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Sure enough, as soon as he finished speaking, Zhou Dawei appeared.

His mixed-race face was very handsome and tall, very eye-catching.

It was enviable the moment he appeared.

It had to be said that no matter how much everyone discussed Wen Qian, they had to admit that she had indeed married a good husband.

After he walked over, he said, “Jiang Yang promised to meet me.”

“Great!” Wen Qian nodded immediately.

“Then get over there.”

“Wen Qian, I can help you this time, but I dont want something like that to happen again,” Zhou Dawei said seriously.

“I understand.

Ill definitely take good care of the staff in the future.

I wont let anything else go wrong with the team or dump the problem on anyone else.”

Wen Qian was extremely sincere.

The manager was also filled with anticipation.

“Ive already asked around.

‘Phoenix in the Nine Heavens is a fantasy drama.

The cost of such dramas is very high, but its said that the investors dont pay well, so theyre tight on money.

Jiang Yang is short on money, so they dont even pay much.

As long as Mr.

Zhou is willing to invest, you can at least get a main role.”

The manager had also consulted with Yue Xiu, so they had redesigned Wen Qians development route in the country.

If she couldnt become a supermodel, she would have to take another route.

In the current environment, the best route was to film television dramas.

Not only could they gather popularity, but they could also become famous by filming television dramas.

They could also get business endorsements, take on variety shows, and so on.

Their development path was very rich and worth looking forward to.

More comfortable than being a supermodel.

Wen Qian nodded.

“After we get it, lets take this road properly.”

“Dont be discouraged.

Miss Yue has already said that theres no need to worry about your popularity in the country now.

Having hate is also a form of popularity.

As long as the character can stand up, it can definitely be raised.

Besides, your current situation is not a big black mark.

The situation is not serious.

Passers-by will forget about it after a while.”

The people around them were preparing for their audition scenes.

Only Wen Qian and her agent were fantasizing about the future.

After a while, Zhou Dawei returned.

Wen Qian immediately asked, “Hows it going Hows it going”

“Jiang Yang rejected me.” Zhou Dawei shook his head and said, “He said he wont accept investments anymore.”

“How” Wen Qian asked incredulously.

“He said that your looks dont match the temperament of the work,” Zhou Dawei said frankly.

“You are indeed good-looking, Wen Qian.

I wont deny that you are beautiful, but Ive seen these ancient dramas in Country S and they really dont suit you.”

Wen Qian felt a little annoyed.

Jiang Yang said she was not suitable, and Zhou Dawei agreed

Why hadnt he fought for more

“Forget it, Wen Qian.

Go back,” Zhou Dawei said.

Her hopes now rested on the TV show.

How could she go back

Zhou Dawei took out his phone and waved it.

“Miss Yue said that we can invest in modern dramas ourselves.”

Wen Qian perked up.


The agent was overjoyed.

“Modern dramas are good.

Although it doesnt explode easily, its very close to Wen Qians face.

Moreover, its easy to film.

The post-production is fast.

If it really goes on, it can accumulate popularity.

It doesnt necessarily have to be fantasy dramas.”

To Wen Qian, what she filmed was not important.

What was important was to use her current popularity to regain her footing and wash away the black spots of the past.

Now that Yue Xiu and Zhou Dawei were willing to invest together, it was the best plan.

The three of them walked out together and saw Shi get out of her car.

Yao Jiahong strode inside beside her.

Seeing that Shi Jin was also here for the audition, Wen Qian immediately thought of how Jiang Yang had rejected her just now.

Could it be that they liked Shi Jin Perhaps they had even decided on Shi Jin

Shi Jins appearance was well-defined and extremely oriental.

She was both pure and exceptionally charming.

That face was really unforgettable.

Wen Qians heart skipped a beat.

If Shi Jin was really internally chosen, then that would be the reason that she wasnt chosen.

Perhaps it was because of Shi Jins interference that she could not even bring her funds into the team.

“Shi Jin!” Wen Qian couldnt help but call out to her.

New and old hatred surged through her.

That incident with Wei Qing was the worst thing that Wen Qian had encountered in all these years, and everything was done by Shi Jin!

Previously, she had not realized how much Shi Jin had done behind the scenes.

However, now that she saw Shi Jin again, these things surged up.

“Its Miss Wen Is Miss Wen also here for the audition” Shi Jin looked Wen Qian up and down.

She could tell at a glance that she had adjusted her face slightly, but even so, she still had high cheekbones and a face that was not considered very traditional Eastern aesthetics.

It was too structured.

Therefore it was very unsuitable for eastern fantasy dramas.

Shi Jins words were just a normal question, but to Wen Qian, it did sound very mocking.

“If you can come, so can I, but Im not interested in a crew like this, so I dont want to keep auditioning,” Wen Qian said coldly.

“Ill just wish you well.”

Smiling, Shi Jin shook her head.

“Grapes are sour, arent they”

“Dont eat so much if its sour,” Shi Jin said.

She brushed past her and walked away quickly.

Yao Jiahong couldnt help but laugh.

Shi Jin was getting better at mocking people.

When Shi Jin was far away, Wen Qian realized that Shi Jin was saying that the grapes were sour when she couldnt even eat the grapes.

She was jealous of what she couldnt get.

Nevertheless, it was too late to argue.

When Shi Jin arrived at the audition venue, Jiang Yang and Nan Li were surprised.

Why was Shi Jin here

Although this drama had indeed attracted a lot of people to audition for it, very few popular A-listers came.

After all, the remuneration was stuck there.

Many people were unwilling to lower their own status, afraid that it would affect their future roles.

When they regained their senses, Jiang Yang and Nan Li remembered that they had yet to audition.

Why were they thinking about the remuneration

“Shi Jin, you may begin.”

“Okay.” Shi Jin changed into the clothes she had brought and chose a section.

Fantasy dramas revolved around heavenly characters.

It was a feeling that was neither cold nor without desires, but it had to be ethereal.

As soon as Shi Jin changed her clothes, it was as if she had dug out the character from the script.

She was completely that character.

Jiang Yang and Nan Li were already seventy to eighty percent satisfied with her.

Jiang Yang and Nan Li could not help but high-five.

Shi Jin was usually cold and unapproachable.

So they did not expect her to be really cute when she acted in cute scenes.

It reminded everyone that Shi Jin was indeed cute.

According to her age, she was younger than many artists.

This was something that came along with her youth.

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