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He didnt expect to gain anything by arguing online, but he attracted the attention of some of Shi Jins haters and enjoyed a great feeling of vanity.

Hence, he kept magnifying this matter, affecting Shi Jin in a small area.

As he continued tapping away at the keyboard in his rented room, someone knocked on the door.

He kicked in his slippers and asked, “Who is it”

Opening the door, several officers burst in.

“Youre suspected of multiple counts of racketeering and extortion.

Please come back with us to investigate.”

He was immediately stunned.

He had not expected his past to be unearthed.

He usually relied on racketeering, extortion, and so on for a living.

He had always kept a low profile because he didnt ask for much.

He knew when to stop, so he hadnt really gotten into trouble.

He did not know why he had suddenly suffered.

After the man was arrested, the police quickly determined that he had committed a crime and issued a notice.

Those who had believed him before were instantly slapped in the face.


It turned out that his scamming of Shi Jin was also true.

He had completely relied on Shi Jin to gain popularity After the information was released by the police, his lie was exposed and the haters dispersed.

Shi Jin quickly cleared her name.

The new show she was filming, Phoenix in the Nine Heavens, was also getting the most effective publicity because of these things.

Fu Heyan was discharged from the hospital and returned to the Qin family.

She invited Shi Jin over for a meal.

Shed been sorry to mention it.

“Im so sorry you had to go through all this trouble because of me.”

“Sister, even without you, others will still want to defame me.

It has nothing to do with you.”

“Shi Jin, its not easy for me to see you come this far.

Its because youre upright that youre not afraid of these dirty things.”

Shi Jin took her niece and held him in her arms.

She looked down at her.

“Whats wrong, little niece Do you have a fever”

“Really Let me see.” Fu Heyan quickly took her back.

“It does seem a little.

What are we going to do”

“Lets go to the hospital,” Shi Jin said.

“Theres no hurry.

Its not serious.

It shouldnt be a big problem.”

Although Shi Jin said that, Fu Heyan was still very worried.

She brought the child to the hospital with Shi Jin.

There were a lot of nannies following them.

Qin Sinian also rushed over.

It was a huge scene.

Shi Jin smiled and shook her head.

From a doctors perspective, she really didnt think there was much of a problem.

However, from the perspective of a family member, she felt that she could still understand everyones feelings and thoughts.

Perhaps she might not be this rational either when she had children in the future.

There were too many people, so there was no need for Shi Jin to help.

She walked elsewhere and waited for Fu Heyan and the others to come out after seeing the child.

Sitting on a promenade, she looked at the clouds in the sky and felt content.

“Shi Jin, are you Dr.

Shi Jin” A timid voice asked.

Shi Jin turned around and saw a woman in her thirties with a huge belly standing in front of her.

She seemed afraid to come forward, but she came over firmly.

She had brought bodyguards with her today, but they probably didnt care because she was an ordinary pregnant woman and this place was filled with pregnant women and babies.

When they saw her talking to Shi Jin, the bodyguards rushed out to stop her.


Shi, I just need to talk to you about something.

Please help me.”

Shi Jin told the bodyguards to leave.

“Its fine.

Just wait at the side.” Shi Jin could tell at a glance that this woman was really pregnant.

Facing a pregnant woman, she believed that she was still capable of protecting herself.

When the bodyguards retreated, she asked, “What can I do for you”


Shi, I know that your medical skills are very brilliant.

Ive heard a lot about you and know that youre very powerful.

Help me.

The child in my stomach, they all say that theres something wrong and they want to abort her.

I really cant bear to do it.


Shi, help me…”

Her voice was tearful.

Her face was full of heartache and resignation when she mentioned the baby.

Shi Jin had seen many pregnant women and babies recently and could not help but feel some compassion.

She said, “I might not be able to help you, but I can try.”

“Thank you, Dr.


Thank you, thank you.” The pregnant woman was overjoyed and quickly thanked her.

“Wheres your medical report” Shi Jin asked.

“On the phone.

Its here.”

She showed the phone to Shi Jin.

Shi Jin took it and scanned it, her suspicions rising.

She made her reach over again and take her pulse.

The pregnant woman looked at Shi Jin hopefully and saw that she had been frowning.

She asked worriedly, “Dr.

Shi, what exactly is my problem”

“What sort of problems did they say you had

“They say that the babys heart is undeveloped and the brain structure is all missing.

Even if it was born, it wouldnt survive healthily.

But I can feel her.

She moves and kicks me a lot.

Shes alive.

How can she have a heart and brain problem My instincts tell me its not.

There isnt.

I think shes really fine.”

Shi Jin asked, “Which doctor, is it the hospital and doctor here”

“No, its from outside.

I didnt check in here,” the pregnant woman said evasively.

Shi Jin could tell that she was hiding something.

Things were very different from what she had said.

She said, “So where did you check”

“I—I… Im from the country.

I dont know anything.

I dont know what kind of hospital or doctor that is anymore.”

When Shi Jin heard that she was unwilling to tell the truth, she lowered her hand and said, “Im a doctor and dont want to pry into your privacy.

Since you have something to hide, I wont continue asking.

However, I can tell you responsibly that this child in your stomach, at least for now, has no heart or brain problems.

You can change to a large hospital and continue the examination.”

“Is there nothing wrong Dr.

Shi, are you sure”

“No, but you can double-check and make sure.

There are times when machines are inaccurate and times when humans make mistakes.

Go ahead and check.”

The pregnant woman hesitated.

“Is it dangerous to induce labor” she asked.

“Miscarriage isnt dangerous.

Induction is.

And its physically harmful to pregnant women.

But this fetus of yours is already very old.

If theres a problem, you can only induce labor.

The current situation requires you to re-examine, understand If the child is fine, and you go to induce labor, wouldnt that be fatal”

When the pregnant woman heard this, she seemed to hesitate for a moment and stood rooted to the ground.

Seeing that she refused to tell the truth, Shi Jin lost her patience with her and refused to look at her.

A moment later, several men in black rushed toward them.

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