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The pregnant woman was so frightened that she hurriedly hid behind Shi Jin.

The bodyguards stepped forward to protect Shi Jin.

When Shi Jin saw this, she knew that the men in black were here for the pregnant woman.

Her frown deepened.

A moment later, the men in black saw the situation clearly and did not force their way over.

After some discussion, they turned around and left.

Only then did the pregnant woman step forward and say to Shi Jin, “Dr.

Shi, can you help me if I tell you everything”

“Tell me what it is first.

Im no saint.

I dont help with just anything.”

“Well, this baby isnt mine.

Im a surrogate for someone else.”

“Thats right.

Now that the child is almost seven months old, someone over there suddenly said that there was something wrong with the child and wanted to abort it.

Although the child isnt mine, Ive been pregnant for so long that I have feelings for it.

In addition, an induction is very harmful to the body, so when they sent me to the hospital today, I really didnt want to do an induction surgery.

I wanted to come out and ask the doctor for help.

When I saw that you were here, I looked for you.

I can indeed feel that the child is very healthy.

Previously, there was no problem with the examination.

Now that they suddenly want an induction, I really cant make up my mind.”

Shi Jin looked at her seriously and realized that although she dressed plainly, she spoke properly and politely.

She said, “Why are you a surrogate”


“For money,” she said bluntly.

“My mother is ill, and Im divorced.

I cant get enough money together at the moment, so I have to go down this path.

Money comes quickly, but I wont do anything against my conscience.

I heard that this couple let me be a surrogate because they had poor health.

I think Im doing good and helping them, I have a clear conscience.”

“Do you know who they are”

“I dont know.” The pregnant woman shook her head.

“I havent seen them at all.

Ive done everything according to my bosss arrangements.

If I hadnt been so reluctant to part with the baby this time, I wouldnt have snuke out.

Of course, I know that an abortion hurts the body, so I dont want to.

And Ive already established a relationship with the baby.

Even if the baby isnt mine, I want to protect her and put her safely into her parents hands.”

Shi Jin pulled out her phone and said, “Call the police.”

“Huh” The pregnant woman immediately shook her head.

“This is a gray area.

What are we going to do if we call the police It could hurt the parents, right How is that going to work Whos going to raise the baby then”

Shi Jin put her phone away.

“Okay, I can protect you for a while and help you with your checkup.

Rest assured.”

The pregnant woman nodded.

“Yes, thank you.

Right now, I just want to get in touch with the parents as much as I can.

I dont know whats going on with this boss, but thats all I need.

Once I get in touch with the parents, itll be easier.”

Shi Jin asked the bodyguards to take her to a room to rest before investigating the boss behind her.

Surrogate pregnancy was not permitted by S Country law.

However, there were many gray areas and many places that could not be managed.

After all, even if they were strictly managed, what would happen to these children

Therefore, Shi Jin did not call the police.

Instead, she got someone to check on the situation first.

She also got someone to check on the pregnant womans condition.

The test results came back and confirmed that the pregnant womans instincts were correct.

The child had no heart or brain problems.

At the same time, Wen Qian got the call.

She was surprised to hear the bosss words.

“Didnt I tell you to abort her child What happened Not only did she run away, but she also went to look for Shi Jin”

“She ran away when we took her to the surgery to get rid of the child.

She never believed that there was anything wrong with the child.

She kept saying that she wanted to come to you guys.

We planned to force the surgery, but we didnt dare go overboard, so we kept coaxing her.

Who knew that even though she listened on the surface, she was still prepared to run It was really…”

Wen Qian frowned.

“Then hurry and bring her back.”

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“I cant bring her back.

Shi Jin arranged for bodyguards to protect her.

Theyre still examining her.”

Wen Qian was really annoyed.

Why was Shi Jin everywhere What was wrong with her

“Miss Wen, what are you going to do about this Are you really going to let her have the baby”

“Of course not.

You owe me big for this and youre just going to let it go”

“Miss Wen, how can I manage this If the child is born, it will be even more troublesome.

This is a living child.

You dont want it.

What can I do”

Wen Qian said, “Let me think about it.”

Zhou Dawei walked over and said with a smile, “Darling, what are you talking about”

“Whats wrong with the baby Isnt it fine in the surrogates womb” Zhou Dawei frowned.

“Theres something wrong with the baby.

The doctor says it has a weak heart.

Even if its born, Im afraid itll die young.”

When Zhou Dawei heard this, he was very sad.

“Then is there any way to treat it Can a child undergo surgery”

“Dawei, listen to me.

We cant keep the baby.

I told the boss to take the pregnant woman to surgery as soon as possible.

Im sad, too, but its better to—”

Tears streamed down Wen Qians face, and she looked devastated.

When Zhou Dawei heard this, he knew that this was the only way.

“Dont be sad,” he advised.

“We can always have more children.

This one wasnt meant to be.”

“Then well have more in the future,” Wen Qian said quietly.

After Shi Jin settled the pregnant woman down, Fu Heyans child checkup was done.

It was indeed similar to what Shi Jin had thought.

It was just a slight fever.

When they went back, they just had to help her lower the temperature and keep observing her for any other symptoms.

The entire family had a false alarm.

When they came out, they couldnt help but relax.

Qin Sinian did not let go of the child.

Madam Qin smiled and said, “You accompany Heyan, Ill carry her.”

Only then did Qin Sinian carefully hand the child to her.

Fu Heyan asked Shi Jin, “I just saw you talking to a pregnant woman.

Who is it”

“A pregnant surrogate,” said Shi Jin.

“I dont know what happened to the boss, but they lied to her and said there was something wrong with the baby she was carrying.

I happened to meet her and decided to give her a hand.”

“Is there such a cruel thing If I encounter it, I have to help.” Fu Heyan was now a loving mother and could not bear to hear such things.

“Sister, take good care of yourself and my little nephew.

Ill handle this.”

Fu Heyan was indignant.

“That wont do.

Now that I heard about it, I have to deal with it too.

What internal conflict is there”

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