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Speaking of which, Wen Qians status was not low either.

She had even briefly reached the top three of the supermodel rankings.

However, her status in the supermodel circle still hadnt reached the point where she could call the shots.

“Besides, these are just publicity.

When the time comes, there might not be so many people who can really come,” Yue Xiu said.

However, what she said did not come true at all.

At the moment, the people were already reselling tickets underhandedly.

The price of the tickets had already reached an astonishing five figures.

Any of these popular people would have been enough to garner attention, not to mention so many people put together.

For a moment, the entire entertainment industry was in an uproar over this matter.

Everyone was trying to guess who the designer would be.

Wei Qing was already nervous when she saw the various news.

“Can these costumes of mine really be used on such a large stage”


“Are you afraid” Shi Jin asked.

She nodded, then immediately shook her head.

“I can do it!”

“All you have to do is ensure the quality of each set of clothes.

Remember, Wei Qing, whether you can make a comeback and where you go in the future depends on you.”

“Thank you for helping me.

I wont let you down.”

“I dont need you to say that to me.” Shi Jin shook her head.

“Because the person you and I are dealing with, Wen Qian, is our equal competitor.”

Shi Jin originally did not take Wen Qian seriously, but Wen Qian had stepped on her and Fu Xiuyuan.

This was something she could not tolerate.

Although on the surface, Shi Jin didnt seem to care at all, once there was a chance to retaliate, how could she ignore it completely

Wen Qian, she stepped on the wrong person!

The first day of the show.

The supermodels and movie stars on the list appeared at the airport.

The reporters who stayed behind were excited and quickly took photos.

They really did not expect that the people on the list would really appear in front of them one by one.

This was completely a banquet for fashion!

The supermodels were used to the cameras and waved at them.

The reporters got even more excited.

For the entire day, various super powerful names appeared on the trending searches.

Things like Jiang Yuhengs arrival at the airport, his handsome appearance, Fang Tangs cute airport outfit, and the low-key movie queen Evas low-key appearance appeared on the searches.


Allah Bell was changing.

When she saw what she was wearing, she smiled and threw up her hands.

“Originally, I wanted to ask the designer who she really was.

When I saw the clothes, I knew.

No need to ask.


The other supermodels also teased, “These clothes are definitely among the Top 10 Ive seen before.

Theyre very great.”

Wei Qing was busy among them.

She had never been so busy, but she had never been so happy either.

A rare smile appeared on her face.

Richard Donald walked in and opened his arms.

“Shi Jin!”

Shi Jin pushed his arm away.

“Richard, Im a married woman now.”

“Woops, forget it!” Richard Donald threw up his hands.

“Does that mean Ill completely lose my freedom to hug”

“Well, not completely.” Shi Jin shook his hand.

“Thanks for coming over.”

“Ive long wanted to come and take in the sights of S Country, the ancient mysteries of the East, and Im prepared to stay longer this time.

Be a good host.”

Richard Donald stared seriously at Shi Jin.

“Beauty, how can you be so confused that you married so soon Is that man as handsome and tall as I am”

Shi Jin smiled.

“In my heart, hes the tallest and the most handsome.”

“So, objectively speaking, hes not as good as me, is he” Richard Donald gave her a confident wink.

As he was talking to Shi Jin, his gaze was suddenly attracted by the Asian man walking in through the door.

As if the sun had broken through the haze, Richard Donald paused for a few seconds as the mans handsome, aggressive, and conquering face appeared.

He had always felt that the facial features of people in S Country were not as defined as those of Europeans and Americans.

Shi Jin was already considered very superior.

She had both Western-style definition and had an oriental charm.

However, the man who entered was so superior that Richard Donald could not help but sigh.

What kind of magic was this

“Wow, theres actually such a handsome man!” He whistled, not changing his flirtatious nature.

Shi Jin turned around and smiled.


So, what Shi Jin said just now was both a subjective and objective impression

Fu Xiuyuan walked over and stood beside Shi Jin very naturally and intimately.

Richard Donald was the first to extend his hand.

“Richard Donald, humbled.

Its our first meeting, good to meet you.”

After shaking hands with Fu Xiuyuan, he turned around and said to Shi Jin, “Shi Jin, youre really reasonable.

If I encounter someone like that, I definitely wont wait either.”

Wen Qian appeared with her husband, Zhou Dawei.

Zhou Dawei was his S Country name.

He was of mixed race and had a very European face.

He was very handsome.

The reason Wen Qian had come was not only because she really wanted to witness the situation of this big show, but also because she wanted to ride on the popularity of this show.

Everyone knew that in the entertainment industry, when you were inferior to others, you had to freeload.

When you were better than others, you had to avoid freeloading.

How could Wen Qian not come to such an occasion tonight

Although she didnt get a formal invitation, there were many people at the scene.

It wasnt difficult to get invitations from other sources.

As soon as they entered the scene, reporters were taking photos.

Seeing Wen Qian and Zhou Dawei, the reporters were happy to be able to film them.

They immediately went forward.

“Wen Qian, can we interview you”

“Of course.” That was exactly what Wen Qian wanted.

“You came to the show with your husband.

Any thoughts on the show tonight”

“Were very supportive of all outstanding designers.

As a supermodel, Im naturally very happy to see more and more designers rise.”

“You and your husband seem very loving”

Wen Qian generously kissed Zhou Dawei on the cheek, and he returned the kiss.

She said, “Our relationship is good, so were naturally very loving.

Dawei is also happy to spend time with me in public.

Usually, were busy and spend more time apart.

This time, he came over from Wall Street and will spend a few more days with me.”

“I really envy you guys.

Youre so lucky to have such a good husband,” the reporter said.

“Dawei is certainly wonderful.

He supported me no matter what I do.

And we arent together because of each others profession or identity.

We are together because we truly love each other.”

“I heard that Mr.

Zhou is currently participating in the parliamentary election and will be in politics in the future”

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