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However, Fu Heyan was lithe and agile.

She did not seem like a pregnant woman at all.

“Shi Jin.” Fu Heyan did not take off her mask and looked mysterious.

“Lets go to the private room.”

“Why are you covering yourself so tightly”

“Your brother-in-law doesnt let me eat spicy food.

I met a doctor before, and that doctor insisted that pregnant women should eat a light diet.

Your brother-in-law really believed him, causing me to be persecuted before I even started giving birth.

Look at me, Im starving and skinny.”

Shi Jin pursed her lips and smiled.

“As long as you eat spicy food normally, its fine.

You can continue eating during your pregnancy.

Just make sure its well cooked and keep it clean.”

“I said that too, but your brother-in-law is just worried about this and that.

Forget about him.

Im really going to eat a medium-spicy hotpot today.

No one can stop me.”

“Lets get slightly spicy.” Shi Jin remembered that she hadnt eaten much spicy food recently.

Her body probably couldnt take it suddenly.

For the sake of the child, Fu Heyan didnt object, so Shi Jin ordered the mandarin duck pot.

The two of them chatted as they ate.

Shi Jin took care of her and specially boiled all the food until it was fully cooked before giving it to her.

Fu Heyan finally had a satisfying meal.

Shi Jin drove her home.

Fu Heyan was originally smiling, but halfway through, she suddenly whispered, “Shi Jin, somethings wrong… I think my water broke.”

When Shi Jin heard that, she immediately parked the car and asked, “Whats the situation now”

She reached out and took her pulse.

Fu Heyans expression was already very ugly and very worried.

“Could it be that I… It cant be because I ate chili… Am I too willful…”

“No, it has nothing to do with that.

Its close to your due date anyway,” Shi Jin said.

“Just take a deep breath.

Theres no big problem.”

Hearing her short and calming words, Fu Heyan immediately calmed down and began to take deep breaths.

Shi Jin methodically took out her phone and called the emergency number.

She then called Qin Sinian and told him that she wasnt sure which hospital they would go to yet and to keep in touch.

After calling, she did not hang up, instead handing the phone to Fu Heyan.

“Im fine, Hubby…” Fu Heyan panted rapidly.

The labor pains were killing her, but she didnt want Qin Sinian to worry so she maintained a calm tone.

Shi Jin looked ahead.

The navigation showed that the upcoming roads was were blocked.

Today was Friday.

Although it was past the evening rush hour, it was still congested at seven or eight oclock.

From the looks of it, an ambulance wouldnt be coming anytime soon.

She made a decisive U-turn and found a path to cross.

“Ah, I cant…” Fu Heyans hand was in so much pain that she couldnt hold on to her phone.

“Ah, the child…”

Qin Sinians voice came through the phone.

“Heyan Heyan Shi Jin, Shi Jin! Youre here, right”

Shi Jin picked up the phone and stopped the car.

As she responded, she checked on Fu Heyans condition.

“Im here.

Sister should be giving birth soon.”

She put Fu Heyan down and found something to cushion her body.

Fu Heyan went into labor quickly.

From the looks of it, she couldnt wait until they got to the hospital.

“Shi Jin, youre a doctor.

You can definitely help Heyan, right” Qin Sinian asked in a trembling voice.

“I dont want you to try.

I want your word that mother and daughter are safe!”

“Brother-in-law, I dont have time to talk to you.

Youd better contact the hospital and the doctor immediately.

Theyll be here soon.

Ill do my best.”

Qin Sinian was already in the car.

From the moment he received the call, he had already driven over.

However, he had only driven a little along the way.

Not daring to disturb Shi Jin again, he did as she asked.

Fu Heyan gripped Shi Jins hand tightly.

“Child, child… save the child…”

“Sister, you have to live for the child to live.

Relax and take deep breaths.”

Actually, Fu Heyans situation was not complicated.

Her body was well-nourished and there was no problem at all.

She was tall and had a good pelvic structure.

She belonged to the category of people who gave birth very quickly.

That was why she went into labor before she was due.

Once she started, she was completely out of control.

If she was in the hospital ahead of time, it was the kind that had absolutely no problems.

However, it was not a big problem now either.

Although Shi Jin had never delivered a baby personally, her theoretical knowledge was very rich so she helped her take deep breaths.

Soon the childs head was revealed.

Fu Heyan exerted all her strength and soon the baby was out.

With Shi Jins professional technique, the child let out a loud cry.

“Sister, the baby is fine.

So are you.

Mother and child are safe.


When Fu Heyan heard this, she finally relaxed.

She heard the sound of an ambulance and someone striding toward them.

Fu Heyan saw Qin Sinian through her blurry eyes.

Shi Jin handed the child to Qin Sinian.

Qin Sinian only took a look before immediately going forward to pick up Fu Heyan.

The medical staff came over to pick up Fu Heyan and the child.

When everyone had left, Shi Jin let out a long breath.

No one had paid her much attention and Qin Sinian left with the doctor.

However, she could understand how everyone felt at that moment.

They were all focused on the pregnant woman and the baby.

There was only joy and stability in her heart.

It was good that Fu Heyan and the child were completely fine in such a situation.

She was just a little tired.

She had been comforting Fu Heyan that she was fine, but her hands were actually trembling from nervousness.

This was Fu Heyan and her little nephew.

At this moment, Shi Jin was smiling.

The faint smell of blood around her was not repulsive.

She leaned against the car for a long moment before straightening.


The man in front fell off his bike and didnt get up for a long time.

Shi Jin walked over to help him.

“Are you okay”

“I—I think my leg is broken.”

“Ill call the police.” Shi Jin frowned.

“You cant leave.

You hit someone and you cant leave.” The man grabbed Shi Jin.

Shi Jin reached out and shook him off.

“Stay away from me.”

She turned and quickly returned to the car.

They were on a side road and the lights werent very bright.

They were already prone to accidents, and she didnt want to linger.

She drove away immediately.

Wen Qians car started from the side.

She couldnt help but feel glad when she saw this.

She didnt expect to see Shi Jins car run into a person when she took a detour to avoid traffic.

Heh heh, so much for Shi Jin.

After Shi Jins car drove out, her phone rang.

She picked it up immediately.

Fu Xiuyuans urgent voice came from inside.

“Shi Jin, where are you”

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