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Zhou Daweis Mandarin was average, so Wen Qian naturally answered on his behalf, “Because Daweis family is in politics to begin with, if he enters this line of work in the future, it will be equivalent to inheriting the family business.

Were all very happy that he has such an opportunity.

I believe he will still have good achievements in the economic field and other fields in the future.”

The reporters at the side were indeed very envious of Wen Qian.

A man like Zhou Dawei was tall, handsome, and doted on his wife.

His status was even more enviable.

To have such a husband, and for Wen Qian to have a successful career.

Who wouldnt be envious

Wen Qian smiled in response to the question.

She believed that she could step on Shi Jin again tonight.

Especially when it came to her husband.

She was confident that hers was much, much better than Shi Jins.

Wen Qian and Zhou Dawei entered and took their seats.

Many of those who knew Wen Qian came forward to greet her.

When many people saw Zhou Dawei, they couldnt help but feel envious.

“Wen Qian, youre really amazing.

Your career and love are perfect.”

“Wen Qian, does such a good husband have any good brothers or friends Can they be introduced to us”

Wen Qian accepted the round of compliments until the big show started.


Shi Jin was the first to appear.

Her outstanding silver mermaid dress appeared.

It was extremely well designed and very advanced.

As she appeared, the lights dimmed.

Only the ones on the catwalk kept flashing, making her seem like a mermaid approaching.

There was thunderous applause.

She walked to the front of the stage, perfectly centered, turned, and walked smartly back.

Then came the rest of the supermodels.

Whether it was Allah Bell, Jessica Lilith, Julia Jane, or JK Lores, they were all there, displaying their superior professional standards.

There were also some other supermodels who appeared one by one.

The clothes they were wearing were extremely creative.

Under the light, they showed perfect lines.

The buyers and fashion circle who were watching were talking softly.

‘The colour was used boldly, but it looks well coordinated.

“I have a feeling this flying sleeve design is going to be a fashion hit this year.”

“Im almost ready to know the direction of my next purchase.

Thats a nice outfit.

I really like the one that Lores is wearing.”

“I want to borrow Shi Jins outfit for my studio and take a look.”

A professionals opinion could determine the life or death of the designer.

Some of the fashion critics were very sharp-tongued and could comment however they wanted.

Some of the famous designers things could be criticized badly by them.

On the other hand, some of the things that they thought highly of might radiate new vitality in their pens and articles.

From the subjective performance of the people present, one could tell that the clothes on the stage were really not bad.

Everyone spontaneously approved of them.

Some people were already discussing it.

“So who exactly is the designer this time”


“It could be a big designer.

Or it could be completely unknown.

As you know, Shi Jin sometimes likes to promote niche designs.”

“After watching this show, Im not that curious about the designer.

I just want to say that Shi Jins aesthetics are really good.

However, whenever she walks on the stage, I can basically get the fashion elements from back then.”

This show was broadcasted live.

Therefore, the fans could see it too.

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