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Chapter 80: Little Stones Independence

Fu Xiuyuan felt contented just quietly staying in the same room as her.

Yao Jiahong sent Shi Jin a text message: [Go and check social media.]

Shi Jin hurriedly tapped into her social media account and saw the hottest post online: [Little Stones Independence.]

She tapped the post and saw it was about the auction.

Everything had gone out of Hu Lais control today, so she was furious.

She paid off the reporters and told them not to utter a word about the things that happened to Chu Ling today.

Naturally, the reporters kept their mouths shut after taking her money.

However, a video of the auction ended up getting released in the evening.

The reporters were leading Shi Jin on trying to get her to admit she had bought the yao orchid at an astronomical price for the love of her life.

Meanwhile, Chu Ling was at the auction as well.

Judging from the way Chu Ling looked at Shi Jin pitifully, he was about to reject her.

However, before he managed to say a word, Shi Jin looked at him and swiftly snipped the yao orchid off.

She also said proudly, “I told you.

I want to give these flowers to the man I like.

Sadly, it is not you.”

Chu Ling and Little Stones fans were embroiled in verbal battle.

Chu Lings fans scolded Little Stone.

[Get lost, you ugly woman!]

[She is just doing this for the hype! When are you going to stop sucking off Chu Lings popularity]

[The people that she likes have the worst luck in the world!]

[I am on Chu Lings side!]

Little Stones fans felt deeply satisfied by the outcome.

[How many times must Little Stone repeat herself She already said she doesnt like Chu Ling anymore!]

[I got such a kick watching her cut the flowers off! I really wish the pair of scissors were aiming for his penis!]

[Hehehe! Little Stone is independent now! Please tell the guy to stop throwing himself at her!]

If Shi Jin was not a man, she would have sensed a draft in her nether regions.

She asked Yao Jiahong, “Did you post this”

“Of course it was me.

Who else would help you other than your talent agent Naturally, Im also doing this for Mr Fu,” replied Yao Jiahong proudly.

He learned of the events that transpired at the auction and spent some money to get his hands on this video.

Yao Jiahong was awestruck by Shi Jins performance when she was challenged repeatedly.

After watching her performance, he felt confident in making Shi Jin a big hit if she could start acting like a human rather than licking Chu Lings boots like a dog.

If she wanted to become a hit using her talent, she could no longer be connected to Chu Ling.

She had to stop giving people the impression she was throwing herself at Chu Ling.

Now that the perfect opportunity had landed in his lap, he had to use the video.

The video was a rare find.

Even if he paid for it to be filmed, it was hard to get the same effect.

Yao Jiahong felt happy with Shi Jins performance today.

“Thanks,” replied Shi Jin

Shi Jin felt that the video worked brilliantly.

If she wanted to cut ties with Chu Ling, it had to be a clean break.

She was never the wishy-washy sort anyway.

Even without showing her face, Little Stone was already the most popular contestant on the program.

She had already surpassed Wen Yongweis popularity even though she came in first.

She was overwhelmingly ahead of all the other contestants.

She might be ugly or used hype to get attention, but no one could say she was unpopular.


Chu Ling and Hu Lai were furious when they saw the video.

The fans naturally sensed Chu Lings anger.

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