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The girl took it in a daze and clenched it in her palm.

After this matter, Shi Jin did not take it to heart and drove away.

Yue Xiu and Wen Qian came out quickly.

Neither looked happy.

Wen Qian said, “Forget it.

Aries Ahol wont relent, so Ill just keep going with my original spot.

Theres no hurry for this moment.”

“Aries Ahol is stubborn enough to use Shi Jin like this.

Shi Jin isnt a professional model.

Is she really that useful” Yue Xiu couldnt figure out why the people around her treated Shi Jin so well.

Those who were not professional models could also obtain these resources.

“Shi Jin is in the main show position while you are in the ordinary position.

If this was a television drama, it would be equivalent to you supporting her.

Theres no reason to suppress you like this,” Yue Xiu said.

Wen Qian shook her head.

“We cant help it if Aries Ahol doesnt relent.

You know how they are in fashion.

They dont give in easily unless they want to.”

Even so, Wen Qian had a backup plan.

If she walked the main show, it would be fine if Shi Jin walked the ordinary position, but now that Shi Jin was the main show, she could use Shi Jins popularity.

In terms of popularity, supermodels were still far inferior to celebrities.

Hence, when she returned, the articles were immediately released.

Articles by marketing accounts were also bought.

“Rumor has it that Shi Jin will take the lead in Aries Ahols big show, along with the supermodel, Wen Qian, who has a promising future in Europe.

Speaking of which, both of them are married.

Wens husband is an elite Wall Street investor, and Shi Jins husband might be an ordinary person with no name.

Everyone feels sorry for Shi Jin.

What does everyone think”

The content of such an article seemed to be just an introduction of the situation and asking for everyones opinion.

However, it was clearly stepping on Shi Jin.

Not only did they step on Shi Jin, but they also promoted Wen Qian.

At the same time, they also stepped on Shi Jins husband, who was not as good as Wen Qians husband.

In the eyes of an uninformed passerby, it would create the impression that Wen Qian was almost as famous as Shi Jin.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be compared.

At the same time, Shi Jin seemed to be inferior to Wen Qian in many ways

As soon as a large number of such articles appeared, more people would know the name Wen Qian.

When it came to marketing, Wen Qians agent was indeed very forward-thinking.

As long as there was a chance, they would definitely step on someone to get to the top.

After Yao Jiahong saw this, Shi Jin naturally saw it too.

Indeed, many passers-by were discussing.

“Thats right.

We still dont know what Shi Jins husband does.

Could it be that he really is an embarrassment to introduce”

“No matter who Shi Jins husband is, Wen Qians husband is indeed very powerful.

Ive seen him in many financial magazines before.

Im envious of Wen Qian.”

“Sigh, other than not being as good-looking as Shi Jin, Wen Qian doesnt seem to have any regrets in her life.

I heard that her husbands family is also a senator family.

Theyre also very impressive.”

“I support Shi Jins freedom to fall in love and get married, but if she casually marries a man, I still feel regretful for her!”

“Sigh, Shi Jin, Shi Jin, marry me!”

Shi Jin put down her phone.

“You think you can get promoted by stepping on me Wen Qian is still too optimistic about the entertainment industry in Country S.”

“But if this continues, it will indeed make your fans question your choice.

Why dont you…”

“The entertainment industry is too messy.

Theres no need to implicate him.

I can just be scolded alone.

Why should I let him be scolded as well and worry twice” Shi Jin rejected Yao Jiahongs suggestion.

Yao Jiahong sometimes envied Shi Jin for Fu Xiuyuans unreserved love.

Sometimes, he would also envy Fu Xiuyuan.

He had probably saved the Milky Way in his previous life to manage to get a lover like Shi Jin in this life.

Sometimes, he didnt even know whether to envy Fu Xiuyuan or Shi Jin.

“Go ahead and arrange for the Aries Ahol show, Brother Yao.”

Shi Jin waved her hand and said.

After Yao Jiahong left, Shi Jin was about to close her eyes and rest when Yao Jiahong returned.

“Is there anything else”

“Theres a girl looking for you.

She said she accidentally bumped into your car last time…”

Shi Jin nodded.

“Theres indeed such a thing.

I saw that she was a little injured.

If she wants compensation, give her a reasonable amount.

Ive already instructed my assistant last time.”

“No, she said she had something she wanted to give you.

Its already downstairs.

I didnt want her to see you, but she was holding a dress in her hand and it was very stunning… And this girl looks a little familiar.”

A moment later, the young girl was brought up along with the dress.

She looked better than she had that night, but she was still pale.

Only a corner of the dress she was holding was revealed, but it was indeed very stunning.

Shi Jin had seen so many good clothes, but she was still shocked.

It could be seen why Yao Jiahong was so shocked just now.

Shi Jin found her familiar, but she could not remember where she had seen her before.

This familiarity was not because she had seen her when she bumped into car, but as if she had seen her before that.

“Shi Jin, I wanted to give you this outfit.” She took it in both hands.

“I hope you dont mind.”

Finally, Shi remembered her name.

“Are you Wei Qing”

“Have you heard my name” Wei Qing was pleasantly surprised.

“I know.

You used to do makeup for some artists.

I remember seeing you in some public dressing rooms.” Shi Jin only remembered after thinking hard.

“Yes, its me.” Wei Qing took the initiative to spread out the dress.

It was a very luxurious and very beautiful dress.

It was so stunning that one could not take their eyes off it.

“I took a long time to make this.

If youre willing to accept it, Ill be very happy.”

“Why are you giving it to me”

Wei Qing bit her lip.

“I think only you are worthy of it.

Dont worry, I really mean no harm.

Please accept it.”

“Okay, Ill take it,” Shi Jin said after a moments thought.

“Thank you.”

“Youre welcome.

Im really glad you took it.

Ill be on my way.”

“Wait.” Shi Jin reached her and grabbed her wrist.

Wei Qing was stunned.

Shi Jin grabbed Wei Qings bag and quickly took out a bottle of sleeping pills.

Wei Qing was shocked and said, “What are you doing Give it back to me!”

Shi Jin shook it and glanced at it.

“Two hundred pieces Are you planning to eat them all in one go”

“I… I dont.

Dont… dont talk nonsense.” Wei Qing was clearly flustered.

How did Shi Jin know that she was going to take these pills

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