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Shi Jin enunciated each word very clearly.

“Now, this couple, under the circumstances that there was nothing wrong with this child and that everything was developing normally, requested that the pregnant woman undergo an induction surgery and have the child aborted.

When this pregnant woman found me, she herself didnt know who the parents were.

Of course, I didnt know either.

Although I checked later, I wasnt sure.

However, I thought, since someone didnt want this child to exist, they would definitely appear and hurt this child.

I might as well try.

I didnt expect to actually fish her out!”

Wen Qian clenched her fingers.

She had not expected Shi Jin to force her to reveal herself in such a way.

She glared at Shi Jin, unable to forgive her.

The onlookers were awestruck by her viciousness.

If they hadnt seen it with their own eyes, how could they have imagined that a biological mother would treat a newborn baby so roughly She wanted to suffocate it and throw it into the trash can.

What kind of vicious idea was that

Even if it was not the ten months of pregnancy that she had experienced, it was still her own flesh and blood!


The curses were endless, all directed at Wen Qian.

There were all kinds of curses.

The bullet screen was filled with curses.

Fortunately, this was not a real baby, just a doll.

Otherwise, it would have been doomed under such circumstances.

“Youre going to be the one to tell us now, Wen Qian.

Im not going to ask you any more about the things you did to set me up.

Just about this baby.

Why did you find a surrogate And why dont you want it now” Shi Jin asked slowly.



Wen Qian wouldnt admit it.

“Its not my baby, I dont know.

I dont know anything.

And I didnt hurt the baby.

Its just a doll, and I knew it was a doll, so I said early on that its trash.

Hahahaha, you cant judge me just because I threw away some unwanted doll trash, right Hahaha is really too funny.”

Her face made the curses around her even louder.

However, she had already gone all out and did not care about this at all.

Shi Jin squeezed the doll and walked slowly towards her.

“Oh, so you wont admit that the child the pregnant woman is carrying is yours”

“Its not mine at all.

Why should I admit it Shi Jin, you can admit your own child.

Why should you blame it on me” Wen Qian asked shamelessly.

Shi Jin shook her head.

“Look over there.

It looks like the baby is coming out.”

On the screen, the pregnant woman was still giving birth.

The doctor was saying, “Soon, come on, the babys coming out.


Everyone started to get nervous.

It was then that Wen Qian realized the child was still there, well protected by Shi.

So Shi Jin had set all this up.

Her expression changed several times.

Everyone squeezed their palms, worried for the pregnant woman.

Suddenly, a loud babys cry sounded.

The doctor held the baby and said happily, “Although its a premature baby, fortunately everything is healthy.

It wont be a problem to be sent to the main observation room for a few days.”

There was also a long sigh from everyone in the operating room.

At the scene, everyone applauded as they witnessed the birth of a newborn.

A smile spread across Shis face.

One could imagine that it was a very cute child and it would have a wonderful life.

Now she looked back at Wen Qian and said, “Whether its your baby or not can be verified now.

The people from the Professional Inspection Division, the members of the notary office, and the police are all here.

They will jointly provide justice for this test, be responsible for the baby, and answer everyones questions.”

Unconsciously, Wen covered herself and wrapped her arms around herself, afraid that someone else would try to draw her blood.

The more she acted like this, the more everyone saw that she was trying to escape.

They knew that Shi Jin was right.

This child was most likely hers.

Shi Jin smiled faintly and said, “Theres no need to take your blood.

Dont worry.

During the altercation just now, we already got some of her hair.

Theres even scalp tissue on it.

It should be enough for testing.

Also, we invited your husband to the scene to do this DNA test together.”

“No, no!” As soon as she heard that she was going to contact Zhou Dawei, Wen Qian was horrified.

She did not want Zhou Dawei to know about this, but no matter what she thought, she knew that it was impossible for Zhou Dawei not to know about it.

The doors opened and the crowd parted to let the person through.

Zhou Dawei walked in from outside!

He looked at Wen Qian, disappointed.

“Why are you doing this”

“I, hubby, I…” Wen Qian did not want to lose Zhou Daweis feelings.

No matter how she looked at it, Zhou Dawei was a very good husband.

He was talented and handsome, and his family background was very good.

He was the capital that Wen Qian was most proud of.

She looked at Zhou Dawei pitifully.

“Honey, youre mistaken.

I was framed.

I didnt know about the baby or why they wanted her to abort it.

Really, I had no idea.

The boss did it on purpose.

He must have had his reasons.”

“Is that so” Facing his wife, Zhou Daweis heart softened.

He also felt that she was not such a person.

The doctor came and took his blood as well as Wen-Qians hair.

Zhou Dawei did not know if he should trust his wife.

He was very hesitant.

He said to Shi Jin, “Miss Shi, my wife and I really want this child.

We only want it because we love each other.

In my country, surrogacy is not illegal, so please dont do anything to hurt my wife with great fanfare.

Why this pregnant woman was asked to induce labor to give birth is most likely the personal actions of the agencys boss.

It cant be blamed on my wife.”


Zhou, no matter what your countrys laws actually stipulate, thats not allowed here.

Its a kind of gouging for other women, a kind of depredation.

For the sake of the children, lets solve the problem at hand first!” Shi Jin contradicted him, making it a harsh retort when he tried to minimize the problem.

Everyone was also waiting for the test results.

Because it was a specialized test and they had used an emergency method, the results were obtained very quickly.

The scene was full of professional agencies and the police had been there all along, so the result was completely open, fair and legal.

Soon, the results came back.

Everyone waited expectantly for the final conclusion.

Everyone present saw this accurate result—it showed that Zhou Dawei was the biological father of the child.

Wen Qian was the biological mother of the child.

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