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Yue Lanchen had always been a foil to the existence of the siblings.

She was really not used to him suddenly jumping to become the protagonist.

“Cousin, please sit inside.” Yue Lanchen invited her in.

“Make yourself at home.

Ill go meet other friends.”

He ran to the door and saw Shi Jin at a glance.

His eyes lit up.

“Sister Shi!”

Compared to his relationship with Yue Xiu, he was much closer to Shi Jin.

He went forward and hooked onto Shi Jins arm.

“Wheres Brother Xiuyuan”

“He has something on today and cant come, but he asked me to bring you a gift.”

“Yes, thank him for me.” Yue Lanchen was very happy.

“Its best that you came! The others are not important.”

“Do you believe that hell kill you if he heard that”

“Hahaha, he cant hear it anyway.

You wont tell him, right”

Yue Lanchen shouted at Yue Feng and Madam Yue, “Dad, Mom, Sister Shi is here!”

Hearing his words, everyone else looked over and saw Shi Jin.

Many people did not know the relationship between Yue Lanshen and Shi Jin.

The Yue family members from the collateral branches whispered to each other, “Who is this”

“Isnt that Shi Jin The very popular female artiste!”

“Oh, I heard in the past that she and Lanchen are friends.”

“How could Lanchen have such a friend After all, shes from the entertainment industry.

Artists in the entertainment industry can at most work for Yue Xiu, right”

Everyone had different opinions about Shi Jin.

Actually, when it came to the Yue familys side branches, most people relied on the Yue Feng brothers to earn a living and did some business each.

Therefore, there were good and bad people.

The so-called big tree with withered branches was precisely used to describe them.

Compared to Shi Jin, they might not be as good in any aspect, but having the identity of a Yue family member was their greatest reliance.

However, they still had some reservations.

When they saw Yue Lanchen and Shi Jin approach, they shut up and did not speak anymore.

“Dad, Mom, Sister Shi is here,” Yue Lanchen said with a smile as he ran over in a hurry.

The people around them felt that with Shi Jins status, it was already not bad for her to be able to attend the Yue familys gathering and celebratory feast.

How could she dare to have anything to do with Yue Feng and Madam Yue

Especially Yue Feng.

He was very difficult to approach.

Normally, people from the collateral branches were also afraid of him.

How could they dare to shout in front of him

At most, they would use Yue Lanchens bad performance to say a few sarcastic words, but they did not dare to do anything in front of him.

If Shi Jin went over directly, would Yue Feng give her face

Madam Yue had a gentle expression.

“Shi Jin is here Come and sit.”

Yue Feng smiled and said, “Sit beside us.

Lanchen, why are you still so noisy Arent you going to let your Sister Shi sit down”

When the others saw their attitude towards Shi Jin, they were all shocked.

What was going on Shi Jin was really being treated as a VIP

Many people from the side family who were as old as Yue Lanchen and Shi Jin had never spoken to Yue Feng, yet now Shi Jin had become a VIP

Shi Jin sat down very calmly and said with a smile, “Congratulations to Lanchen for obtaining such good results this time and bringing honor to the country.”

“This child has always been useless.

Hes a little obedient this time and cant bear to be praised.

He should be scolded a little,” Yue Feng said.

Yue Lanchen made a face to express his dissatisfaction.

Shi Jin knocked his head.

Not to mention the people from the collateral branches, even Yue Xiu felt a little jealous.

Her own parents had an arranged marriage.

At home, they respected each other like guests, or rather, they respected each other like they were treading on thin ice.

There had never been such a warm moment.

She often came to discipline Yue Lanchen because she was envious of Yue Feng and his family and wanted to blend in.

Now that she saw that Shi Jin could get along with their family, it was really uncomfortable that she, as the biological niece and cousin, was excluded.

Yue Xiu walked over and said, “Lanchen, you really did well this time.

Let me give you a gift.”

“Thank you, Cousin.” Yue Lanchen took it.

“Arent you going to see what it is”

Yue Lanchen opened the gift box and realized that it was a limited edition figurine.

It was a limited edition signature figurine of his favorite eSports player, the Hunter.

He immediately said happily, “Cousin, thank you so much.

This gift is too valuable.”

“As long as you like it, its nothing.

Furthermore, youre so powerful this time, so I naturally should give you a gift you like,” Yue Xiu said.

“Yes, yes.

Thank you, thank you.” Yue Lanchen kept thanking her.

“Ill definitely treasure it.”

Yue Xiu smiled and said, “Eh, Shi Jin is here too Shi Jin should have given Lanchen a good gift, right”

“Yes.” Shi Jin nodded.

“Of course, today is Lanchens celebration.

Its not overboard for him to receive anything.”

“What gift is it Why dont you show us” Yue Xiu said with a smile.

“I know youve always been good to Lanchen.

Im very curious too.”

She deliberately said it very sincerely, making it impossible to tell what she meant.

Yue Lanchen originally did not want to open it at this time, but Yue Xiu kept pushing.

He could not help but ask Shi Jin, “Then can I see it”

“Go ahead, theres nothing you cant see.”

Hence, Yue Lanchen immediately opened the box.

There was an ordinary-looking mouse inside.

The others took a look and said, “This mouse seems to be old”

“I wonder what brand it is”

Yue Xiu couldnt help but shake her head at this gift.

“Aiya, what gift is this Is there anything special about it We dont even know it.

It must be because its too valuable.

We havent seen the world, so we dont know, right”

Yue Feng and Madam Yue did not want to make Shi Jin look bad.

They knew that Shi Jin was just a casual person, so what she gave was not important.

What was rare was that she came personally.

Hence, Madam Yue said, “Lanchen, put it away.

Arent these gifts enough for you to open at night”

Yue Lanchen held the mouse and stared at it, a little distracted.

Yue Lanchen suddenly screamed, “Sister Shi, thank you! Wuwuwu, Im so touched.

I dont know what to say after receiving this gift.”

Everyone was shocked.

What was this that made Yue Lanchen so excited

Yue Xiu could not help being shocked.

Yue Lanchen said in a choked voice, “This is the mouse that the Hunter used when he first won the world championship.

Many people have wanted to collect it.

Many rich people offered a very high price, but he didnt say anything.

I didnt expect Sister Shi to give it to me!”

Everyone looked at each other.

Yue Xiu was shocked.

“This is real”

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