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“Im on the way home.

Theres a little traffic, so I might need some time.” Shi Jin originally planned to follow her to the hospital, but when she thought about how Qin Sinian might not be willing to let so many people visit Fu Heyan now, she decided to go home.

“Pull over and send me the address.

Ill pick you up.”

Shi Jin obediently did as she was told.

She chose the side of a brightly lit road and stopped the car.

Only then did she realize that she was covered in blood and dirt.

When she stopped the car, her hands were still trembling.

It had indeed taken a lot of effort to deliver the child.

If it were anyone elses child, she wouldnt have to be so nervous, but this one was different.

After a while, there was a knock on her window and she saw Fu Xiuyuans familiar figure standing outside.

Opening the car door, Shi Jin threw herself into Fu Xiuyuans arms.

“I heard from Brother-in-law that you helped Sister deliver the baby halfway on the road.

He forgot to bring you to the ambulance in his rush so he called me.” When Fu Xiuyuan heard this, his heart ached so much and immediately came to look for Shi Jin.

He did not even have the time to care about Fu Heyan giving birth.

“Its fine.

Their ambulance cant accommodate so many people anyway.

Im fine.” Shi Jins tone was relaxed.

She smelled so strongly of blood.

It had been faint a moment ago, but now it was strong.

Even though he knew it wasnt her blood, Fu Xiuyuans heart was still torn.

He whispered, “Lets go home first.”

After returning home, Fu Xiuyuan sent Shi Jin into the bathroom and washed her properly.

He only wrapped her up and carried her out when she was only smelling of shower gel.

Shi Jin felt that this moment was wonderful.

She did not have to take on anything.

She could trust him with her life.

When Shi Jin woke up in the morning, she remembered that she had not called Fu Heyan to ask about the situation.

“Since they didnt call, there must be no special situation.

Lets go straight to the hospital,” Fu Xiuyuan said.

Fu Xiuyuan and Shi Jin walked in.

Fu Heyan was leaning against the hospital bed while Qin Sinian peeled fruits for her.

When he saw Shi Jin, Qin Sinian felt a little apologetic.

“Im sorry, Shi Jin.

I was anxious about the child and Heyan last night and left you alone over there.”

“Brother-in-law, youre too kind.

Im an adult.

I can handle it alone over there.”

Fu Xiuyuan looked at Qin Sinian indifferently.

Qin Sinian knew that what he had done last night was a little overboard.

He eagerly gave up his seat for Shi Jin to sit down.

He knew that he could only make up for the anger in Fu Xiuyuans heart with Shi Jin.

“Shi Jin, thank you for last night.” Fu Heyan was really in good health.

She was already full of energy.

“The doctor said that it was fortunate that you delivered the baby in time.

The child and I didnt suffer much.

It was just that the birth was too sudden and too fast.

I still cant believe it.”

She patted her stomach, her expression incredulous.

“Im glad youre fine,” Shi Jin said with a nod.

“Wheres my little niece”

“She was carried away by a nurse for vaccine injections.”

“Her grandmother and great-grandmother are all following.”

After Fu Heyan said that, Shi Jin remembered that there were still a lot of elders in the Qin family who were looking forward to having children.

No wonder Qin Sinian didnt follow them.

There was probably no place for him there.

Fu Heyan saw that Fu Xiuyuans expression was still a little solemn and knew her brothers personality.

She apologized, “Alright, alright, dont be angry.

Ill apologize to Shi Jin later, alright”

Fu Xiuyuan said, “Ill go see my niece.”

Shi Jin and Fu Heyan could not help but laugh.

Fu Heyan and the child were in good condition, and the elders had a lot to say.

Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan made room and returned to the car.

Yao Jiahong happened to call and Shi Jin picked up.

“Brother Yao”

“Where were you last night Someone took a picture of you in a hit-and-run.

Its already trending.”

“Traffic hit-and-run” Shi Jin was stunned.

“Oh, youre talking about that person I didnt hit him.

He fell and still wanted to blackmail me.

It has nothing to do with me.”

“Then we have to find a way to resolve this.”

Shi Jin immediately checked the trending searches after hanging up.

As expected, the trending topic had been pushed to the top.

Although the photos were very blurry, Shi Jins facial features were very well-defined.

It was obvious that it was her.

And the picture of the man falling was also obvious.

Accompanying the words “blood all over the ground” was Shi Jins enlarged hands.

Blood could be vaguely seen.

In short, the entire situation seemed to be very compatible with this trending topic.

Although Shi Jin was very popular, the hit-and-run incident was very bad.

Society was very influential.

Therefore, the comments were already filled with curses.

The fans did not know the situation and did not dare to casually post their opinions.

They could only say over and over again, “Please dont comment casually before knowing the truth.

Shi Jin will definitely respond.”

However, how could this convince ordinary passers-by Everyone was excited.

“I didnt run him down.

He collapsed on his own bike.

I helped him up.

He blackmailed me.

I didnt want to tangle with him at the time.

I drove away.”

Fu Xiuyuan reached for her hand.

“Let me handle this.”

Shi Jin was indeed tired.

She did not want to face these groundless accusations.

Fu Xiuyuan immediately checked Shi Jins dashcam and the surveillance cameras at the scene.

The dashcam had no record of any crash.

Only her delivery of the child.

After Yao Jiahong got the record, he posted it directly.

“Shi Jin didnt hit anyone.

The car was parked by the roadside the entire time.

She stayed there just to help deliver a baby.

I hope the person who scammed her wont spread rumors and slander her.”

The situation recorded by the driving recorder turned the tide in one fell swoop.

Even the instigator, Wen Qian, had not expected such a situation.

Even the hospital staff came out to support Shi Jin.

“I hope there will be more people like Shi Jin in our lives.

With less blackmail, the world will become a better place.

On behalf of the hospital, I also thank Shi Jin for helping the doctors do a lot of work.”

The cursing stopped, then turned to praise.

Shi did not even look at it.

The likes and dislikes of passers-by were too easily exploited.

She had already dismissed them.

Seeing this situation, Wen Qian hurriedly deleted all the photos she had taken and pretended that they had nothing to do with her, but in reality, she had already been targeted by Fu Xiuyuan.

As for the man on the bike who had blackmailed Shi Jin, he was hiding behind the Internet, fanning the flames.

When he was trying to scam her, he did not expect that person to be Shi Jin.

Now that he knew it was Shi Jin, he took advantage of the chaos to kick up a fuss.

“I was just hit by Shi Jin.

Her company is rich, so they deliberately paid to help her settle the matter.

But so what The truth is the truth.

Anyway, if she doesnt compensate me, Ill make a fuss until the end!”

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