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Chapter 8: See Him at Night

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Was Fu Xiuyuan going to let Shi Jin leave so easily

In the past, Fu Xiuyuan always ended up stopping Shi Jin regardless of how smart she tried to be.

Although she was able to go out in the past, she only managed to go after putting up a huge fight.

“Jin, what did you say to him Why is he so nice” asked Deng Yufei in surprise.

“He was always nice to begin with,” replied Shi Jin with a smile.

“Didnt you get into a fight yesterday”

Shi Jin looked at her.

“Are you hoping that we did”

Deng Yufei hurriedly shook her head.

“Of course not! Im your best friend.

I only want the best for you!”

Shi Jin smiled happily.

“I want the best for you too.”

Deng Yufei felt that Shi Jin had changed a lot and was starting to doubt her and seemed to be implying something when she spoke.

However, she was incapable of figuring out what was wrong or even whether Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan got into a fight after she left yesterday.

Also, she did not have a clue about Shi Jin and Fu Xiuyuan getting married.

The two of them soon arrived at the “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter filming location.

Shi Jin removed her mask and put on the mask that the staff gave her.

The show had dreams of being a pioneer among talent programs that only cared about looks and not ability.

All the participants had to abide by two criteria: 1) They had to use their original songs.

2) They were not allowed to show their faces throughout the program.

They wanted to promote truly talented singer-songwriters in the entertainment industry.

A few episodes of the program had already been aired, and Shi Jin managed to stay on thus far despite her inconsistent performance.

Deng Yufei had already made quite a name for herself owing to her unique voice.

Everyone looked towards Chu Ling when they heard the voice.

Chu Ling walked out with a huge retinue and looked very impressive.

He was one of the four instructors appearing on the show.

Chu Ling was the most popular idol singer in Country S, so he came with a huge following and a lot of media attention.

The “Ultimate Singer-Songwriter” managed to receive a healthy viewership when it first aired, mostly thanks to him.

Shi Jin looked towards the extraordinarily handsome man as well.

He was tall and lean and immaculately dressed in a designer suit.

His stylish necktie made him look very gentlemanly.

And his hair was meticulously done by a stylist and made his face flawless from every angle.

He was undoubtedly mesmerizing.

Shi Jin was obsessed with him for years in her past life.

Even though a part of it was due to his good looks, he was also there for her when she felt the most powerless.

However, now that she had scrutinized Fu Xiuyuan closely, she shockingly realized that Chu Ling was just a flickering light who could never compare to Fu Xiuyuans dazzling glory.

Deng Yufei caught sight of Shi Jin looking at Chu Ling infatuatedly, so she pulled Shi Jins hand and said, “Lets go backstage and find him!”

Chu Ling was Deng Yufeis cousin, so they were rather close.

However, their relationship was unknown to the public.

Shi Jin nodded and said, “Forget it.

Its too crowded.

Ill try again at night.”

Deng Yufei contemplated.

Then again, it made sense to meet at night since it made things look clandestine.

“The filming is about to start.

Places please, everyone!”

Shi Jin and Deng Yufei entered the set when they heard the film crew calling for them.

All the participants were wearing a mask on set, with only their bodies visible.

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