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The fans did not have any professional knowledge and were only responsible for admiring the beauty.

Whoever came out was admired.

Even though many supermodels faces did not conform to traditional aesthetics, under the light, makeup, and their own temperament, they would still show their moving charm.

Moreover, there were so many famous celebrities present.

By the time a half-hour show was over, the fans were still unsatisfied.

“Its over already”

“Can someone tell me whats going to happen next in most big shows like this”

“Next, the designer may have to thank the entire audience for appearing.

Perhaps a supermodel or guest will even speak.”

“Waiting for Shi Jin to speak.”

‘If only Eva could say something.


Although not everyone who was invited went up to speak as the fans had hoped, the cameramen were very smart.

They went straight through and captured the people they were interested in for several seconds, satisfying the wishes of their fans.

Shi Jin and the models appeared and bowed to thank everyone.

There was thunderous applause.

Shi Jin said, “Thank you for coming to our show.

Tonights show cannot do without the efforts of a young lady.

She is the chief designer of our show, Wei Qing! Please welcome her!”

“Ive never heard of it before.”

“It seems a little familiar.”

The people below the stage discussed.

Wen Qians expression immediately changed.

It was just a familiar name to others, but of course she knew who it was.

She couldnt forget that name.

Back then, she had hoped that she would get lucky and wear a set of clothes that the studios stylist had pirated from a big name brand.

She had thought that the big-name wouldnt take the initiative to pursue the matter.

She could still enjoy the vanity of wearing big-name over-season clothes.

However, when she put it on, the big name directly criticized her.

Back then, the industry was in an uproar.

As a supermodel, she should not have worn that dress especially since she knew that it was not a real dress borrowed from that brand.

If it had been more serious, she might even have been banned by the fashion industry.

She had no choice, but to blame the studio shed worked with.

Wei Qing had looked for her several times while crying.

How could she not know this name

Now, the designer of this show was actually Wei Qing


“Are you feeling unwell” Zhou Dawei asked quickly when he saw his wife fidgeting.

“I—Im fine.” At that moment, Wen Qian didnt know if she should leave or not.

What excuse could she give

Shi Jin and Wei Qing had designed this show together.

What were they going to do And how much evidence does Wei Qing have

Wen Qian had never cared about this problem before because she knew that Wei Qing was just a child from an ordinary working family.

She had no background at all and was completely helpless.

However, now that she was with Shi Jin, it was obvious that they were targeting her.

What exactly were they going to do

Unable to leave, and unable to sit in peace, Wen Qian looked uncomfortable.

Everyone was waiting for Wei Qing to appear.

Wei Qing walked out to the beat of the music.

Wen Qian recognized her as Wei Qing.

Someone below the stage also remembered.

“Isnt that Wei Qing from Wei Qings studio She had worked with Wen Qian before and seemed to have caused Wen Qian to be exposed by a big-name brand for plagiarism.

How can she have the cheek to show off”

“Thats right.

Does that mean all these things of hers are also suspected of being knockoffs”

“Why would Shi Jin cooperate with her”

There was a murmur of conversation.

The fans and passers-by who were here for drama in the comments also asked such questions.

Shi Jins fans were worried about her.

“Shi Jin, did you get cheated too”

“Shi Jin, just forget about introducing her.

Shes not a good person.”

“I still remember what happened with Wei Qing and Wen Qian last time.

Wen Qian was really screwed over by her.”

Wei Qing stood beside Shi Jin.

“Thank you all for coming to my show.

Thank you.”

Shi Jin said, “As I recall, you were questioned about copying a certain brand, right”

When Shi Jin brought the topic up, everyone below the stage pricked up their ears.

It was too blissful to be a spectator on such a big occasion.

Was Wei Qing going to make an explanation here today

Wen Qians nerves tightened.

Zhou Dawei did not know what was wrong with her and was a little worried.

“Why dont we leave first”

How could Wen Qian leave now So many reporters and celebrities knew that she had arrived today.

If she left just when Wei Qing was about to answer Shi Jins question, wouldnt that be admitting it

She had no choice but to say, “Its fine.

We can leave after its over.”

Among the millions of eyes, Wei Qing said, “Yes, theres such a thing.

My friends and I formed a studio called Wei Qing Studio.

Im in charge of the clothes, and the other friends are in charge of the makeup, styling, and so on.

Some of the clothes Im in charge of are bought from the brand, some are borrowed from the brand, and some are designed by me.

The clothes that Wen Qian, who was questioned last time, wore were not made by me.

Ive never touched them, and our friends in the studio have never touched them either.”

Back then, Wen Qian had caused a huge commotion.

Even Wen Qians career was facing a major crisis.

Fortunately, she stepped forward to clarify that this was a problem with Wei Qings studio, so no one continued to blame her.

The brand did not blame her either.

Instead, it was Wei Qings career that was facing a huge problem.

However, no one cared about Wei Qings identity.

No one paid attention to her.

Everyone only felt that she deserved it.

Only Wen Qians fans were still holding on to Wei Qing.

They kept holding on to her angrily.

Now, she said, she had had no part in this at all

Everyone couldnt help but look at Wen Qian in the back row.

The camera also focused on her.

Wen Qian was still trying to maintain her smile.

Her fans were also speaking up for her in the comments.

They felt that she could not possibly be this type of person.

Wei Qing turned to the audience and said to Wen Qian, “Miss Wen, Ive indeed worked with you before.

When I worked with you, the cosmetics and clothes I used were all recorded.

That incident really had nothing to do with me.

I hope you can clarify things with everyone and apologize to me.

I can let bygones be bygones.”

Everyone did not know if they should believe Wei Qing.

However, it did sound very reasonable for her to dare to say that in public with Shi Jin backing her up.

Had Wen Qian really framed her on purpose

All eyes continued to wait for Wen Qian.

Wen Qian guessed that she couldnt produce any evidence.

If she could, would she have waited until now

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