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“Because Im a doctor, the pregnant woman asked me for help to confirm the condition of the child in her womb.

Since I didnt think there was anything wrong with the baby she was carrying, it wasnt recommended to induce labor.

And so it was discovered that her baby wasnt her own, but that shed helped someone else carry it.

She didnt want to abort a healthy child, didnt want to be coerced by the agencys boss, so I kept her and protected her.

But I didnt expect that someone with ulterior motives would distort the truth.”

The reporters asked, “Your story is all your word.

How can we be sure”

“Got anything to prove it”

“Can you produce any strong evidence”

“How do you explain your contract papers from the agency boss”

Shi Jin smiled.

“I didnt sign it personally.

Ive been in the industry for so long and signed countless things.

I dont know how many people have my signature.

What can a mere signature mean How can you determine that I signed it”

This was true.

Artists signatures were everywhere at any time.

It was not easy to use as evidence.

“Especially since Ive never released my husbands name.

So when the owner of this agency comes up with anything, its only a forged copy of my signature, not my husbands name.

Because no one knows exactly what my husbands name is.”


Now that she mentioned it, it was true.

The outside world had not found out the name of Shi Jins husband.

Even those experienced paparazzi had not found out.

So how much credibility was there in what this agency boss was offering

In the live-stream, more and more people began to stand on Shi Jins side.

A reporter asked, “But since this pregnancy is not legal to begin with, the signatures and contracts are not perfect.

It doesnt seem like they can be used as evidence to prove that you didnt do such a thing, right”

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Shi Jin continued, “Youre absolutely right.

So right now, theres only one way to prove my innocence completely.

And thats—”

Everyone strained to hear Shi Jins answer—

“That is, after the child in the pregnant womans belly is born, I can get a professional agency to authenticate it!”

Shi Jins words were powerful.

However, someone was also worried.

“The pregnant woman is only about seven months pregnant now.

She cant give birth yet, right”

“How long will this wait”

Shi Jin said calmly, “The pregnant woman was shocked by being chased and forced to induce labor.

She was drugged, so there are already signs of her going into labor.

At the moment, she has been sent to the hospital.

Theres a high chance that this child will be born prematurely.”

“Ah, I see.

Is the baby due soon”

“Then we should be able to detect it immediately.”

Shi Jin said, “At this moment, shes giving birth on the third floor of the hospital.

After the delivery, you can check my and her DNA on the spot.

You can also see the pregnant womans condition directly.

I hope you can give everyone an explanation.

Friends of the media, this will take some time.

If you cant wait, you can leave first.

However, Ive already hired a professional appraisal agency, a justice agency, and other related parties to this matter.

Theyre waiting here for the first test.

Theyll definitely give everyone an explanation and clear my name.”

Although she had said that, how could the media reporters bear to leave

This was big news.

It would definitely be front-page hits and popularity.

Regardless of whether Shi Jin could prove her innocence, it would attract countless people to watch the show.

So no one left the scene.

Everyone in the live-stream was also waiting patiently.

Wen Qian, who was watching the live broadcast, changed her expression.

She stood up and said to Yuexiu, “Yue Xiu, I still have something on.

Im going out.”

“Youre not watching Shi Jins live broadcast anymore”

“Im not going to watch it.

You go ahead.”

Yue Xiu watched her leave in a hurry and did not take it seriously.

She only felt that Shi Jin had made such a big fuss this time and she did not know how to end it later.

If Shi Jin did not handle this matter carefully, she would most likely be consigned to eternal damnation.

Yue Xiu did not expect that after fighting with Shi Jin for so long, Shi Jin would actually be beaten down because of this matter.

She could not help but find it funny.

The pregnant woman had been wheeled into the operating room.

She was worried.

“Will the baby be all right”

“Dont worry, our doctors are professionals,” the nurse assured her.

The pregnant woman clutched the sheets, feeling sick.

She had been protecting the baby, but once it was born, the baby would not be her own.

At this moment, she was very conflicted and felt extremely complicated.

After being pregnant for a few months, she found it inexplicably difficult to part with the child.

The pain in her stomach shot through her.

She let out a gut-wrenching cry, too weak to think about it.

A figure emerged from the underground parking lot, put on a mask, and entered the third floor of the hospitals maternity department.

There were already scattered reporters waiting here.

“I wonder when this surrogate child will be able to leave the operating theater”

“I cant say for sure.

I heard theyre in labor.

They might even have to do a C-section.”

“Dont worry.

Its going to be a while yet.

Im going out for a smoke, boys.

Give me a shout if anything happens.”

The figure slipped into the maternity ward on the third floor.

At this moment, there was no one else but the two reporters.

The sound of a pregnant woman crying out in pain came from the maternity department.

Shi Jin glanced at her phone and said to the reporters at the scene, “At this moment, with the hospitals permission, we can show everyone the situation on the pregnant womans side.

It can also prove to everyone that this pregnant woman is the previous pregnant woman.”

She clicked on the button and the third floor appeared on the big screen.

Soon the screen split into two sections, one showing the situation on the third floor and the other on a different floor.

The different floor where the pregnant woman drew blood, got checked, was injected, and was pushed into the operating theater was visible.

Everyone recognized her immediately.

She was the pregnant woman who had been with Shi Jin.

Her face was twisted in pain.

The nurse was comforting her, and the doctor was helping her deliver the baby.

In the operating theater, other than covering the pregnant womans privacy, everything else was visible.

Shi Jin explained, “This is an act of seeking the consent of the pregnant woman and the hospital.

The pregnant woman herself also wants to find the childs biological parents as soon as possible.

Now that the organizations boss is missing, we cant find out exactly who the childs biological parents are.

We also want to use this to find this couple and hope that they can come and claim the child as soon as possible after they see the news.”

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