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Chapter 81: A Leopard Could Not Change Her Spots

Regardless of how they dissed Shi Jin, it was futile.

It was impossible to change the fact that Little Stone cut the orchids there and then.

It was a slap on Chu Lings fans faces since they felt orchids symbolized Chu Ling.

Eventually, a fan suddenly made a breakthrough and made a long comment about Shi Jin.

[I have done a lot of research.

The yao orchid is a rare flower.

It used to be available locally, but people stopped cultivating it.

Now, it can only be found overseas.

It is considered extremely hard to come by, so we should handle it carefully.

Even though it is not deemed a nationally protected plant yet, I believe one day it will.]

[How could Little Stone cut off the yao orchid after spending over $3 million on it Do you know what this means This means she does not value money or rare plants.

She is a heartless girl! She wanted to get into the news by getting back at Chu Ling and was willing to accomplish it at all costs!]

[She is just a small-time celebrity now, but she disregards money and destroys rare plants.

Do you have a conscience, Little Stone How much easy money has she made How many things does she intend on destroying just for some hype]

She tagged Little Stones account to her post and repeatedly questioned Shi Jins integrity for her actions.

People had looked down on Little Stone once because of her scar.

Now Chu Lings fans were attempting to convince the public to take their side.

The public quickly started to doubt her.

A lot of people kept talking about the way Little Stone destroyed such a precious plant.

Some people even tagged Little Stone and dissed her.

[Apologize this instant! Just because you bought it, doesnt mean you have the right to destroy such a rare flower!]

[Countless botanists have worked hard cultivating the plant.

How could you throw away their hard work]


Ugly people just love to do strange **.]

[Just look at how hard Chu Ling works doing charity work to reach out to people.

How could she trample the botanists efforts so blindly]

She had to admit that the fans were very good at using this information against her.

Shi Jin could not help feeling impressed when they were capable of twisting the meaning behind her actions.

The post about Little Stone throwing her money around and trampling the yao orchid quickly became the hottest topic online.

Hu Lai and Chu Ling really wished this post could continue trending for just a little longer so that people would forget about the embarrassment Shi Jin had caused Chu Ling.

Yao Jiahong frowned as he watched this transpire.

He was equally surprised when Shi Jin cut the flowers off

Even if it was her money, it was impossible for her to whitewash the fact that she had willfully spent $3 million on the flower before cutting it.

He sent a text message to Shi Jin: [Since you have already done it, you should apologize.

We shouldnt try to hide the truth or twist it.]

[Huh Apologize Are you sure]

Yao Jiahong smiled sadly.

Shi Jin was too green in the industry.

He said solemnly: [If you want to have a long career in the industry, you have to admit to your mistakes.

You need ethics to last long.]

Shi Jin sent a smiley face emoticon: [It is such an honor to have you as my talent agent.

I have already posted something online.

Why dont you have a look at it]

Yao Jiahong was stunned.

His eyelids twitched ominously.

Had she already made a post on social media Sure enough, a leopard could not change her spots and he could not trust her.

Yao Jiahong frowned as he checked her social media account.

He noticed that Little Stone had not only responded to the accusations, but had also reposted Chu Lings fans comments.

She was undoubtedly bold!


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