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Everyone was shocked by what Yue Lanchen had already done.

After Jiang Lian finished, he realized that Yue Lanchen had already finished.

Yue Lanchen showed it to Shi Jin.

“Sister Shi.”

“Theyre all correct.

Very good.” Shi Jin nodded.

“I feel like Ive improved a lot recently.” Yue Lanchen smiled.

Seeing that they were echoing each other, Yue Xin said, “Lanchen finished so quickly Have you finished reading the questions And Shi Jin, just taking a look and saying that he did it all right.

Cant you act a little better This thing is so difficult.

You really finished it just by sweeping through it”

Everyone nodded.

There was no need to mention Yue Lanchen.

At the very least, he had written for a while.

Shi Jins speed was simply exaggerated.

With a glance, she said that he had done everything correctly.

Yue Lanchen was fine being criticized, but he would not allow Shi Jin to be criticized.

He immediately said, “My Sister Shi was the top scorer of the college entrance examination back then.

What cant she do Of course, a top student like her will know with a glance.

Do you think everyone has such ability”

“Jiang Lian, come and take a look.” Yue Xin handed Yue Lanchens paper to Jiang Lian.


“I also have a few questions that I cant answer.

Im sorry, I didnt even do them well,” Jiang Lian said embarrassedly.

“Let me see.” Yu Qingzhou snatched it over to take a look.

“This place seems to be wrong This one is also wrong.”

A smile appeared on Yue Xins face.

“Isnt that settled What Yue Lanchen did doesnt count.”

“Wait, didnt an old professor come over today Cant we just let him take a look” someone suggested.

It just so happened that this old professor was a very fair person.

He had not come to attend the celebration banquet for Yue Lanchen.

He had come here today because he had encountered something else and could not leave immediately.

Out of respect for Yue Feng, he planned to stay and have a drink or two before leaving.

Hearing someone come to invite him, he walked over.

Seeing the set of questions, he was very interested.

“This is not bad.”

“Professor, please give us some pointers.

This is Yu Qingzhous paper.” Jiang Lians attitude was very good and he was very respectful to him.

He was glad to have a chance to be guided by him.

The old professor first looked at Yu Qingzhous papers and said, “Not bad.

This set of papers is so difficult, but there arent too many mistakes.

His ability is not bad.”

“Yu Qingzhou is not bad to begin with.

Hes going to take the postgraduate entrance examination soon, and quite a few mentors like him,” Yue Xin immediately said.

The old professor nodded, and Jiang Lian handed his own over.

“This student is quite skilled.

The way you chose to deal with these questions is very good.” The old professor looked at Jiang Lian in admiration.

“This is the place.

It lacks flexibility.

Be more careful next time.

It should be even better.”

“I will, Professor.” Jiang Lian immediately nodded.

“This is from Yue Lanchen.

Please take a look too.”

Yue Lanchen was the fastest to finish.

He barely used any time to think.

Shi Jin was still acting like he did everything correctly.

No one trusted the two of them.

After all, it was not like everyone did not know what Yue Lanchens grades were previously.

Furthermore, he had been playing games.

How could he pay attention to his studies


Everyone knew that he had already stopped classes in school.

How could he be more impressive than before

The old professor held his paper and frowned.

Yue Xin knew that he had guessed correctly and laughed very loudly.

“Lanchen, oh Lanchen, when you get back, you have to learn from everyone.

Look at your papers…”

“Your name is Yue Lanchen” The old professor stared at Yue Lanchen.

Everyone was guessing that Yue Lanchens actions might be too embarrassing.

Looking at the old professors face, it was filled with a solemn expression.

After a while, the old professor said excitedly, “What year are you in now When are you planning to take the postgraduate entrance examination Which school are you planning to enter and which direction are you going to study in”

“Professor, I havent thought about this problem myself.

I havent even gone to school to study yet.

Ive just been admitted to university,” Yue Lanchen said honestly.

“Then are you interested in learning from me After that, you can also study here as a graduate student.” The old professor did not mind what he said at all.

He only wanted to quickly take him under his wing.

Everyone was shocked.

What was going on

If they did not know this old professors identity and status, as well as his upright personality, everyone would probably suspect that Yue Lanchen had bought these fake reviewers.

Yue Xin suspected that he had heard wrongly.

“Professor, what do you mean”

Yu Qingzhou was even more displeased.

“You didnt check wrongly, did you, Professor Take a good look at the questions Yue Lanchen did.”

“Lanchen, lets have a good chat.” The old professor no longer had the patience to listen to others.

He only wanted to know what Yue Lanchens opinion was.

“Professor Tan, you cant pull our Lanchen into another career.” A deep voice sounded.

It was Manager Lu.

He walked to Professor Tans side.

“Lanchen still has to compete now.

Even if he retires in the future, with his overall ability and vision, he can still be the leader of our team, or become a partner of a professional team, nurture new people, or help new people deal with all kinds of problems.

His future career plans are all in our team.

You cant snatch him from us.”

Manager Lu stood beside Yue Lanchen.

“I just won against the other teams a few days ago, and Professor Tan came to snatch it from me again.

Lanchen, tell Professor Tan yourself what you plan to do.”

“Professor Tan, I do have my own career plan.

I cant be your student for the time being.”

Professor Tan said bitterly, “Such a good seedling for research.

Look at his ability and talent.

If he follows me, he can totally do emerging technology research.

He has such ability, yet he keeps playing games.

What a pity, what a pity.

Lanchen, you have to think about it carefully!”

Manager Lu quickly shook his head.

“Professor Tan, your career is a career, and our career is also a career.

Lanchen has already chosen us…”

The crowd had not trusted Yue Lanchens ability.

Yue Xin said that his future professional lifespan was not long enough, but now, they were stunned.

So, Yue Lanchen had really done those questions correctly just now.

What Shi Jin said was not a lie.

Yue Lanchen really had such ability!

Those who liked him would indeed be worried about his future.

While those who did not like him were watching him make a fool of himself.

However, seeing that Professor Tan and Manager Lu had almost fought, who dared to say that Yue Lanchens future was worrisome

Yue Xiu stood by the side and frowned.

Yue Xin was stunned.

He had never expected such a situation.

Yu Qingzhou was even more jealous.

Unfortunately, Professor Tan did not even look at him.

On the other hand, Jiang Lian was quite happy for Yue Lanchen when he saw him like this.

“What are you two doing” Yue Feng heard the commotion and walked over.

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