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“The kind that has its own copyright,” Shi Jin said very seriously.

“I can!” Wei Qing nodded heavily!

Shi Jin said, “If you can, I can help you hold a big show.

No one reads your stuff, right No one listens to what you say Dont you want more people to know about your grievances Then say it out loud.

When you have the strength, there will be enough people to listen!”

“Ill walk your main show, and Ill invite some friends over.

You dont have to think about the popularity issue.”

Wei Qings eyes were filled with tears.

“Shi Jin, I…”

“Theres no need to say so much.

Its decided.

Brother Yao, bring Wei Qing to our studio and find a room for her to stay in for the time being.

During this period of time, find a staff member to take care of Wei Qing.

If she needs anything, help take care of her.”

Before Wei Qing left, she suddenly turned around and asked, “Shi Jin, why do you trust me like this And why did you see through the sleeping pills in my bag”

Shi Jin said flatly, “Intuition.”

Wei Qing stared at her blankly for a moment before turning to leave.

In addition to intuition, there was the reason for her rebirth.

In her previous life, she had known that there was such a thing.

A stylist had been framed and had committed suicide.

Sometimes, the power of fans was too terrifying.

Without reasonable guidance by celebrities, they would sometimes do very extreme things.

Combined with these things, Shi Jin realized that she was the girl who had committed suicide.

Since she had encountered injustice, she naturally would not stand by and do nothing.

Shi Jin communicated with Aries Ahol.

“Id like to postpone your big show a little, Aries.

Something else came up at the last minute and I need to help with another show.”

In the face of her honesty, Aries Ahol was both pleased and sorry.

“Then Ill have to change a lot of my schedule.”

“Sorry, Aries.

If you want to use other people for that, I dont mind.

If you see any supermodels you like, any I know, Ill hook you up.”

“No, no, no, Shi Jin.

I mean, I can wait for you.

Go ahead and do your own thing.

I can wait for you on my end.” Aries Ahol maintained enough sincerity for Shi Jin.

“Thanks, Aries.

I owe you this one.”

“Shi Jin, I cant tell you how happy I am that you owe me.

It means I can ask of you next time without any burden.”

Shi Jin smiled.

After settling this matter, she started contacting the other models.

There were still many models needed to help Wei Qing walk the runway.

However, this was not difficult at all.

Previously, when she was helping her second brother, Gu Zehan, not only did she get to know many models, but she also helped many models rise in their careers and became close friends with them.

As soon as Shi Jin asked, whether they were in America or Europe, or in Country S, the models immediately said, “Give me a confirmed time.

Ill make a special trip there no matter what.”

Hearing that Aries Ahols show was going to be postponed, and that there was even a good chance that Shi would not be able to continue with this one, Wen Qian went to find Aries Ahol again.

Aries Ahol was watering the plants.

Wen Qian stood behind him and smiled.


Ahol, I can do anything Shi Jin can.

Any schedule.

If it were up to me, you wouldnt have to postpone your show at all.

I could match your time anytime.”

“No need, Miss Wen.

I can wait until Shi Jin is done with her matters.”

“Im busy watering the flowers.” Aries Ahol pointed to his flowers.

“Are you staying to help”

He was rejecting her.

Naturally, Wen Qian couldnt stay any longer.

However, she did not expect that he would rather wait for Shi Jin than replace her.

On Shi Jins side, the publicity was immediately released.

“Mysterious genius designer, Super Show.

Stay tuned.”

The models who came to participate included: Shi Jin, Allah Bell, Jessica Lilith, Julia Jane, JK Lores, and the top supermodels in the country.

The artistes who came to support and watch the show were even the French Best Actress Eva, the new generation of Hollywood celebrity Richard Donald, and the current popular artistes Jiang Yuheng, Yan Xin, Fang Tang, and so on.

The lineup was astonishing.

Not to mention all the names on it, just picking one of them would be very appealing.

For example, Fang Tang was the current super sweetheart and the female lead of many idol dramas.

Needless to say, Jiang Yuheng had just become famous.

Yan Xin also stabilized herself after becoming famous.

Eva did not come to Country S easily.

Richard Donald was even more popular in Europe and America.

The fans who saw this lineup were stunned.

“Is this a scene I can see”

“As Richards fan, Im shocked and stunned.

In my lifetime, who would have thought I could see him without leaving the country!”

“Wow, theres actually Julia Jane.

Sigh, Ive fulfilled my dream.”

“Am I dreaming Am I awake Which super powerful designer is this She must be very famous, right”

“Anyway, Im looking forward to it.

I wonder if the venue will be open to fans.”

“Already made inquiries.

In addition to the invited artists and supermodels, there are a number of media and fashion buyers who will be there, as well as some other guests.

There may be a few fan slots left.”

“Yeah, I heard itll be broadcasted live.

Im looking forward to it!”

“Can I say that this must be because of Shi Jin Any one of these people seems to be related to Shi Jin.”

“Yeah, I think our Little Stones circle is bigger than Id ever dare to imagine.”

After this lineup was released, it attracted countless attention and spontaneously became a hot topic.

The marketing accounts were also moving.

Some small models even got people to post marketing articles to show that they were also invited.

However, these things that were used to gain popularity were not worthy of the fans attention.

Most peoples attention was on the super powerful guest list.

Yue Xiu and Wen Qian did not expect Shi Jins appeal to be so powerful.

She had invited so many powerful figures to attend at once.

Yue Xiu said calmly, “They might not be here for Shi Jins face.

They might also be here for that famous designers title.”

“Thats true.

In the fashion industry, what are models At most, theyre just tools to display clothes.

The designer is the treasure.

In every show, the person with appeal can only be the designer.”

Wen Qian nodded.

However, she was still envious when she saw so many people from the fashion and entertainment circles coming over.

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