child was not personally birthed by Wen Qian, it had the blood of both of them.

He had been looking forward to it for a long time.

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