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Shi Jin sat down with the medicine bottle and said, “Tell me what happened.

Why are you doing this”

“I…” Wei Qings tears fell, but she tried her best not to cry.

“Cry if you want to.

After youre done crying, control your emotions and talk again.” Shi Jin pointed at the tissues on the table in front of her.

Wei Qing really cried.

She could not stop her tears, but she was still holding back.

Shi Jin waited quietly for her to finish crying.

Finally, when she was done crying, she said, “Im sorry.

Id better take the clothes back.

I might get you in trouble if I do.”

“I asked you to talk, not take your clothes back.

Here, explain why you plan to take sleeping pills”

Shi Jins tone was not soft.

It was almost stern.

However, her attitude gave people a great sense of peace and security.

It made people believe that she could help resolve the situation and not just watch a joke.

Wei Qing finally spoke.

“Previously, when I did makeup for artistes, I usually worked with them on a single basis.

My studio usually went to their door to serve them.

The one I met last time… her own team chose a gown for her.

It looked similar to a big-name brand.

They must have copied a big-name brand.

She was exposed by others and scolded by fans.

Without my knowing, she gave an interview directly and said that our team chose the clothes for her.

Wei Qing bit her lip before continuing, “The fans directly scolded our team until we disbanded.

Our team was originally made up of a few little girls.

They scolded us every day and even came to cause trouble.

Everyone had no choice, but to go their separate ways.

Even now, I, the main makeup artist, am still being scolded.

The day I met you, I actually wanted to jump into the river…”

She recalled that day.

It happened to be when she was being harassed to the point of moving again.

She was walking along the street with something in her hand when she met Shi Jin.

Shi Jin helped her pick up her things.

Her attitude had always been kind.

Seeing her in the rain, she even gave her an umbrella.

It rekindled her hope for people, for survival.

So she turned back and did not go to the riverside again.

However, in the past few days, those people had become even worse.

They even found her parents workplace and harassed them.

Wei Qing thought that it might be better for her to die.

At least her family would not be harassed by these people and they would not suffer because of her.

Before she died, she felt that she still owed Shi Jin something.

She thought of the dress she had once designed and tried her best to finish it.

She wanted to give it to Shi Jin as a repayment for her kindness that day.

After she finished speaking, she remembered that she was someone who was about to die and was full of bad luck.

Giving Shi Jin clothes was actually causing trouble for her.

“Im sorry, Ill take the clothes.

Im really sorry.” Wei Qing stood up, grabbed the clothes, and was about to leave.

Shi Jins serious voice rang out.

Wei Qing stopped in her tracks.

“The artist who slandered you was Wen Qian” Shi Jin asked.

She also remembered reading about it on the news.

However, it had nothing to do with her at that time.

She only skimmed through the trending searches.

“Tell me in more detail whats going on.

And how can you prove that its not actually your problem, that its a problem with Wen Qian”

“I have a video of it.

I was there when she chose the costume.

I even took a vlog for her.

My own phone was on and I recorded part of it.

She didnt post her vlog.

When I posted mine, no one recognized it.

I dont know anyone, I have no resources, and no one would believe me.

As soon as my video was posted, it was drowned in so much other content.”

Wei Qing showed the phone to Shi Jin.

The video was already very clear.

Wen Qian said to her stylist, “I need someone fashionable.

This event is very important.”

“Wen Qian, what do you think of these” Her stylist brought out several sets for her.

“Theyre all the trendiest styles and fabrics of the year.

Which one do you think would be more appropriate”

“Where did you get the clothes” Wen Qian asked.

The stylist smiled and said, “Everyone in the team and I made this according to this years trends.”

“All right, let me see.” Wen Qian looked at one of them, her eyes shifting.

“This one,” she said.


Then change into it.”

This section could completely prove that the clothes had nothing to do with Wei Qing.

They were all chosen internally.

At that time, they had recorded this vlog with the intention of posting the backstage selection of clothes on the Internet for their fans to see.

However, after the incident, her clothes were exposed to be plagiarizing a brand and everything was pinned on Wei Qing.

Wen Qian did not have many fans, but she was very powerful and had forced Wei Qing to this point.

Shi Jin thought for a moment.

In the vlog, the look on Wen Qians face when she saw the dress made it obvious that she had actually recognized that the dress matched a big-name brand.

In other words, it was obviously a plagiarized outfit.

Shed chosen that one anyway.

Most likely, she thought, the big names wouldnt pursue these matters.

If she put it on herself, she might even convince the fans that she was big enough to be chosen by the big names to wear the new clothes.

She might not have expected the brand to be so stubborn as to accuse her directly.

If a supermodel was plagued by such accusations, her future would be a little difficult.

Therefore, Wen Qian quickly shifted the blame to Wei Qing.

Shi Jin thought for a moment and figured out what had happened.

It had to be said that what she had reasoned out was also basically close to the truth of the matter.

Wei Qing looked at Shi Jin apprehensively.

“Are you going to die just for this” Shi Jin asked.

Wei Qing lowered her head.

She had already been scolded by her fans and forced to move three times in three months.

“Im fine myself, but my parents… My mother wasnt in good health to begin with, and now those fans are heading to their workplace to scold her.

I dont know what to do…”

Shi Jin brought the clothes over.

“Ill take the clothes, provided you live well.

Is this the only outfit you made”

“Our studio specializes in makeup.

Im in charge of styling.

Im usually very interested in fashion design and have made a lot of clothes, but this set is the best,” Wei Qing said softly.

“Your parents will be even more troubled by your death.

You know your mother isnt well.

How can she be better off with you gone”

Wei Qing bit her lip and remained silent.

“Can you gather fifty sets of clothes of similar quality to this one in ten days” Shi Jin asked.

“I can!” Wei Qing said immediately.

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