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Fu Xiuyuan said, “The surrogate mother you took in and the child in her stomach belong to Wen Qian and Zhou Dawei.”

“Huh You found out so quickly Because this boss is a mixed-race, a lot of the information is not in Country S, so it took me some time to investigate them.” Shi Jin was surprised at Fu Xiuyuans speed.

“Ive been keeping an eye on Wen Qian.

Since the hit and run incident.” Fu Xiuyuan handed her the information.

“This is the surrogate pregnancy contract she signed with her husband, Zhou Dawei.”

Since then, Wen Qian had entered Fu Xiuyuans line of sight.

It would be fine if she didnt have any scandals, but if she did, she would never be able to avoid it.

When she had targeted Shi Jin previously, this moment had already been destined.

Shi Jin took it and looked at it.

It was a little strange.

“She and Zhou Dawei are quite close.

She probably found someone to take over her pregnancy to maintain her figure, but the child in the mothers stomach is fine now.

Theres nothing wrong with it.

Why did she suddenly not want the child”

“Its difficult to read the minds of such people.

As normal people, we cant empathize with them and guess their thoughts.”

Shi Jin laughed at Fu Xiuyuans cold humor.

“Okay, understood.

I wont try to figure out their intentions.

Then, let this born child confirm this matter.”

Shi Jin originally wanted to wait until the mother gave birth naturally.


However, before Fu Xiuyuan could leave, Yao Jiahong called.

“The pregnant womans stomach hurts.

It suddenly acted up.

The doctor said that she might be in labor.”

“But the child is only about seven months old…” Shi Jin was worried.

“The doctor said it was probably because shed been drugged earlier to prepare for an induction procedure.

Plus, shed been running around a lot, so…”


Make sure the doctor takes good care of her.

And I need to have a press conference.”

Shi Jins press conference to clarify the surrogate pregnancy had caused a huge sensation.

This matter had a huge impact, and many officials were even paying attention to it.

If Shi Jin really did such a thing, it would be an extremely bad start and a very bad example.

Especially since shed found someone else to take over the pregnancy and was about to abort the baby while it was still healthy.

Many people were saying that Shi Jin might be banned this time.

The cake in the entertainment industry was only so big.

Shi Jin had been famous for so long that she had already occupied a large piece of the cake.

Strictly speaking, her competitors were all over the entertainment industry.

It was just that some were direct and others indirect.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Even for the drama she was filming, someone had already thought of taking over the female leads resources while she was in trouble.

This time, there was widespread interest in how she was going to clarify and defend herself.

Many people were waiting for the press conference.

Wen Qian was even more confident.

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Yue Xiu said indifferently, “I really didnt expect Shi Jin to court death.

How could she touch the taboo topic of surrogacy If she doesnt die now, who will”

Without changing her expression, Wen Qian said, “Yes.

If she continues like this, shell most likely be banned.”

“Thats for sure.

The guiding effect is too bad.

The little fans will think its normal and their worldviews will be led astray,” Yue Xiu said while pursing her lips.

“It depends on whether this matter is being framed.”

Wen Qian looked a little uncomfortable, but she quickly regained her composure.

“Who would frame her for such a thing”

“Lets watch her press conference and see how she quibbles,” Yue Xiu said.

In the hospital conference room.

Shi Jin specially asked the hospital to vacate this spot for her press conference.

The position on this side would not affect the patients and their families.

It would not affect the normal work of the doctors and nurses.

The reporters had already arrived at the scene and set up their cameras.

Many of them even turned on their phones to broadcast the situation live.

The fans who could not come to the scene were also very worried.

They did not know how much it would affect Shi Jin this time.

The passers-by and onlookers wanted to see what Shi Jin was going to do.

Perhaps everyone would witness a live boycott.

It had to be said that Shi Jins appeal and attention were beyond the reach of many A-list celebrities.

Any random thing she did would attract the attention of all parties.

There were more than a million people in many live-streams.

She was entirely the focus of events.

When the door opened, everyone naturally looked in that direction.

Shi Jin wore a very practical white shirt and loose jeans, making her look relaxed and serious.

As soon as her dazzling features appeared, the fans in the live-stream ran away about her facial features.

“I will never stop being a fan!”

“If you have any evidence, throw it at me.

Consider me a loser if I stop being a fan!”

“I didnt think Id be admiring her beauty in such a situation.”

Some passers-by were stunned by her.

They did not expect her to wear such a simple set of clothes.

Was she really as vicious as everyone thought

Many people secretly had a question mark in their hearts the moment they saw her.

The reporter could not help but ask, “Shi Jin, do you want to explain to us what happened recently”

“This surrogacy thing, is it your subjective will or are you being coerced Can you tell us why you chose surrogacy”

“Hows the kid doing now Can you fill us in”

“So many fans are concerned about your condition.

Can you give us a quick rundown of the child and the pregnant woman now”

“How exactly do you feel about things like surrogacy”

Shi Jin stood at the front desk, raising her hands and then lowering them.

As she did, the reporters stopped asking questions and settled down to wait for her explanation.

Only then did Shi Jin say, “Surrogate pregnancy is not permitted by law in S Nation, and I will not do anything that is not allowed by law.

Todays press conference is to tell everyone that I did not do this.”

“What about the evidence”

“The owner of that agency showed proof of your signing.

Now what are you going to rely on to say you didnt do it”

“Can you explain in detail to all of us”

Shi Jin remained calm in the face of the reporters questions.

“I met this pregnant woman at the hospital.

When I met her, she was being chased to get an induction of pregnancy.

The reason for the induction was that there was something wrong with the child in her stomach.

Its heart and brain were stunted.”

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