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She smiled.


Wei, Im sorry for what happened to you, but I cant accept that you want to blame me for something I didnt do.”

“Miss Wen, are you sure” Wei Qing asked firmly.

The sight of her like this frightened Wen Qian.

It shocked her, but how could she give in now

So what if Shi Jin helped her

She said, “I dont know what you mean.

You want to go the designer route, and I give you my blessing, but if youre going to step all over me.

Sorry about that.

Im not that generous.”

Wei Qing had already anticipated her attitude.

This was exactly the same attitude shed had before, never willing to admit that shed actually done such a thing.

Wei Qing said, “Then why dont we look at the big screen”

Before Wen Qian could react, the big screen opened and a video played.

Everyone was dumbfounded as they watched the video.

Wen Qian chose the dress from her stylist and changed into it.

Wei Qing, who was beside her, even said, “This dress looks a little familiar.

Miss Wen, are you sure you want to wear it without confirming the copyright”



On the video, Wen Qian said, “That wont be a problem.

Dont worry about it.”

Wen Qians eyes widened.

She had not expected Wei Qing to still have this video with her.

When filming the vlog, Wei Qing was indeed present.

However, after the incident, she asked the studio to delete all the relevant videos taken that day.

Everyones phones had been checked.

At that time, she had even checked the phones of the people in Wei Qings studio.

After confirming that it was safe, she completely fell out with Wei Qing and directly posted on Weibo that Wei Qing had chosen the clothes without her knowing.

However, Wei Qing actually had a video in her hands!

She was really too calm.

She had not made a sound or taken it out for so long!

By the time Wen Qian realized what was happening, all eyes were following her closely and on her face.

On the stage, Wei Qing could not hide her excitement.

“Miss Wen, after the incident, I looked for you many times, hoping that you could solve the problem, but you ignored me.

Our studios friends were scolded and insulted by fans.

There were even fans who came to our door to scold us.

We couldnt continue working and had to disband the studio.

I was under a lot of mental pressure myself.

Your fans are after me, but you dont care that Im looking for you.

It wasnt my intention to come this far and solve problems this way, but theres nothing I can do.

Youve ruined my career.

Even my family has been affected.

I cant live and go to work properly.

So this is the only way I can clear my name and get justice for myself.”

Her pitiful appearance made everyone sympathize with her.

Thinking back to when they were scolding her, everyone was more or less involved.

Everyone felt a little guilty and regretful.

Those feelings of guilt and regret turned to annoyance and hatred for Wen Qian.

“Wen Qian, you owe Wei Qing an apology!”

“Wen Qian, how can you do this to others Do you know what youve done”

“This is too much, Wen Qian.

She specializes in bullying people.

She made a mistake and still wants to push the blame.

I wonder how someone like you can still have the face to sit here”

“Not only did she bully and slander others, but she also allowed her fans to enter their real lives violently.

This is simply vicious!”



All the scolding reached Wen Qians ears.

Zhou Dawei also understood.

He frowned and asked, “Wen Qian, what exactly is going on”

“I… I…” Wen Qian didnt know how to explain.

All the stares and flashing lights made it impossible for her eyes to adjust.

All the scolding had her struggling to cope.

She simply closed her eyes and pretended to faint.

Seeing her like this, everyone had to stop talking.

When Zhou Dawei saw his wife faint, his heart ached for her.

He picked her up and strode out.

No one dared to force them.

Afraid that something would happen, they could only watch them leave.

Shi Jin did not ask anyone to chase after her.

There was no longer any need.

Wei Qing wanted justice, not for something to really happen to Wen Qian.

There were tears in Wei Qings eyes.

Someone below the stage said loudly, “Wei Qing, Im sorry.

I shouldnt have scolded you before.”

“Wei Qing, your design is very good.

I support you.”

“Just follow that path from now on.

You have the gift.

You can do it.”

“Dont cry.

We all know we were wrong.”

When these words came, Wei Qing had mixed feelings and finally cried loudly.

“Its okay, its okay,” Shi Jin said softly.

She threw herself into Shi Jins arms and cried.

The other supermodels also gathered around, some comforting, some passing tissues.

The scene was very harmonious.

The reporters captured the entire scene.

News spread like wildfire.

The trending searches went straight to the top.

The matter between Wei Qing and Wen Qian had also caused a huge commotion previously.

However, at that time, no one paid attention to Wei Qings follow-up.

In their agitation, they even echoed and scolded her.

Now that theyd seen the video of the scene and the performance of Wen Qian, what else wasnt clear

Everyone knew that Wei Qing had been wronged.

Previously, everyone had stood on Wen Qians side.

After all, she was a rare supermodel who had gone out of the country.

She represented everyones opinion of the entire S Nation.

They more or less felt that she was doing the country proud.

However, it was different this time.

Wei Qings show had shown everyone her talent—how many people would have a preference for talented people—not to mention that she had evidence that could confirm that she had been framed

Public opinion turned, and Wen Qian was condemned.

“You should apologize to Wei Qing.

A person like Wen Qian is not worthy of being a supermodel!”


Shes at the forefront of the trend.

She should know better than to wear knockoff items.

Its too much to blame someone for her own actions.”

“Wen Qian is the one who should come out and apologize!”

Backstage of the big show.

Wei Qing cried out all her feelings.

Then, when she looked up again, her eyes were filled with determination.

She looked at Shi Jin with excitement, but all she could say was, “Thank you.”

“Now, if you want to do your thing, do it,” Shi Jin said.

“Call me or Brother Yao if you need help.”

Wei Qing nodded heavily.

After this incident, her studio should be able to be reorganized immediately.

Everyones trust in her would also increase.

Besides working, she could continue to complete her designs.

The supermodels backstage looked down on Wen Qian when she was mentioned.

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