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“Well, youre born and bred here, arent you” Aries Ahol beckoned her over.

“Quick, take a look at the main show outfit Ive designed for you.

Youre the opening and finale this time.

You must be made beautiful.

Look, isnt it luxurious and suits you”

Shi Jins eyes lit up at the sight of the costume.

Aries Ahol lived up to his reputation as a fashion genius.

The clothes he designed were indeed very stylish.

She could already imagine what she would look like in it.

Aries Ahol called his two female assistants over to help Shi Jin change.

“See if theres anything that needs to be altered.”

When Shi Jin came out, he clapped his hands and praised, “Perfect, perfect!”

It was hard to tell if he was praising his own design talent or Shi Jin.

Perhaps it was both.

“No need to change anything.

No need at all.

Excellent.” Aries Ahol was pleased.

“Then Ill come over when youre sure of the time,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

She was also very pleased with the main show outfit she was wearing.

“Cant you talk to me more”

Shi Jin smiled and sat down.

“Then lets have coffee again.”

Aries Ahol shrugged.

“What a surprise.

Ive only just arrived and Ive already received news of your marriage.

This is the wedding present for you.”

Shi Jin accepted it graciously.

“Thank you.”

She had a good chat with Aries Ahol.

When Shi Jin left, she had changed into her own clothes.

She stepped out.

At the same time, Yue Xiu and Wen Qian were making their way inside.

“I heard this time that Aries Ahol chose the same model for the main show and finale,” Wen Qian said.

“Thats rare on a lot of shows.

I have to fight for at least one of them.”

“I didnt prepare much of a gift for you this time that youre back from abroad.

As a friend, Ill try to help you convince Aries Ahol,” Yue Xiu said.

The two had always been close and on good terms, so Yue Xiu was naturally willing to help Wen Qian.

At Aries Ahols level, Wen Qian and her agent were actually not up to his par.

This time, Yue Xiu had to introduce her to Aries Ahol.

Wen Qian nodded.

“Its a good thing I have you, Yue Xiu.

Otherwise I wouldnt have the opportunity to come and fight for it.”

“Friends dont talk about such things.”

The two of them walked forward and saw Shi Jin coming out.

An old man dressed very fashionably sent her out, their actions friendly.

Wen Qian recognized him as Aries Ahol.

And Yue Xiu recognized Shi Jin.

Yue Xiu frowned.

Why was Shi Jin here

Shi Jin walked over and ran into them.

Wen Qian recognized Shi Jin too.

Yue Xiu greeted her.

“Shi Jin, are you here to see Aries Ahol”

“To fight for the main show and the finale” Yue Xiu asked with a smile.

Shi Jin looked at her in surprise.

“Fight for it”

As if she heard a funny joke.

Yue Xiu immediately saw the true meaning in her eyes and said in disbelief, “Are you the main show and the finale”

Shi Jin felt that Yue Xiu had many misunderstandings about her.

She raised her eyebrows blandly, a slight mocking glint on the end of her eyes.

“What else could I be”

Shi Jin rarely walked the catwalk anymore unless she wanted to.

She had only agreed to Aries Ahol because she had known him for a long time.

Wen Qian was also surprised.

Aries Ahol has already decided on someone And its Shi Jin

Wen Qian had originally looked down on Shi Jin.

As supermodels, their status and everything else had been built step by step on the stage.

Although Shi Jin had indeed participated in very impressive shows, in their eyes, Shi Jin was ultimately just an actor and a celebrity.

In the modeling industry, many people did not treat Shi Jin as a competitor and looked down on her non-professional background.

Therefore, Wen Qian had never expected that Shi Jin would be the main and finale of Aries Ahols show.

Yue Xiu was also surprised.

“Shi Jin, can you handle so many things at once”

“I dont think Miss Yue needs to worry about that, right”

Wen Qian couldnt help but say, “Shi Jin, are you that Shi Jin who caused a commotion about your marriage some time ago I havent congratulated you on your marriage yet.”

“Thank you.” Shi Jin heard the sarcasm in her words, but she accepted it politely.

She was congratulating her on her marriage.

She certainly didnt object or mind.

Wen Qian said again, “I wonder who your husband is.

When will you bring him out for everyone to see”

“Who are you to me that I should bring my husband to you” Shi Jin asked.

Shi Jin said flatly, “My husband is busy.

He doesnt have the time to meet just anybody.”

With that, she headed straight out.

Both Wen Qian and Yue Xiu were annoyed.

“What kind of background does this Shi Jin have to be so arrogant” Wen Qian asked.

“Her family isnt completely without background, but its been in decline for a long time.

They slipped out of the four major families and are nothing,” Yue Xiu said disdainfully.

“This husband probably doesnt have anything.

With Shi Jins personality, if this husband of hers is very powerful, do you think she would still hide it and not market it Compared to your husband, her husband is definitely far inferior.

Hes not even worthy of carrying your husbands shoes.”

Wen QIan smiled blissfully at the mention of her husband.

Yue Xiu was right.

Her husband was formidable.

He was of mixed race, an investment elite on Wall Street, and his family was a family of U.S.

state senators.

She had already marketed her husband several times.

The outside world was full of envy for her happy married life.

‘Lets go and see Aries Ahol first.

After Shi Jin came out, she drove away.

Just as she drove out, a figure walked out from the side and almost collided with Shi Jins car.

Shi Jin hurriedly stepped on the brakes.

She immediately got out of the car to check.

A young girl had fallen to the ground, the thing she was holding falling as well.

“Are you okay” Shi Jin went to check on her.

“I—Im fine.

I—Im sorry.

I wasnt paying attention to your car…” She quickly apologized.

“Im sorry.”

Shi Jin picked it up for her.

“Are you sure youre not hurt”

“Yes, yes, I dont think Im hurt.” She shook her head.

She was a little timid, but she actually looked very elegant.

A light rain had started to fall, but she didnt take an umbrella.

The drops wet her hair, making it cling to her head in a pathetic way.

Shi Jin turned and took an umbrella from the car.

She pressed it into her hand.

The girl froze for a moment, then clutched the umbrella tightly.

Seeing that she seemed fine, yet not completely fine, Shi Jin couldnt decide what was wrong with her.

Shi Jin left her her assistants business card.

“Go back and get a checkup.

If there are any problems, call this number.”

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