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Jiang Yang felt as if he had obtained a treasure.

“Shi Jin, can you stay with your manager Can we talk later”

“Okay, no problem,” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

She sat back down beside Yao Jiahong.

Yao Jiahong whispered, “Shi Jin, why are you still so troublesome Do you have to audition If you want to come, just say the word.”

“Its no trouble.

Even if its my own show, it depends on the director and producers overall considerations.

If it was set to be me from the beginning, without any thought, and then they have to cast other characters around me, its bound to give up a lot of what they have to hold on to because they cooperate with me.”

Shi Jin was dedicated to the show, not herself.

Yao Jiahong nodded.

Sometimes he really admired Shi Jin for being able to stick to her morals in everything she did.

Such qualities were really rare and not easily maintained.

After a while, Jiang Yang and Nan Li came over.

“Shi Jin, Mr.

Yao, were very satisfied with Shi Jins audition just now, but as you know, Mr.

Yao, we are unable to offer a high pay.”

Jiang Yang and Nan Li knew that this was the script given by Yao Jiahong, but they did not know that it was written by Shi Jin, so they thought that Shi Jin was completely unaware of this matter.

“So, are you two sure you want to choose me”

“Shi Jin, youre very suitable for this role, but filming fantasy dramas is very difficult.

Television dramas are different from movies.

You dont have much time to polish them, so I wonder if youre mentally prepared”

“I dont mind the pay or the parts.

What I want is to keep the work and roles good.”

Jiang Yang nodded repeatedly.

“Then lets talk about the contract in detail”

After the news that Shi Jin was going to act in a television drama was leaked, there were many doubts in the outside world.

“Doesnt she act in movies Why is she suddenly activing in tv shows”

“Besides, there doesnt seem to be any original novel that this drama was based on.

I wonder if it will be good”

“Is this considered descending to the mortal world”

At this time, celebrities who acted in television dramas had to immediately find movie resources if they were slightly capable.

They saw movies as a way to improve their status.

Many people had sharpened their heads to squeeze into the movie industry.

Therefore, they did not understand Shi Jins actions.

However, only Shi Jin knew that although many models and principles of movies and television dramas were different, there was no differentiation of better or worse between them.

Although movies were impressive, the time limit was too short.

Television dramas could last longer and attract more people.

Moreover, if there were good movies, the same could be said for television dramas.

The content was not divided by length, but by the quality of the story itself.

So she was not averse to any work.

Her fanbase was also very controversial.

Many fans secretly asked, “Is Shi Jin out of resources because shes married”

“What will happen to her in the future”

“So worried about her.

Can anyone tell me what the hells going on”

Shi Jin also knew that this was bound to worry the fans.

Therefore, she logged into Weibo personally and said rationally, “Theres no difference in greatness between good works.

I feel that choosing Phoenix in the Nine Heavens is the best choice at the moment.

I like this team and work very much.

I believe in what I choose and choose what I believe.”

Since she spoke up, her fans were still very willing to trust her.

Then they looked at Jiang Yang and Nan Li.

They were both directors and producers with good works.

The fans finally settled down.

However, a piece of news suddenly fell from the sky.

“Its said that the female lead ofPhoenix in the Nine Heavens was originally Wen Qian, but who knew that the someone would suddenly fall from the sky and snatch her role as the female lead Fortunately, Wen Qian has already booked a modern drama,I Love You That Day, and successfully joined the cast.

Do you think resources are more important or ability is more important in the entertainment industry”

Wen Qian had calculated that the production team wouldnt come out to respond to these small matters, so she had bought a lot of these articles.

It promoted both herself and the new drama she was about to shoot.

They even set her up as a typical little white flower, as if Shi Jin had done something incredible to suppress her.

However, if she bought too many articles, she would fail.

Even passersby noticed the problem and could not help but reply to her:

“First, theyve been promoting that Wen Qian has a husband with an impressive family background, identity, and ability.

They said that hes much better than Shi Jins husband.

Under such circumstances, who exactly is the resource celebrity

Secondly, although Shi Jin has never acted in a television drama before, she has acted in a movie and even won an award.

Her acting skills goes without saying.

How did she become a resource celebrity

Besides, wasnt Wen Qian a supermodel Has she acted before Isnt it natural that she couldnt compete with Shi Jin in “The Phoenix in the Nine Heavens” Why does this article make it sound like Shi Jin was suppressing her

Whats wrong with your articles Theyre not realistic at all.”

As there were many such articles, many passers-by had the same thoughts.

Shi Jins fans even treated Wen Qian as a joke.

They werent even on the same racetrack.

There was a world of difference between them.

They wondered what she was competing for.

The articles that Wen Qian had bought to brag about her husband was still vivid in their minds.

Compared to this article, it was really a joke.

Shi Jin did not continue to pay attention to what Wen Qian was doing.

She quickly joined the crew of Phoenix in the Nine Heavens.

She heard that Wen Qians crew was also filming at the side.

This was a very common situation.

Every year, many crew members would push and push to film together.

On this day, Shi Jin had just finished filming when she received Fu Heyans WeChat message.

“Shi Jin, lets have hotpot before I give birth.

Im afraid that after I give birth, I wont be able to eat these delicious things for a long time.”

“Sure, Im free tonight.

Ill come over to look for you.” Shi Jin agreed immediately.

She gathered her things, grabbed her purse, and headed out.

She spotted Wen Qian in the parking lot.

Compared to before, Wen Qian seemed to have adjusted slightly again.

She looked even sweeter now.

Shi Jin could understand her.

Her previous appearance had been very popular with European and American people, but it was not the taste of the Chinese.

It was too high-class and not down-to-earth at all.

In a television drama, it would be very out of place unless the character was specially set that way.

After the slight adjustment, there was a lot more sweetness.

Her doctors taste should be pretty good.

When she saw Shi Jin, Wen Qian shrugged and quickly drove away.

Shi Jin also drove to find Fu Heyan.

Fu Heyan was wearing a hat to cover her face.

She was acting sneaky and even more secretive than Shi Jin.

From behind her, Shi Jin tapped her lightly on the shoulder.


Fu Heyan quickly turned back.

Shi Jin saw that her stomach was already very big and guessed that she would give birth soon.

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