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Chapter 79: Resolutely Broke up With Chu Ling

Fu Xiuyuan encircled her waist firmly with his powerful arms as he held her fine waist tightly and pressed her head onto his chest with one hand.

He held onto Shi Jin passionately yet tenderly as though she was a fragile treasure.

Shi Jin could keenly hear his heartbeat while she lay in his arms.

He was also trembling gently.

After he learned the truth, he realized he almost misunderstood her and accused her of disloyalty.

If he did, he would have ended up losing her.

Shi Jin realized he must have seen her notebook and finally came to know of all her efforts.

That meant, this auction was reduced to nothing but a minor episode.

Fu Xiuyuan would probably stop doubting her altogether from now on.

Shi Jin said softly as she lay in Fu Xiuyuans arms, “Xiuyuan, can you let me go I cant breathe.”

Fu Xiuyuan loosened his grip on her.

It finally dawned on him that Shi Jin was always distant and unapproachable to outsiders and tended to be taciturn.

She would only show her adorable vulnerable side to him.

Fu Xiuyuan reached his hand out to embrace Shi Jin even harder just thinking about it.

This time, he did not embrace Shi Jin so hard so that she could breathe.

Moments later, Fu Xiuyuan looked at the remnants of the yao orchid in the pot.

He could not help feeling bad in his heart.

Shi Jin had broken off with Chu Ling with resolution, but he ended up doubting her.

There was a hint of regret and love in his voice.

“What are you going to do with the orchids”

“I was just thinking about this.

I want to plant them somewhere and cultivate them.

The nutrients in the pot arent enough to sustain them.”

“Plant them in the garden.” Fu Xiuyuan told Song Fan, “Remove all the plants that are currently in the garden.”

Song Fan was still reveling in shock by Fu Xiuyuans reaction.

He was wondering what Shi Jin had done to win over Fu Xiuyuan.

The moment he heard Fu Xiuyuans orders, he instinctively replied, “Yes, Mr Fu!”

However, all the plants in the garden were very expensive.

Every single one of them was worth far more than the yao orchid that Shi Jin bought off the auction tonight.

It was such a waste of money just to rear the yao orchid.

Shi Jin stopped him.

“Its okay.

The earth in the garden isnt suitable for yao orchids.

I have to find somewhere else to cultivate them.”

Song Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

All the plants and flowers worth an astronomical sum were saved.

“What kind of earth do you need We can change all the earth in the garden,” asked Fu Xiuyuan softly as though he was afraid of causing her any disturbance.

Shi Jin smiled as she said, “This isnt the sort of thing that you can change overnight.

Even if you do change all the earth in the garden, it might not work.

We have to think of something else and find somewhere larger to cultivate the things that I need.”

She wanted to plant more.

One yao orchid would not be enough.

Fu Xiuyuan contemplated as he looked at her.

She wanted to cultivate yao orchid for him.

Just thinking about it put him in a good mood.

He felt everything about today was perfect and life was good.

He would give her anything in the world that she wanted.


Fu Xiuyuan placed Shi Jins notebook in her bag at night.

Fu Xiuyuan could not help smiling thinking about the way she generously bidded for the yao orchid for him.

Although $3 million meant nothing to him, he remembered her efforts.

Shi Jin was writing and drawing in her notebook, so Fu Xiuyuan did not disturb her.

He simply sat beside her and worked.

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