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Madam Yues words were awe-inspiring, making some jealous people not dare to say anything else.

“Second Brother, Second Sister-in-law, lets not lower ourselves to the level of these children.

Their horizons are only so wide.

I hope Second Brother and Second Sister-in-law can give us more pointers.” Someone in the crowd came out to smooth things over.

Madam Yue could not really stoop to the level of these people, so she went to greet the guests with Yue Feng.

The moment the elders left, a few young people immediately went to Yue Lanchens side.

“Lanchen, you really have several endorsements”

“This must be very profitable, right”

“I didnt expect gaming to come to this.”

Everyone surrounded him and chatted non-stop out of curiosity.

Yue Lanchen indeed did not take his results as something to brag about.

He said with a smile, “Its okay.

Work is work.

You must be doing what you like, right”

“To be able to earn so much money by doing what you like is what everyone is envious of.

Really, youre too impressive.” These words were indeed sincere praise.

Yue Xiu sat by the side.

She felt very uncomfortable staying, but she could not leave, so she could only continue.


Shi Jin looked at Yue Lanchen with a smile.

She did not know why she was so patient with him.

Perhaps this was the so-called affinity.

Seeing that someone was sincerely asking him for advice and how to enter the industry, Yue Lanchen sincerely gave some of his opinions and suggestions.

There were still many reasonable people in the family.

They surrounded Yue Lanchen and listened with pleading expressions.

Especially the 13 or 14-year-old children, they listened very seriously.

Yue Lanchen picked out some key points and told them.

“Brother Lanchen, if I want to work in this industry in the future, can you introduce me” a little girl who looked less than ten years old asked.

Yue Lanchen patted her head.

“Of course, but youre still too young.

You must first figure out whats going on with eSports and make sure that you like it very much and can accept its hardships before you want to enter the industry.

When the time comes, you really have to think about this.

Ill definitely introduce you.”

“Thank you, Brother Lanchen.

But can girls really do this”

“Theres nothing wrong with that.

Girls can do whatever they want.

Just find a direction and work hard!”

Hearing his words, the little girls all smiled.

Yue Xin saw that he had been surrounded by people.

Everyone was so dependent on him and admired him.

He led a few of his friends forward.

“Lanchen.” Yue Xin acted mature.

In fact, he was only a few years older than Yue Lanchen.

Because he was too lazy to study, he had casually spent money to buy a diploma.

Now that he had a company, he could earn some money.

To put it bluntly, he was just a useless rich second-generation heir.

“Cousin, whats the matter” Yue Lanchens tone became calm.

“No, I heard that you were talking about something interesting and wanted to talk to you a little more.

I heard that professional eSports players who are almost in their early twenties should retire soon.

Their professional lifespan is not very long.”

This was the truth.

Yue Lanchen had entered the industry very late and had relied on his talent and diligence.

He did not hide it.

“Its like this, so you have to hurry up while youre young.”


“And I heard that eSports players also have a lot of injuries.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.

It looks like your profession is only like this, right Whats the big deal about earning money in these two years Your body will be destroyed for the rest of your life.

I heard that for the sake of this competition, you even suspended your schoolwork.

Isnt your sacrifice a little too great In the future, when you retire, you can study again and start from the first year of university Your profession is useless to the future, right” Seeing that Yue Feng and Madam Yue were not around, Yue Xins words were no longer playful.

Yue Lanchen knew people like him.

The more you paid attention to him, the more excited he became.

He said simply, “If you think so, then so be it.”

He was not provoked and ignored him, making Yue Xin feel bored.

He said, “The two beside you are my cousin, Jiang Lian, and my classmate, who is also interning at my company, and their name is Yu Qingzhou.

They are only three years older than you now, but they are already preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination.

They are also very knowledgeable in their respective fields.

I heard that once they pass, they will be scouted by many large companies.

When you retire, you can look for them to learn from.

When the time comes, contact me.

How can I, your cousin, not help Dont you think so”

Jiang Lian smiled, feeling a little embarrassed that Yue Xin was so straightforward.

Yu Qingzhou, on the other hand, was like Yue Xin.

He said, “He missed so many classes.

I wonder if he can still keep up.

Im afraid hell have to start from high school in the future.”

“Dont say that,” Jiang Lian said.

“Games players are agile and smart.”

“No matter how smart you are, youll get rusty after not learning for so long.

Just like a topic Im working on now, my mentor said that the foundation of high school is very important.

If its not firm enough, its useless.

You might not even understand the question,” Yu Qingzhou said.

Jiang Lian was very interested.

“What topic Can I take a look”

“You have to finish this entire set of questions first.

Only after you understand can you come into contact with these things.

Only then can you find a mentor to test you,” Yu Qingzhou said.

Yue Xin said, “Let Jiang Lian do these questions too.”

Jiang Lian was indeed very interested and immediately wanted to give it a try.

Yu Qingzhou took it out and asked Yue Lanchen, “Do you want to give it a try Oh, I forgot that you missed so many classes in university.

You wouldnt understand this, right”

Yue Lanchen reached out.

“Let me see.”

When Yu Qingzhou and Yue Xin saw that he was asking for humiliation, they immediately handed it to him.

The three of them actually started looking at the papers here.

The others thought it was fun and came to watch.

Everyone knew that Jiang Lian and Yu Qingzhou were racing against each other.

They could not help but shake their heads.

Jiang Lian was still alright.

He was only obsessed with answering questions.

On the other hand, Yu Qingzhou and Yue Xin were the same.

They both wanted Yue Lanchen to embarrass himself.

Jiang Lian found the things on this paper a little difficult.

Shi Jin could not help going over and taking a look.

They were all very basic questions, but she did not know how they would handle them.

Yue Lanchen took a look, picked up a pen, and started working.

His grades in the past were indeed not good, but his comprehension ability had always been shockingly good.

It was just that he had not been properly developed.

After interacting with Shi Jin and playing games for a while, his thoughts had been broadened.

His horizons had been broadened, and he could master many things.

Seeing these questions, he actually felt that there were no obstacles.

He picked up his pen and wrote, finishing it in a short while.

Jiang Lian was only halfway done.

Yu Qingzhou was even more stuck in the middle, frowning in thought.

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