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Manager Lu said aggrievedly, “Master Yue, you have to comment on this.”

When everyone heard that they were about to fight, they couldnt help but walk over.

Hearing Manger Lu becoming agitated, they quickly came over to persuade him.

“Manager Lu, dont be agitated.

If anyone offends you, you can talk nicely.”

“Everyone, come and comment on this.

How could Professor Tan do this”

When everyone heard that he had offended Professor Tan, it was a little difficult to say anything.

Professor Tan was a fair person and had excellent knowledge.

He was also a famous professor at Imperial Capital University.

Why were these two arguing

Yue Feng quickly said, “Speak slowly.”

“Lanchen is already in our team.

In the future, he will have a very good career plan.

After he retires, he can be a leader, a coach, or a partner in the team.

These are all career plans for a lifetime.”

Yue Feng nodded in agreement.

“But Professor Tan is now getting Lanchen to do research with him.

He even said that its some new field and wants him to go back and study quickly.

Isnt that stabbing a knife into my heart”

Professor Tan was not convinced either.

“A talent like Lanchen is suitable for scientific research.

Look at his train of thought.

His horizons, his opinion of science.

Look, how can you bear to not let such a talent flow into our research institute”

When Yue Feng heard this, he could not help but look at Madam Yue before asking, “Professor Tan, why do you say that”

“Look at this test paper that Lanchen did.

This unique solution.

His comprehension and perception are really extraordinary.

If he doesnt follow me to the research institute, it will really be a waste of gods gifts and talent!”

In the past, they had thought that Yue Lanchen was useless.

They had not expected him to leap to such an ability in one go.

Looking at him again, or at Shi Jin, their eyes could not help being filled with envy and admiration.

Yue Xin and Yu Qingzhou retreated awkwardly.

For a moment, they were too embarrassed to stand in the middle of the crowd, their faces flushed red.

Only then did Yue Feng realize that these two people were fighting for his son.

He was actually more shocked than the others, but at the same time, his face was filled with relief.

His son had really grown up faster than he had expected!

Madam Yue smiled at her son and said, “Professor Tan, Manager Lu, you dont have to quarrel.

We respect Lanchens decision about what he likes to do.

You should sit down and have a good talk with him.”

Professor Tan and Manager Lu immediately turned to Yue Lanchen.

“Lanchen, lets talk.”

The two of them grabbed one of his arms each.

Yue Lanchen said, “Arent you here to celebrate me today Why dont we talk after today Lets set a time to have a good chat”

“Alright, alright.” Professor Tan immediately took out his phone.

“Come, come, give me your contact number.”

Manager Lu was certain of his victory.

Anyway, Yue Lanchen still had to return to the team with him.

He and Yue Lanchen still had time to talk.

Yue Xiu watched from the side unhappily.

She had never expected that the cousin she had looked down on in the past would become a hot commodity overnight.

As for Yue Xin and Yu Qingzhou, they had long stopped talking.

On the other hand, Jiang Lian went forward and said, “Congratulations, Lanchen.

Professor Tan has a lot of classes and you can learn a lot.

Not everyone can go even if they want to.”

“We can chat together in the future when we have the chance,” Yue Lanchen replied with a smile.

Yu Qingzhou stood by the side and suddenly felt his heart stop.

It seemed like Yue Lanchen was planning to support Jiang Lian

He was a little regretful that he had treated Yue Lanchen like that to flatter Yue Xin.

However, it was clearly impossible to get close to Yue Lanchen now.

The banquet continued happily.

Shi Jin got up and bade farewell to everyone, leaving.

“Lanchen, go send your Sister Shi off.” Madam Yue knew that she was busy and did not get her to stay any longer.

Yue Lanchen sent Shi Jin to the door and scratched his head.

“Sister Shi, do you think Professor Tans words make sense Can I really do research”

“Whether you do it or not depends on you.

If you still have the time after you retire from the team, I think its not impossible.”

“I wonder if Ill be very busy then.”

“Time is squeezed out,” Shi Jin said with a smile.

Yue Lanchen smiled.

“Alright, Ill do our best to squeeze some time out then.”

When Shi Jin left, Fu Xiuyuans car had just arrived.

She got into the car and waved the gift box in her hand.

“A gift from Lan Chen.”

“This child is quite empathetic and knows how to be grateful.

He remembers almost everyone who is good to him.

He won the prize money for this competition and bought quite a few gifts.”

Fu Xiuyuan raised his eyebrows and said, “Is he still a child”

Shi Jin stuck out her tongue.

“Let me help you open it”

Fu Xiuyuan had no objections, so Shi Jin helped him open it.

There was a diamond-studded tie clip inside.

It had good aesthetics and was low-key, but not luxurious.

Its overall temperament was very stable, the kind that Fu Xiuyuan could wear.

Shi Jin fastened the tie clip for Fu Xiuyuan and said with a smile, “It looks quite good.”

Hence, Fu Xiuyuan did not take it off and decided to wear it for the rest of the day.

Shi Jins next work plan was a modeling gig.

Currently, apart from going on some international shows, she mostly supported some talented designers in the country.

“The information for Aries Ahols new collection runway is here.” Yao Jiahong handed the document to Shi Jin.

“Take a look.”

“Not bad,” Shi Jin said as she flipped through the pages.

“Aries Ahol is still young.

These designs are very original.

Which other models will participate”

“Apart from you being the main model, there are other models both domestically and overseas.

The most famous person in the country is called Wen Qian.

She has been to many large fashion shows overseas and is also a red blood spokesperson.”

The so-called red-blooded endorsement referred to the endorsement of high-end luxury clothes.

Red-blooded endorsement was a must for almost all models.

Shi Jin did not have a red-blooded endorsement because she was the darling of many designers.

She no longer had a place on her body to wear more fashion items, and sometimes, she was also reserved for her second brother.

Shi Jin flipped through the list of models.

When he saw Wen Qian, she took a second look.

She had the typical high-class supermodel face that designers would favor.

She had single eyelids, high cheekbones, and thick lips.

When combined, she did not look sweet, but she was very suitable to show off clothes.

“Lets make an appointment.

Ill talk to Aries Ahol.”

Aries Ahol was an old man who was already seventy years old, but he had a lively expression.

He was dressed very fashionably and wore a bucket hat and a mens scarf.

He was covered in fashionable items.

Seeing Shi Jin, he opened his arms.

“Oh, my dear Little Stone, long time no see.”

“Aries, long time no see.” After hugging him, Shi Jin sat down.

“I didnt expect you to come to Country S to run a show.”

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