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“I still dont know,” said Shi Jin.

“I havent found out who the boss is.”

“The boss doesnt usually do things like that.

I think the parents might have arranged for the boss to do it because they didnt want the child anymore.”

“Since they had the surgery and arranged for a surrogate pregnancy, why would they suddenly not want it Theres nothing wrong with the child.” Shi Jin could not figure this out.

Fu Heyan shook her head and said, “After being pregnant for so long, Ive heard too much about irresponsible parents.

Sometimes, I really pity those children.

If you need my help in this matter, just tell me.

Hubby, you must also help when the time comes.”

Qin Sinian nodded.

“Yes, Shi Jin, if you need help, just call me.”

The boss called Wen Qian again.

“Miss Wen, Shi Jin is about to find out about me.

What should I do It will be difficult if my nest is overturned.

I have to bear legal risks for doing this.

Miss Wen, why dont we let that pregnant mother induce labor and keep this child Ill go and talk to Shi Jin and say that this is a misunderstanding.”

“Are you keeping the child”

“Miss Wen, youre so funny.

This is you and your husbands child.

How can I raise it Im just trying to persuade you to keep the child,” the boss said in panic.


“So dont persuade me.

I said I dont want the baby.

Hurry up and find your own way to get rid of it.”

“Why on earth is that” the boss asked.

“Dont worry about things that dont concern you.”

This matter had been planned well and had nothing to do with Shi Jin.

Could it be that Shi Jin was investigating this matter and wanted to use this matter to suppress her

A cold sweat broke out on her skin at the thought.

What was this sudden coincidence

She had no choice but to believe in Shi Jins scheming.

She immediately said to the boss, “How about this Listen to me and say… when the time comes, Ill pay you triple the money.

Do the math yourself.”

Photos of Shi Jin and the pregnant woman appeared on the internet.

The pregnant woman looked like she was already pregnant and was sitting with Shi Jin.

She looked like she was talking about something.

It had just started, so no one paid much attention to it.

Everyone knew about Shi Jins medical skills and that she would usually help patients.

The fans were already used to it.

However, slowly, some bad news began to spread.

When Shi Jin was mentioned, it was said that she found someone to be a surrogate mother.

Some of the articles were even said in a serious manner.

“Isnt Shi Jin married She should want a child, but she doesnt want to give birth herself.

After all, this will affect her career in filming, so she used surrogate pregnancy.

Although this matter is illegal, theres still a lot of gray areas in our country.

Therefore, the rumor is that this surrogate mother Shi Jin found is helping her and her husband give birth.”

“Is this thing true” someone in the comments section asked.

“Of course its true.

I heard it from the doctor.

Shi Jin can afford it, so there wont be a problem, but she still did it even though she knew it wasnt legal.

These artistes really do whatever they want because they have money.”

As the matter slowly escalated, there were also people who were skeptical.

“Shi Jin is still young.

Is there a need to find someone to be her surrogate Wont it be the same after a few years”

“You dont know what these celebrities are thinking.

They just dont want to have children themselves.

They want to find someone to do it for them.

They want to have children while theyre young.

In a few years, theyll say that they gave birth to the children themselves.

Itll be so easy and convenient.

Theyll have a career and a family.”

“But this is illegal.

How can this be”

“Anyway, if thats the way she is, Im going to turn the corner.

The gravity of the situation isnt at all what she thinks it is.”

Once there were more people discussing, the trending searches rose to the top of the rankings.

There were endless denunciations, doubts, and inquiries.

More passers-by scolded, “Youve already earned so much money, why cant you bear to part with your career Arent you just afraid of pain and not being able to maintain your figure”

“Anyway, if its true, Ill just help call the police.

Not gonna allow this to happen.”


In any case, its everyones responsibility to boycott an illegal act.”

Yao Jiahong was extremely anxious, but Shi Jin was calm.

“Just deny the rumors.

I didnt do this, so theres no need to bother too much about it.”

However, such a denial would obviously not satisfy too many people.

Shi Jin had to give an explanation.

At this moment, the owner of the anonymous surrogacy agency came out and placed a document that was coded but signed by Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, do you really not want your child anymore I dont know what kind of mentality you have.

Previously, you found us and claimed that you wanted a child.

Now, all of a sudden, you dont want it anymore.

This is a living child.

You said that you dont want it and want the mother to induce labor.

Youre too irresponsible!”

If many people had thought that what had happened before was groundless and not real, now that the boss of this agency had come out, many people really believed it.

“They want to induce labor What the hell are they doing”

“Shi Jin is considered vicious, right Could it be that after the truth was discovered, she was afraid that she would be scolded and affect her future career, so she suddenly stopped wanting the child”

“Shi Jins behavior is really irresponsible! This is a child!”

“Late-term induced labor is too, too, too harmful to the mother! Its not just killing the fetus, its also killing the mother! This is really a stone heart!”

“How vicious.

To think that she looks so obedient.

I didnt expect her to really be so vicious.”

For a while, Shi Jin was scolded, and the fans could not protect her.

They could not argue with so many insults.

Sitting in her office in the studio, Shi Jin did not regret what she was doing.

She had already found out who the boss was and was about to find out who the mother was surrogate for.

At that time, the truth would be revealed.

At the knock on the door, she whispered, “Please come in.”

The door opened and Shi Jin looked up to see Fu Xiuyuan enter.

“Hubby, why are you here” Shi Jin smiled sincerely.

“The Internet is full of awkward jibes.

Im used to it.” Not taking it seriously, Shi Jin told him to sit down.

“Im going home tonight anyway.

Wont it be the same if you saw me then”

However, seeing the content on the Internet, how could Fu Xiuyuan wait until then


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