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“Of course its real.

Everything Hunter owns is marked.

Look at this mouse.

Its also completely marked.

Hunter was originally left-handed, so everything was custom-made for him.

Look at his mouse.

Its also custom-made for the left hand.”

Yue Lanchen knew everything about Hunter like the back of his hand, so he knew at a glance that this was real.

Others might not know how precious this thing was, but Yue Lanchen did.

Looking at his expression, everyone knew that regardless of how valuable Shi Jins gift was, it must be more valuable than Yue Xius.

Of course, after hearing Yue Lanchens introduction, everyone knew how rare this gift was.

Yue Xiu was a little embarrassed.

She put away her pride and stood by the side, no longer speaking.

Yue Lanchen took the things and thought of something.

He said, “Dad, Mom, I prepared gifts for you too.”

“Child, why did you prepare a gift for us Spend the money you earned on yourself,” Madam Yue quickly said.

“This is the first time Ive earned money to prepare a gift for you, so you must accept it.” Yue Lanchen took out the gift box.

“Come, Dad, Mom.”

Yue Feng and Madam Yue opened it in a good mood.

What the gift was was secondary.

They were very relieved that their son was so promising.


The gift Yue Feng received was a high-end razor that looked very good.

He accepted it.

Madam Yue opened her box.

She had thought that it was a gift of about the same price as her husband.

In the end, she saw that it was a very luxurious pearl necklace.

The price of this thing could not be compared to a razor.

It was almost six figures.

Madam Yue quickly said, “I dont want this.

Take it and return it.”

“Mom, just take it.

I didnt steal it.

I earned it openly.”

“But this is too expensive.

It wasnt easy for you to earn it.” Madam Yue refused to accept it.

There was a son in the branch family called Yue Xin.

He had established his own company and earned quite a lot.

He had not had a chance to show off recently.

Seeing that Madam Yue did not accept it, he said, “Lanchen, I think you should take it and return it too.

Its not easy for you to earn money now, right If you have the chance in the future, come to my company with me.

You wont have to be so restrained when you buy things for Auntie next time.”

This person was the one who had asked Yue Feng to hand Yue Lanchen to him in the groupchat last time.

Yue Feng had already blocked him.

Now, he had come out to show off again.

Yue Lanchen looked at him indifferently.

“Theres no need.

Im afraid your company wont be able to support me.”

“Hahahaha, how much does your gaming team pay you a month” Yue Xin asked.

“Thats none of your business.” Yue Lanchen could not be bothered with such ignorant people.

“Sigh, its not that I want to say this, but if you cant earn much, you might as well come and do business.

At least you wont have to worry and it wont be so troublesome.”

As he spoke, someone pointed at the television that had been switched on and said, “Hey, look, Lanchen is on television.”

Everyone hurriedly looked over and saw a computer advertisement.

There were three people on it, and the most familiar one was Yue Lanchen.


“So, Lanchen received an advertisement endorsement” someone said in surprise.

“I happened to have come into contact with the endorsement fee for this computer advertisement previously.

Its at least ten million a year.”

“This… is too expensive.”

“However, the advertising effect he brought is also excellent.

Its not that I want to say this, but Lanchen seems to have received a bonus too, right Basically, the annual income of official members of teams like Team Danger is in the millions, and the bonuses also start from at least the millions,” someone explained.

Actually, Yue Feng and Madam Yue had not investigated their sons income before.

In their opinion, as long as their son was doing something he liked and was doing something meaningful, that was good.

They did not lack income.

Hearing this income now, they were a little shocked.

Although this money was nothing to a family like the Yue family, when everyone did not think highly of Yue Lanchen and even mocked him, this income was actually very shocking.

Hence, it was not only Yue Feng and Madam Yue who were shocked, the others were also very surprised.

Yue Lanchen said to Madam Yue, “Mom, just take it.

Its okay, I can still earn more.

I still have a few endorsements coming.”

Madam Yue was very gratified and finally accepted it.

When everyone heard that Yue Lanchen had a few endorsements, they could only be envious and jealous.

They had always looked down on what Yue Lanchen was doing.

Now that they saw that playing games could earn them so much money, they secretly regretted not choosing to play games in the past.

“Lanchen, introduce me to the gaming industry too,” someone said.

Someone else said, “Its indeed different with Second Uncles nurturing.

If we had such a good father, that would be great.”

When Shi Jin saw the ugly state of some people in front of her, she shook her head secretly.

Indeed, there were withered branches everywhere.

Even the Yue family could not avoid having so many such people who could not bear to see others live well.

In their opinion, playing games was a simple task, but they did not know that talent and hard work were indispensable.

Yue Lanchen had just happened to use his talent on the right things and practiced hard every day to reach his current level.

As for Yue Lanchens many endorsements, it was also because he was the main player this time and the key person to win against Country H.

Furthermore, because Yue Lanshens image and temperament were very good, he was chosen by the merchants to be an ambassador.

The products he endorsed were mainly targeted at young game users.

These things could not come easily.

Fortunately, most people were normal.

They congratulated Yue Lanchen, and educated their children to learn from Brother Lanchen.

The more Yue Xiu sat here, the more uneasy she felt.

Yue Lanchen had become so outstanding in such a short time, making her feel even more uncomfortable than being scratched by a cats paw.

Clearly, she and Yue Lanchen were not competitors and had nothing to do with each other, but any rise or excellence of Yue Lanchen proved that what she had said about persuading Yue Lanchen back then seemed ridiculous.

When Madam Yue heard someone in the crowd speak sarcastically, she said indifferently, “It was his own decision to go to the gaming team, not by relying on anyone.

His father and I dont know anything about this.

Previously, we repeatedly forbade him from going over, so it can be seen that his parents old experience is not useful.

Therefore, everyone, you can listen to your parents opinions, but at the critical moment, you should look at yourself more.”

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