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Everyone was in the same line of work.

Who would want to work and compete with someone like Wen Qian

Sure enough, it didnt take long for news to spread from several major foreign platforms that the partnership with Wen Qian had been terminated.

Aries Ahol also spoke directly.

He would never work with Wen Qian again.

Wen Qian lay in the hospital, staring at the results in silence for a long time.

Zhou Dawei pulled the nurse and asked, “Hows my wife”

“Some slight hypoglycemia and nothing else,” the nurse said.

“Wen Qian, whats going on” Zhou Dawei asked her.

Wen looked pained.

“I really didnt mean to do that to Wei Qing.

It must have been a handover from everyone on the work team that caused this misunderstanding.

Dawei, you have to trust me.”

Zhou Dawei had already read the reports outside and was indeed very angry at her for doing such a thing.

However, Wen Qian was still his wife.

He still chose to believe her.

“Then apologize to Wei Qing and compensate her for some losses.”

“Then whos going to pay for my loss” Wen Qian had already received many termination notices from brands.

She might not be able to walk the big shows after that.

“If youre wrong, youre wrong.

Dont be like this.

Its the same if I help you compensate.”

Grinding her teeth, Wen Qian logged on to Weibo and nearly fainted when she saw the insults.

As a supermodel, her high-class face was very popular overseas.

In all these years, she had never experienced so much abuse.

At that moment, everything changed.

She did not apologize directly as David had said.

Instead, she thought for a moment and sent a message.

“As a pregnant woman, Im sorry to have affected everyone.

For the sake of the child, Ive decided not to respond to all questions for the time being.”

She was actually not pregnant, but for some reason, she wanted to use the pregnancy as a cover.

Now was as good an opportunity as any.

After she sent it, her studio immediately forwarded it and said, “The previous work mistake was caused by our studios mistake.

Actually, Wen Qian isnt aware of a lot of things.

The recording of the vlog was also a script we made.

Wen Qian just followed it.

There are many things that artists wont interfere with, nor can they care so much.

If anyone wants to scold us, just scold us.

Thank you, everyone.

We also sincerely apologize for bringing everyone trouble.”

The abuse from the outside world continued, but there were indeed some people who reduced their abuse because of her pregnancy.

Also, many people sympathized with her.

“Stop scolding.

If anything happens to the child, can you guys take responsibility”

“Alright, alright, I think thats enough.

Its time to stop.

The studio has also admitted their mistake and apologized.

Dont harp on it.”

The noisy farce was almost over.

Shi Jin sent away the friends she had invited from abroad.

However, be it the supermodels or others, they had a good time coming to Country S.

They also realized that Country S was not what it used to be.

In the eyes of many foreign media outlets in the past, Country S was still very backward and not developed at all, but the S Nation they had come to see for themselves had long since been no worse than the developed countries of Europe and America.

No, it had even developed better than they had.

This trip was not fruitless.

If they could broaden their horizons, it would be a great help to the development of the S Nation market in the future.

After settling Wei Qing down, Shi Jin handed her script for “Phoenix in the Nine Heavens” to Yao Jiahong.

“Were currently preparing for this television drama.

Once its ready, well start casting publicly.”

“No problem.” Yao Jiahong glanced at the description of the female lead.

“An innocent and lively little fairy.

Shes beautiful and pure.

Shell grow into a big female lead in the future.

The female lead you want to choose really has to be sweet and charming, right”

“Well get the director and producer to do it.

The casting will be strict.”

After the script for Phoenix in the Nine Heavens was taken out, the crew was quickly prepared.

The producer Jiang Yang and the director Nan Li were both experienced in filming such fantasy dramas.

They also communicated well with Yao Jiahong.

The characters were all chosen according to their characterization and were determined to be loyal to the characters, stories, and the plot.

Jiang Yang and Nan Lis appeal in the entertainment circle was still very strong at the moment.

In addition, fantasy works had suddenly risen to prominence in the past two years and had become the classic works of popular dramas.

Therefore, when they heard that “Phoenix in the Nine Heavens” was going to start casting, all the male and female artistes in the entertainment circle who had free time cast their gazes over.

Jiang Yang and Nan Li still strictly asked the assistant director to collect the resumes of the actors first.

After preliminary screening, they would audition from the backup candidates.

Yao Jiahong conveyed Shi Jins opinion.

“For this drama, we wont spend too much on the actors.

The money will still be used on the blade.

We cant save money on clothes, photography, post-production, and editing.

As for the actors, we still have to try our best to make it cost-effective.”

“Thats true, but in that case, it wont be easy to pick an A-list actor.” Jiang Yang was also worried.

“Without a popular actor, there wont be any early popularity.

This will still have a certain impact on the show.”

“The traffic is a double-edged sword.

It might raise the drama, but it might also bury a work.” Yao Jiahong still insisted on Shi Jins opinion.

Jiang Yang nodded.


Then lets focus on the plot.”

On the day of the audition.

Actually, because of the low pay, some of the A-list actors and actresses had already given up, but there were still a lot of people left.

Everyone could not help but feel a little strange.

They whispered to each other, “Isnt Wen Qian a supermodel Why is she here to try”

“Especially with that face of hers.

Its too defined.

How can she play in a fantasy drama”

“Besides, didnt she say she was pregnant How is she supposed to act like that”

In the midst of all this chatter, Wen Qian was unmoved.

She did not intend to come to act in a television drama, but the previous incident had greatly damaged her reputation, and several brands had terminated their contracts with her.

Her anger ebbed.

Therefore, she specially adjusted her face and got some injections.

Her originally high-class face was now heading in the direction of everyones common aesthetic.

She was much more approachable than before.

It was only a slight modification, so it was very effective and the recovery time was extremely fast.

With the path of supermodel blocked, she was bound to change her direction of development.

“Ignore what they say,” the agent said from beside her.


Zhou will be here soon, right”

“Very soon,” Wen Qian said.

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